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    Budget takes delivery of first MAN 6x2s. Shannon Noll and his Isuzu D-MAX.

    Truck FORCE

    VOLUME 3 ISSUE 8 JULY 2013

    First Isuzu FYX 10x4 DELIVERED

  • Among the enhancements, the upgraded N and F Series ranges feature an all-new Digital Audio Visual Entertainment (DAVE) unit which takes in cabin convenience and entertainment to a new level.

    Featuring a 6.2 inch touch screen DAVE is operated by just four buttons with the rest of the functions controlled through on-screen menus.

    The unit features Digital Audio Broadcasting plus (DAB+) which receives radio signals in the highest quality possible and provides access to a much wider choice of stations that

    New 2013 Models on display at Brisbane Truck Show.


    Isuzu Trucks featured one of the largest exhibits at the 2013 Brisbane Truck Show with a 15 vehicle display that offered the first public viewings of 2013 model year N & F Series ranges along with the recently-launched FYJ 2000 twin steer 8x4 model.

    2 Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    Westar Truck Centre has become the first dealer in Australia to deliver a new FYX 2500 (10x4) model in agitator application.Specifically developed for Australian conditions, the FYX 10x4 is the largest of Isuzus new twin-steer range and features an additional Hendrickson D22 tag axle that rides on a liftable HLM2 trailing arm air suspension which automatically lowers and

    lifts depending on the load conditions of the vehicle, giving it a 35,000kg GVM.

    New owner Sasa Simic works as a sub contractor for Pronto and collected his new Isuzu on Tuesday 4th June. He has previously operated a variety of different make trucks, but wanted to give this new model a go as he was aware of Isuzus deserved reputation for outstanding reliability.

    The truck will operate out of Prontos Laverton branch.

    First FYX 2500 Auto DELIVERED

  • tune to the strongest signal no matter where you are.

    To demonstrate the many features of this new entertainment unit, show goers experienced the technology first-hand via an interactive display module which was fitted with four fully functioning cameras, parking sensors, tyre pressure monitors and much more.

    All NPR, NQR and NPS standard cabs now feature Isuzus driver suspension seat for greater comfort, whilst passenger airbags are now standard on most F Series models adding to its all already impressive safety credentials.

    Other safety improvements include cornering lamps and the adoption of rear disc brakes to the NLR medium wheelbase and all NNR models for even better braking performance.

    As part of the latest release, three new variants have been added to the N Series range bringing the total number of Isuzu models on offer to an impressive 154, ensuring that theres an Isuzu truck to suit just about every application.

    Check out all the new 2013 models at your nearest Melbourne Isuzu Dealer.

    3Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    Isuzu D-Max.Shannon Noll enjoys his versatile Isuzu D-Max.

    Western Star Customer Experiences.Commitment to customer service the key to SRM Transports ongoing growth.








    MAN News.Budget takes delivery of first TGM 6x2 Rigid models.

    Isuzu Specials.

    Western Star / MAN Specials.

    Parts / Service Specials.

    Isuzu Customer Experiences.Fisher Transports long term partnership with Westar and Isuzu pays dividends.

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    Contents// JULY 2013

  • 4 Truck FORCE JULY 2013


    Fisher Transport is another small business success story in the transport industry. Steve Fisher, Director of the company, started with one truck in 1991 whilst working for his uncle. Since 1997, starting with the initial purchase of his first Isuzu, he has built the company up to 5 drivers including himself and 6 Isuzus, all purchased from Westar.

    Fisher Transports long term partnership with Westar and Isuzu pays dividends.

    Fisher Transport Pty Ltd, whose head office is in Altona, specialises in transporting hazardous goods and in particular a variety of packaged solvents such as white spirits, turps and methylated spirits.

    Those products are usually supplied by their group of customers in 20 litre or 200 litre drums and IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers). Fisher Transport is in fact, the Melbourne Distributor for Australasian Solvents and Chemical Company (ASCC), Exxon Mobils National Distributor, which Steve is proud to say are their biggest and most long standing customer with a successful ongoing relationship of 22 years.

