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  • Try now.

    Get the to do more.

    With responsive performance and incredible processing speed, it’s easy to see why the new 2nd generation Intel® Core™ processor family is the natural choice to power your business PCs. They’re visibly smart.

    Features 2nd gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor

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    Windows®. Life without Walls™. Dell recommends Windows 7.

    Find the perfect setup for your business needs. To help you think on your feet, adapt quickly and make the most of every opportunity, look to IT from Dell. Our PCs and servers, based on advanced Intel technology, give you the tools, security and fl exibility to focus on your business as only you can.

    Reliability Keep your business running strong with a

    full range of high-quality products. They’ve

    been through rigorous testing before release,

    so you’ll know your products are real-world

    ready and dependable.

    Choice Select from a wide range of products and

    customize according to your business’s needs.

    Or get fast delivery with a preconfi gured

    system. Add services, software and

    enhancements for a total solution.

    Financing options give you even more

    fl exibility.

    Support Call, email or chat with a dedicated account

    team that listens to your unique IT needs and

    helps you choose the right technology and

    services. After purchase, trained IT technicians

    solve problems quickly so you can get back to


    3 reasons why millions of customers choose Dell:

    C O

    N T

    E N

    T S

    More than hardware 3

    Laptops 4-5

    Desktops & Workstations 6-7

    Servers 8-9

    Storage 10-11

    Services 12-13

    Featured solution 14

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  • Windows®. Life without Walls™. Dell recommends Windows 7.

    4 5 *Limited Return Availability: When discounts are applied to products that have been bundled together, Dell will only accept returns of all items in the bundle.

    Your on-the-go, do-more-anywhere station. If your mobile workforce needs laptops that can take just about anything and keep performing, take a look at our 3 laptop lines. Fast multitasking capability from 2nd gen Intel® Core™ processors means you can get more done when it counts most.

    L A

    P T

    O P









    Dell Precision™ mobile workstations Rip through data and intensive graphics

    at home or outside of the o� ce with

    some of the world’s most powerful

    mobile workstations powered by 2nd gen

    Intel® Core™ i5 processor. Extensive ISV

    certifi cation, fully compatible with Latitude

    E-series docking and accessories.

    Starting at $1149

    Dell™ Latitude Bundle*

    Includes the Dell™ 130-Watt Simple E-Port Plus Replicator, 15.6” Meridian II Topload Case and M505 Wireless Mouse with Unifying Receiver.

    Only $219.98 after $76 instant savings Order Code: LATBST O� er expires: 6/22/11

    Vostro™ laptops Created for small businesses, Vostro

    laptops powered by 2nd gen Intel®

    Core™ i3 processor deliver the security,

    support, and value you need to get

    more business done in more places.

    Starting at $499

    Latitude™ laptops Doing business today means working

    anytime, anywhere. You need a laptop

    to keep up with your work style. Latitude

    E-Family laptops powered by 2nd gen Intel®

    Core™ i3 processor combine world class

    design with durability to perform, wherever

    business takes you.

    Starting at $569

    Logitech® Anywhere Mouse MX™

    Providing precise cursor control on virtually any surface including glass tables, this mouse features a compact and sculpted design allowing you to get things done comfortably.

    Only $44.99 after $15 instant savings Sku: A2909150 O� er expires: 6/22/11

    Essential Great for: Small-business road warriors. Designed for small business, the Vostro

    3550 laptop is packed with the features

    you need to stay connected and in

    control. Its 15-inch screen o� ers the

    convenience of an expanded workspace,

    without sacrifi cing the portability your

    business demands.

    Advanced Great for: Businesses looking to combine mobile computing with better fl exibility and

    performance. This 14.0-inch laptop helps

    simplify IT with easy deployment and remote

    monitoring. Also enjoy optional backlit

    keyboard for outstanding productivity in

    low-light settings.

    Superb Great for: Creative professionals looking for impressive scalability and performance.

