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Creativeland Asia Adds Mothers Love In New Hippo TVCParle Agros campaign marks the launch of Hippos new variant Round-Round munchies. Hitesh Ranot | Delhi | January 17, 2011

Nobody cares the way a mother does, especially, when it comes to eating. But at times when a mother cant be around to feed her children, someone else needs to. Creativeland Asia underscores this simple truth in their new TVC which launches Hippos new variant Round-Round munchies which comes in six regional flavours. Parle Agros Hippo Round-Round munchies are available in some of Indias favorite regional flavours like the Gujarati Mango Chutney, Punjab da Pickle, Goan Butter Garlic, Shillong Noodle Masala, Firangi Cheesen Spice and Tanjore Tangy Sambhar. In other words, in flavours a mother would passionately prepare. Hippo Round-Round is the first ever wheatbased, round-shaped snack and is available in packs of Rs.5, Rs.10 and Rs.20.

Like in the previous Hippo commercial, the film is seen through Hippos trademark perspective. Hippo now advances in his philosophy; charming the audience with mother-like care. Reaching out to all those who miss home and long for its essence, Hippo offers them munchies in regional home-made flavours, much to their delight. So when Hippo notices a Meghalayan boy left unattended in a hospital far away from home, Hippo offers him Shillong Noodle Masala flavoured munchies. Hippo even pampers the boy, bathes him and puts him to bed like his mother would and leaves behind a pack of munchies for him. Likewise, Hippo attends to and cheers up a few soldiers at the border with Punjab da Pickle munchies and makes a foreign tourist, who seems to be lost in a town, feel at home with Firangi Cheesen Spice munchies. A heart-warming sequence of mothers from different regions of the country shows them preparing munchies. The mothers chop vegetables, pound spices and taste the munchies, before packing them and handing them over to Hippo. Hippo then sets off on his hunger-fighting expedition. Shedding light on the thought behind this TVC, Sajan Raj Kurup, Founder and Creative Chairperson, Creativeland Asia said, We decided to position the popular regional flavours of Hippo Round-Round Munchies as maa ke hathon se bane flavours rather than just doing one of those regional stereotypical numbers. This charming piece of communication is born out of the unconditional love we have for home made food in India and the universal truth about mothers care and concern. It is blissful to watch and is really close to my heart.

Commenting on the TVC, Nadia Chauhan, Joint Managing Director, Parle Agro, said, With this communication, Hippo also encourages snacking to be taken as a way to keep in touch with ones roots. Hippo, with its food for thought not only tempts the Indian palette with its unique regional flavours, but also strengthens its position as the solution for both hunger and its consequences. The commercials background score is a happy and heart-rending track titled Maa, meri maa, sung by Mohit Chauhan, of Silk Route fame. Conceptualized by Creativeland Asia, the film has been directed by Ram Madhavani and produced by Equinox Films. The commercial has been released in over six languages. The creative team that has worked on this campaign includes Sajan Raj Kurup, Vikram Gaikwad, Anu Joseph, Huzefa Kapadia and Maria Iqbal, while Jay Gala managed the Account. Hippo think mummas food work wonders! It inspire Hippo to make munchies in mummas special flavours. So, Hippo go to places and offer munchies to people who miss their mumma and her love, beams an earnest Hippo explaining his philosophy.

Hippo : Fights HungerBrand : Hippo Company : Parle Agro Ad Agency : Creativeland Asia

Brand Analysis Count # 446

Another brand has entered into the highly competitive snack- food market. The brand Hippo was nationally launched recently by Parle Agro. The Indian branded snack-food

market is worth Rs 6500 crore has now become a battle ground of titans.

Indian snack-food market growing at 25% p.a is witnessing marketing fight worth watching. The players are trying every tricks of the trade. This intense marketing competition has expanded the market and also created new segments. One such new segment is the healthy snack segment.

Marketers were aware of the gradual trend among consumers towards healthy foods. Although this trend is limited to certain sections of society, marketers are calculating that healthy snack-foods will become a mainstay category in the snack-food market. Infact Ms Indra Nooyi of Pepsico had openly stated her vision of Pepsico leading the healthy food movement.