    Transporting dangerous goods does of course require the company to carry a high level of insurance and the drivers to have particular knowledge and skill. This specialisation and the care taken have allowed the company to

  • 5Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    grow without any form of advertising as well as develop excellent relationships with their regular customer base.

    The company delivers daily to customers in four zones across Melbourne metro south east to Frankston, east to Lilydale, north to Craigieburn and south west to Geelong. Steves fleet allows for a spare truck to always be on hand when one of the others are in for service or repair.

    Steves primary fleet consists of six Isuzu FVM1400 Longs all fitted with trays and gates and includes a mixture of previous and new models. He was initially prompted to purchase Isuzu due to their solid reputation in the trade for reliability and Steve does not waver from that. Although all the Isuzus have and still do stand the test of reliability, Steve is keen to point out the outstanding features

    of the newer models which have encouraged him to put in place a plan to upgrade all the fleet in the not too distance future.

    The drivers just love the comfort of the new ones and all the bells and whistles says Steve. Dont get me wrong, the older ones are great he added, but the newer ones are just more pleasurable to drive, with the sat nav, climate control, reverse camera, floating cab, auto weight, airbags, blue tooth all your modern features it just means you go home after a day of driving and feel more refreshed.

    Theyve gone from being good and reliable to good, reliable and comfortable! laughed Steve.

    Steves experience with Westars staff over the years has been positive in every way.

    Even when there have been changes of staff, the transition has been smooth and new staff members have got to know Steve and understand his requirements. He currently deals with Michael Collins. He likes the fact that Westar staff in sales, spares and service know him and value his custom. When it comes time to re-purchase he can sit down and discuss the deal without feeling the need to shop around.

    Steves plans for Fisher Transport are to keep growing the company in Melbourne, sticking to what they know best dangerous goods and Isuzu!

    CONTACT:Steve Fisher T: 0414 070 899 E: [email protected]

    Theyve gone from being good and reliable to good, reliable and comfortable!

  • 6 Truck FORCE JULY 2013


    Commitment to customer service the key to SRM Transports ongoing growth.

    SRM Transport based in Laverton Victoria was founded by co-owners Michael Stefurak and Josie Caruso over twenty years ago. Typical of many start ups, they commenced operations with a single truck and have steadily grown to running a fleet of seventy prime movers.

  • 7Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    General Manager, Steve Muldoon, himself a veteran of the transport industry, attributes the success of the company to a commitment to outstanding customer service and a flexible can do attitude of the owners to all aspects of the business and dealing with customers.

    Today SRM Transport is involved with transporting refrigerated food up and down the eastern seaboard with a primary focus on the Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane run.

    The company purchased their first Western Star around seven years ago, and whilst it was the initial purchase price that attracted SRM to the Western Star brand, it has been the combination of low operating costs and resale value that has led them to acquire a further fifteen models.

    The whole-of-life operating costs, combined with the fact that we can accommodate a whole 34 pallet payload with this particular FXB model has been a key factor in us selecting more Western Stars, said Steve.

    Western Stars 4864 FXB Stratosphere, with its 34 inch Stratosphere sleeper cab has been specifically designed for refrigerated 34 pallet B-Double operation where swing clearances are crucial. The sides and top sleeper fairings have been shaped to allow more swing clearance between the refrigeration unit and the top and side fibreglass cabin fairings.

    The Stratosphere cab with its extra space also offers a great environment for our drivers with the ability to stand up and walk through the cab to the sleeper compartment without crouching or bending. Plus, the bed is large and really comfortable which is a real bonus, Steve went onto say.

    All the Stars have been purchased from Westar; Steve has known Sales Manager Neil Richardson for many years.

    The service I receive from Westar is simply fantastic. Neil is someone who doesnt just sit back in his office and let

    others do the work he gets fully involved in our business and is completely hands on.