    A superb combination of 15.6-inch (40cm)

    mobility and extreme mobile performance

    helps you get the most out of your applications.

    Performance Great for: Small-business professionals. The Vostro 3750 laptop is your desktop-

    replacement solution. Sophisticated,

    powerful and sporting a 17.3-inch HD

    screen, Vostro helps you stay connected

    and in control, with style and confi dence.

    Premium Great for: Professionals who want to increase productivity. This 15.6-inch

    laptop features dramatic advancements

    in durability, security and mobile


    Ultimate Great for: Technical professionals needing extreme workstation performance that

    fi ts in a carry case. A stunning 17.3-inch is

    ideal for fi elds such as design, engineering

    and research.

    We recommend: Vostro 3550

    Starting at $549

    We recommend: Vostro 3750 with 2nd gen Intel® Core™ i3 processor

    Starting at $599

    We recommend: Latitude E6420

    Starting at $699

    We recommend: Latitude E6520 with 2nd gen Intel® Core™ i3 processor

    Starting at $759

    We recommend: Dell Precision M4600

    Starting at $1149

    We recommend: Dell Precision M6600 with 2nd gen Intel® Core™ i5 processor

    Starting at $1649

    Turn your laptops into a complete security solution by adding: • Laptop Data Encryption

    software for encrypting data on

    a lost laptop

    • Dell™ System Track helps track

    and recover a lost or stolen


    • The 2nd generation Intel® Core™

    i3 processor is an a� ordable

    way you business can enjoy

    noticeably fast, smart business


    68426_us_smb_fy12q2_dm_trydell_soho_dtp2.indd 4-5 5/26/11 3:29:32 PM

  • Windows®. Life without Walls™. Dell recommends Windows 7.

    76 1GB means 1 billion bytes and TB equals 1 trillion bytes; significant system memory may be used to support graphics, depending on system memory size and other factors

    *Limited Return Availability: When discounts are applied to products that have been bundled together, Dell will only accept returns of all items in the bundle.

    Get more out of in-o� ce work with these 3 powerful, reliable desktop lines. They’re all scalable, confi gurable and available in a range of prices and form factors, so it’s easy to fi nd the right fi t for your business and budget.

    Get the tools for maximum productivity.

    Turn your desktops into a complete productivity solution by adding: • Advanced 2nd gen Intel®

    Core™ i7 processors for extra

    performance when you need

    it most

    • Genuine Windows® 7

    Professional for easy

    management and great


    • Dell ProSupport™ provides

    great tech support for keeping

    your systems up and running

    D E

    SK T

    O P

    S &

    W O

    R K

    ST A

    IO N


    Vostro 460 Mini Tower Dell Precision T1600OptiPlex 390 Mini Tower

    Vostro™ desktops Vostros powered by 2nd gen Intel® Core™

    i3 processors are easy on your budget

    without sacrifi cing essential features.

    They come in a variety of form factors

    to fi t any o� ce space, and are built to

    expand as your small business grows.

    Starting at $429

    OptiPlex™ desktops Specifi cally designed for networked

    businesses, OptiPlex desktops powered by

    2nd gen Intel® Core™ i3 processors feature

    exclusive technologies designed to improve

    IT management.

    Starting at $419

    Dell Precision™ workstations Powered by the 2nd gen Intel® Core™

    processor family, these ISV-certifi ed

    workstations are our highest performing,

    most scalable systems. Created to

    power through demanding graphics

    and data-intensive applications.

    Starting at $629

    Essential Great for: Small businesses seeking a desktop that gives a strong foundation to

    grow on. Delivers scalability and ability

    to integrate with the latest Dell business

    hardware and services.

    Advanced Great for: Organizations with simple networks seeking a cost-e� cient, expandable

    desktop. Delivers essential features at an

    a� ordable cost and security to help protect

    your critical data.

    Superb Great for: Professionals lo