The healthy snack segment in the Indian Snack market has got a big boost in recent times with the launch of Aliva brand by Pepsico and Monaco Smart Chips by Parle. Earlier, Lays tried its hand by launching a low-calorie version to counter Bingo's claim of 'baked not fried 'proposition. The high profile campaign of Monaco Smart Chips featuring Aamir Khan put the spotlight on the healthy angle of snacks.

Hippo calls itself " Delicious Baked Munchies ". This baked wheat based munchy is neither a potato chips nor a biscuit, but something in between ( source Business India). The munchies are available in Pizza flavor,Chinese Manchurian, Hot N Sweet, Thai

Chilly , Yoghurt Mint Chutney and Indian Chatpatta. brand is priced at Rs 10 per pack.


Hippo is currently running its launch campaign across channels. Watch the ad here : Hippo

Hippo has tried to position itself differently from the rest of the brands. While the other snack brands have positioned itself on product properties, Hippo brand tried to take the generic need platform. For Lays is positioned as a convenient snack, Bingo on the different tastes, Aliva also on health + taste Monaco Smart Chips on health ( baked ). example :

Hippo is being positioned as a hunger- killer. The brand wants to be a guilt-free snack for hunger moments. The brand is banking on two properties - made from wheat and free of MSG & GMO to prove its healthy snack claim.

The brand also chose a different way to communicating its positioning to the consumer . The brand is trying to tell a story. The story is based on the premise that ' Hunger is the

root cause of all evil. So the brand motto is ' fight hunger, fight evil'. The brand has adopted the mascot Hippo who is in the forefront of eliminating hunger and thus eliminating evil. Hippo has the tagline " Hippo Fights Hunger ".

Although the brand has tried to tell a story and successfully created an initial hype, I have serious reservations about the differentiation of the brand. The brand has taken the " Hunger" platform, but how is it different from other snack-foods that offer same qualities ? How is Hippo different from a Bingo or Monaco Smart Chips ? . I feel a lack of uniqueness in the brand. The problem of lack of differentiation will come into forefront when the initial consumer interest dies down. Without a clear USP, the brand needs to constantly stay on top of the Share of Noise to drive the sales. If you observe the campaigns of Parle Agro brands, the company adopts a " On/Off " kind of advertising strategy. Sometimes there are lot of ads, and sometimes, there is no sign of any brand communication. In a category like Snacks such intermittent burst of ads may not work. One needs to have a steady continuous stream of campaigns ( ATL and BTL) to drive the sales.

From the first campaign, I don't see any attempt from the brand to create a differentiation. What the brand had tried to do was to establish brand familiarity which it had done successfully. But the brand needs to find a meaningful differentiation if it wants to survive for the long term. The brand can develop its positioning further using its core brand promise of " Guilt-free snack for hunger moments ".

One of the most striking aspect about this brand is the packaging. The company has put in lot of work behind making the packaging stand out in stores. Since the purchase of snacks are highly spontaneous, the packaging offers immense strategic importance. Hippo has really differentiated itself from the rest of the crowd in the packaging front.

Another aspect of the brand is its emphasis on ' After-Marketing". After- Marketing is what the brand does after it has sold itself to the consumer. Like Appy Fizz, Hippo has cleverly used the packaging to engage the consumers after the purchase. The pack contains interesting information and one-liners which takes the brand-consumer conversations beyond advertising .

As a new product launch, Hippo has done all the right marketing moves. The brand has a catchy name , good product qualities, excellent packaging, nice pricing, distribution reach etc. It has also created right kind of noise in the media during the launch. The real test is after the initial euphoria. The brand is fighting players with deep pockets. It will be interesting to watch how Hippo takes on the giants.

Parle Agro Hippo: Redefining the role of snackingBy Devina Joshi, afaqs!, Mumbai, February 04, 2010 Section: News Category: Advertising


In a bid to be different, here's a snack brand that doesn't go the 'time pass' way. afaqs! explores Parle Hippo's do-gooder imageFor the longest time, the snacking category has munched on creative ideas that are centred around the 'time pass' way in which these products are consumed. In a bid to step away from the fun (and often frivolous) positioning adopted by some snack brands, Hippo - the new baked munchies from the Parle Agro stable - has attempted, in its very first campaign, to veer away from category norms.

Not that it is getting all sombre: the brand has simply tapped upon the insig