    He also provides great support to his sales team and consultant James Leo, Steve said.

    This industry is built on relationships and thats where Neil excels, Steve added.

    To date there has been a mixture of engines in the Stars, but Steve says that they are now moving to consolidate to one engine brand and size in this case the Detroit DD15 is the preferred power plant.

    Due to continued growth the company is planning on purchasing six new prime movers during this year Western Stars are likely to be at the top of the list.

    CONTACT: STEVE MULHOON T: 0499 090 936 E: [email protected]

  • 8 Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    Our existing MAN prime movers have proved excellent in terms of reliability, comfort and popularity with our customers. This in turn gave us the confidence to look at acquiring some additional MAN 6x2 models, said Budget franchisee Paul Wheelton (OAM).

    The other benefit we have seen recently from our MAN Prime Movers is their excellent resale value, Paul said.

    Paul owns seven Budget franchises in Melbournes Northern and Eastern suburbs, along with four franchises on Queenslands Sunshine Coast. Paul has had a long association with Budget in Australia, having previously held the position of Chief Accountant of Corporate Budget.

    Paul will take delivery of two of the new MANs, whilst the other four will be split between the two other Melbourne Budget franchisees, Rob Payne and Phil Maloney.

    Pauls trucks have side curtains that promote two charities that Paul has involvement with; The Pied Pipers who raise money for the Royal Childrens Hospital Good Friday appeal and the police Blue Ribbon Foundation.

    Both these charities have limited funds for brand building - these truck curtains, which act as mobile billboards, will really help raise the awareness and profile of these two most worthwhile organisations, Paul added.

    Paul plans to make the trucks available to both charities to provide support for their key fund raising periods during the year.

    An important feature of these new MANs is the fact that they come standard with MANs 12 speed TipMatic transmission. An automatic transmission simplifies the transition from what may be an unfamiliar truck, and provides customers with a more

    Budget takes delivery of first TGM 6x2 Rigid models.


    The positive experience that Budget has had with their fleet of MAN Prime Movers has seen the three Melbourne Budget franchisees take delivery of six new TGM 23.290 6x2 models.

  • 9Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    relaxed, easier driving experience whilst ensuring less wear and tear on the trucks, Paul went onto say.

    The other key attraction of the TGM models like all MANs is the 60,000km service intervals. This naturally minimises servicing costs and crucially allows us to offer our renters longer rental periods before the truck needs to be returned for servicing, Paul said.

    For over 27 years, Paul has enjoyed a productive and mutually rewarding relationship with Patterson Cheney Trucks.From Pauls perspective, the key to the longevity of the relationship is the way he gets treated. They go out of their way to look after you. If theres ever a problem, all I have to do is pick up the phone and its fixed, Paul said.

    To be quite frank, whilst the MAN product is excellent it is the relationship that I have

    with Dealer Principal Terry Jewson and his team at Paterson Cheney/Westar Trucks that keeps me returning time and time again to buy trucks from them, Paul added.

    Whilst Paul keeps a close eye the performance of each of his branches, a large proportion of his time is taken up with a number of charitable causes.

    In addition to his work and support for Pied Pipers and the Blue Ribbon Foundation, Paul is also Chairman of Life Education which is responsible for drug and health education amongst primary school children. Each year the organisation takes their vital message to around 750,000 children and Paul is appreciative of the support he receives from the Patterson Cheney Group.

    Through the Wheelton Family Charitable Trust, Paul is also involved in many long term major charitable projects with

    organisations in Australia and overseas. One of these is the Bali Childrens Foundation which he set up 10 years ago after the Bali bombing. The charitys vision is to provide an educational pathway for disadvantaged Balinese Children. It also supports various projects in associated orphanages and the broader community of Bali that include educational offerings with an emphasis on remote locations.

    To find your nearest Budget outlet, please log

    Further information about The Wheelton Charitable

  • 10 Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    Shannon, who is now an honorary Victorian living with his family 50kms out of Melbourne, is the brand ambassador for Patterson Cheney Isuzu Ute. He has found plenty of uses for his new Ute, which he says is a major step up from the previous model in terms of creature comforts.

    Shannon keeps pretty busy and following delivery of the new D-Max late last year, undertook a tour of country Victoria with his band.

    The space of the D-Maxs Crew Cab allows Shannon to get to and from gigs, sometimes with equipment loaded in the back and sometimes accompanied by a band member or two. The freedom to be able to drive himself is something Shannon really enjoys. The canopy on the back of the Ute means the equipment gets to and from the gigs safe, sound and dry.

    The comfort of the new D-Max is particularly important to Shannon, who suffered a setback last year when competing on the hugely popular Dancing with the Stars. Shannon was forced to leave the show way too early and undertake emergency surgery to his spine which then required many weeks of rehabilitation.

    Shannon, with his sense of humour still firmly in place, says he can drive in the D-Max for several hours and still get out and walk upright!

    The comfort of the seats is on another level said Shannon. He is also very impressed with the fuel economy of D-Maxs 3.0 litre turbo diesel. I fill it up and it just keeps going and going. I can get 1,300 1,400 kilometres out of a tank which is great for all that country driving, he added.

    The D-Max really fits the bill for Shannons family. As well as being useful around the familys small acreage where they keep a few horses, sheep and cows, the Ute can be used with a box trailer to pick up wood, feed and other bits and pieces needed to keep things running smoothly.

    It tows really well with a box trailer in fact so well you wouldnt even know the trailers there. Shannon commented. Also, my kids are mad keen footy players, so we can get the whole family in the Ute and off we go.

    Shannon speaks highly of his purchase experience with Sales Manager, Paul Leggerini and the entire team at Patterson Cheney Isuzu Ute.

    Those guys really looked after me, enthused Shannon. In fact the whole team bent over backwards for me all the way and I am so pleased with the vehicle. I loved the old one, but this one is a real step up. I cant speak highly enough about the efforts they went to for me, he added.

    Shannon does a lot of work behind the scenes for a number of charities which he loves to do but is very humble about. One specific charity he does like to draw awareness to is beyondblue, which was his chosen charity whilst on DWTS. beyondblue do a lot of important work with farmers battling depression in this time of change, which is something that is close to Shannons heart.

    Shannon is currently working on a new album which will hopefully be out later in the year. There will be a lot of fans waiting for that and to see Shannon rolling up to some gigs in his super comfortable D-Max!


    Well known and much loved Australian performer Shannon Noll has recently taken delivery of a new model Isuzu D-Max 4x4 LS Crew Cab as a replacement for an older model Isuzu Ute.

    Shannon Noll enjoys his versatile Isuzu D-Max.

  • 11Truck FORCE JULY 2013

  • Truck FORCE JULY 201312

    Whilst stocks last. Photographs are for illustration purposes only. LMCT 578

    NPR 200/275 TRADEPACK A66002 / A69841 / A69842SUPERSEDED 3 ONLY!

    $45,500 DRIVE AWAY

    FXZ 1500 10cu3m BISALLOY TIPPER A712712013 COMPLIANCED

    $178,500 DRIVE AWAY


    $58,900 DRIVE AWAY


    $49,900 DRIVE AWAY

    FRR 500 LONG CAB CHASSIS A71693 / A71694 / A72184OVERSTOCKED 3 ONLY!

    $61,900 PLUS ORC*


    * Price includes GST and dealer delivery, but excludes registration, stamp duty, and other statutory charges. These cannot be quantified due to the fact that these will vary depending on the vehicles final specification, intended application and state in which the vehicle will operate. To obtain a drive-away price please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and intended use of the vehicle.

  • 13Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    Whilst stocks last. Photographs are for illustration purposes only. LMCT 578



    NEW MAN 26.540 TGX 30X1953

    NEW 2013 MAN 26.540 (TIPPER SPEC) 30S3499

    NEW 2013 MAN 18.340 4X4 N385632/N385851


    Automated Manual Transmission

    Disc Brakes All Round

    ABS & EBS Braking

    Integrated XL Cab with Aero Kit

    68T GCM




    AMT automated transmission

    Airbag Suspension

    Hub Reduction Rear Axles

    ABS Brakes

    Integrated Sleeper

    590lt Fuel Tank

    Steel Disc Wheels




    AMT Automated Manual

    Ideal Off Road vehicle

    Suit Spreader / Mine Service Vehicle


    NEW 2013 WESTERN STAR 5800 FF3675 & FF3676

    Detroit DD15 500hp Free rerate to 560hp if required)

    18 Speed Roadranger RT46-160 Rear Axles 4.30 Ratio 46,000lb Airliner suspension Star Light Low Line Sleeper 2 x 473lt Polished Fuel Tanks Durabrite Alloy Wheels ABS Brakes 90,500kg GCM



    Cummins ISX EGR - 550hp/1850lbft 20 Series 18 speed transmission RT46-160 Rear axles RPL Driveline XWDL to rear axle 46,000lb Airliner Suspension ABS Brakes 4 x 473 lt Polished fuel tanks Durabrite Alcoas to outside with Michelin tyres

    54 Stratosphere Sleeper with Aero Kit

    106T GCM


    NEW 2013 WESTERN STAR 4864 FS2 FG4684

    Cummins ISX EGR - 550hp 20 Series 18 speed transmission RT46-160GP Rear axles 4.30 ratio Diff Locks to both rear axles 46,000lb Airliner suspension 201 Wheelbase ABS Brakes 2 x 473lt Polished Tanks Michelin tyres on Alcoa Rims 90,500kg GCM Suit Tipper / Crane Truck etc



    NEW 2013 WESTERN STAR 5800SS FF4687

    Detroit DD13 450Hp RTLO16918 18 speed transmission Meritor 40,000lb rear axles 4.33 Ratio

    Airliner 40,000lb suspension 50T GCM ABS Brakes Alcoa wheels Durabrite finish on outside wheels

    40 Stratosphere Sleeper with Aero Kit

    2 x 473lt Polished Tanks



    NEW 2013 WESTERN STAR 4964FXT FG4207

    * Price includes GST and dealer delivery, but excludes registration, stamp duty, and other statutory charges. These cannot be quantified due to the fact that these will vary depending on the vehicles final specification, intended application and state in which the vehicle will operate. To obtain a drive-away price please contact us to discuss your individual requirements and intended use of the vehicle.

  • 14 Truck FORCE JULY 2013

    *Applies to all models in series.Prices published are recommended selling prices, include GST and are effective 1st July 2013 until 30th September 2013 or while stocks last. Graphic illustrations of parts are for illustrative purposes only. All parts advertised herein have been included in good faith and on the basis that those parts will be available at participating Isuzu Dealerships at the time of publication. Isuzu and participating Dealers reserve the right to correct any errors made in parts listed and/or the pricing published.


    ISUZU INDUSTRIAL ENGINES FROM $5,5OO.OOShutdown protection with oil pressure & water temperature lamp indication (water temperature and oil pressure senders fitted for optional deluxe control panel upgrade). Panel with Datakom electronic controller and hours meter with remote start capability.

    92956372^ NPR with 4HK1 Engine & Manual Transmission $1,025.0092956374^ FR* / FS* / FT* with 6HH1 / 6HE1 Engine & Manual Transmission $1,025.0092956375^ FTS with 6HK1 Engine & Manual Transmission $1,250.0092956376^ FV* / GV* with 6SD1-TC Engine & Manual Transmission $1,150.0092956377^ FR* / FSR with 6HK1 Engine & Manual Transmission $1,250.00

    BVP RADIATORSFROM $1O25.OOBVP Radiators provide excellent heat dispersion, allowing for better coolant flow and more consistent temperatures, ensuring your cooling system performs as intended.

    5876100340 Blade; wiper 500 CX* / EX* 00 - ON $17.50Blade; wiper 500 NN* / NP* / NQ* 94 - ON $17.50

    FV* / GV* 08 - ON $17.505876100350 Blade; wiper 550 FR* / FS* / FT* 96 - ON $17.50

    Blade; wiper 550 FV* / GV* 96 - 07 $17.50


    2CA16KVA01 6.5KVA Genset, 50Hz 240V Powder coated frame with resilient mounts and battery box. Shipped with detachable lifting rails $5,500.002CA16KVA02 6.5KVA Genset, 50Hz 240V Galvanised 60 litre Fuel Tank Base with Level Gauge and battery box. $6,930.003CA16KVA01 6KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Powder coated frame with resilient mounts and battery box. Shipped with detachable lifting rails $8,150.003CA16KVA02 6KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Galvanised 60 litre Fuel Tank Base with Level Gauge and battery box. $9,475.003CB19KVA01 9KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Powder coated frame with resilient mounts and battery box. Shipped with detachable lifting rails $8,770.003CB19KVA02 9KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Galvanised 80 litre Fuel Tank Base with Level Gauge and battery box. $10,170.003CE114KVA01 14KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Powder coated frame with resilient mounts and battery box. Shipped with detachable lifting rails $9,435.003CE114KVA02 14KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Galvanised 80 litre Fuel Tank Base with Level Gauge and battery box. $14,320.004LE120KVA01 20KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Powder coated frame with resilient mounts and battery box. Shipped with detachable lifting rails $10,265.004LE120KVA02 20KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Galvanised 80 litre Fuel Tank Base with Level Gauge and battery box. $11,685.004LE1T26KVA01 26KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Powder coated frame with resilient mounts and battery box. Shipped with detachable lifting rails $19,495.004LE1T26KVA02 26KVA Genset, 50Hz 240/415V Galvanised 80 litre Fuel Tank Base with Level Gauge and battery box. $19,770.00

    BVP UNIVERSAL JOINT$43.95Manufactured to the highest standards to fit Isuzu specifications.

    92956035 Journal asm; Prop Shaft Common F Series $43.95


    T21039 Minor Synchro Kit, Flange and Ring Kit 6109/8209 Transmission $180.00

    8943856503 NPR 200 short/medium (12/93 ON) $125.00NPR 250/300 medium/crew (12/93 11/02)NKR 200 short 4H Series engine

    8970812182 NPR 400 medium/long (12/93 ON) $210.00NPR 250/300 medium (11/02 ON)NPR 250/300 auto (11/02 ON)NPR 250/400 crew (11/02 ON)

    8971880160 NQR 450 medium/long (12/93 ON) $170.008971381100 NPS 250/300 4X4, NPS 250/300 crew (12/93 ON) $160.008970944342 NKR 200 short/medium with 4B Series engin (12/93 ON) $145.008970850711 NKR 150, NKR 200 flat low (12/93 ON) $140.00



    92956292 Left hand weathershield 08MY N, F & FX Series $80.0092956293 Right hand weathershield 08MY N, F & FX Series $80.0092143014 Left hand weathershield full 08MY GIGA $80.0092143015 Right hand weathershield full 08MY GIGA $80.00M41320 Right hand weathershield slim 08MY GIGA $80.00

    RP20145 Forward carrier with pump RT 40 140/145 $4,604.00RPL20145 Forward carrier with pump and DCDL RT 40 140/145 $5,068.00RR20145 Rear carrier RT 40 140/145 $2,553.00RRL20145 Rear carrier with DCDL RT 40 140/145 $2,862.00RP23160 Forward carrier with pump RT 46 160/161 $4,604.00RPL23160 Forward carrier with pump and DCDL RT 46 160/161 $6,614.00RR23160 Rear carrier RT 46 160/161 $3,520.00RRL23160 Rear carrier with DCDL RT 46 160/161 $3,986.00RP26185 Forward carrier with pump RT 52 180/185 $13,810.00RPL26185 Rear carrier with DCDL RT 52 180/185 $6,614.00

    MERITOR REMANUFACTURED CARRIERSFROM $2,553.OORemanufactured by Meritor using only genuine

    Meritor components.

    92955085 Engine Rebuild Kit 6BD1 Engines 1976 to 1980 $1,617.0092955223 Engine Rebuild Kit 6HE1-TC SiTEC I 230 $2,117.5092955444 Engine Rebuild Kit 6SD1-TC SiTEC I 275 11/2002 On $3,542.0092955078 Engine Rebuild Kit 4BD1 Engines 1980 to 1982 $1,305.0092955079 Engine Rebuild Kit 4BD1 Engines 1982 to 1984 $1,305.0092955080 Engine Rebuild Kit 4BD1 Engines 1985 to 1986 $1,210.0092955209 Engine Rebuild Kit 4HG1 up to 12/2000 $1,650.0092955210 Engine Rebuild Kit 4HG1 SiTEC I 115 From 01/2001 $1,730.00

    ENGINE RE-BUILD KITSIncludes Piston & Liner Sets, Big End & Main Bearings and Full Engine Gasket Set.FROM $1,21O.OO


    5867130730 Front floor with footrest NLR, NLS $80.005867130740 Front floor without footrest NNR, NPR, NQR, NPS $80.001867231010 Front floor with footrest ALL FR, FS Models $80.001867231022 Front floor without footrest ALL FT, FV Models $80.001884348070 Front floor with footrest GIGA, All $95.00

  • 15Truck FORCE JULY 2013









    $6600 $10000





    RDWB114 Wheel Brace RDC9M 9m Transport Chain

    RDS058B Safety Flip SignStandard size diamond book containing 14 safety variations.

    RDTK67 67 Pc Tool KitContains a variety of handy tools perfect for home or in the truck.

    RDBB3030 3030 BoosterRDBB2430 2430 BoosterGreat value for money in popular 24/30 & 30/30 sizes.

    RDAS1140 Auto Slack Adjuster 5 1/2 28 Spline

    RDAS1141 Auto Slack Adjuster 6 28 Spline

    RDAS1157 Auto Slack Adjuster 5 1/2 28 Spline Offset

    S05008L LH Roof Mount Beacon BracketS05008R RH Roof Mount Beacon BracketSuits Stratosphere Sleeper Cab

    WSS028 26.5 Long Hood Deflectors

    WSC00042 Stainless Bug DeflectorSuits 2000 + Constellation Models


    Available from your participating authorised Western Star dealer. Prices include GST and are valid from the 1st of July to the 30th of September 2013. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice and are plus freight where applicable. Images are for illustration only. Actual products may differ from shown. Western Star Trucks reserves the right to correct printing errors.


    CALL US NOW TO MAKE A BOOKING:These offers are subject to change. * Detroit DD13/15 every 40,000 kms.

    Campbellfield Sam Guzzardi 9305 3155Dandenong Wayne Murphy or Stuart Lunt 9215 2234Derrimut Mick Porter or Clint Breust 9394 0222


    Western Star with Caterpillar C12/C13 $60000

    Western Star with Caterpillar C15/C16 $65000

    Western Star with Detroit EGR S60 $60000

    Western Star with Detroit DD13/15* $75000

    Western Star with Cummins ISX EGR $70000












    N Series $55000

    FRR, FSR & FTR Series $60000

    Heavy Duty FV Series $66000

    Giga Series $80000











    30K Service or 6 Months Inspection Service


    60K Service or 12 Months F2 Scheduled Service


    360K Service or 36 Months F3 Scheduled Service








  • CRAIG BIRMINGHAMA warm welcome to Craig who joins us in the role of Retail Sales Consultant at Patterson Cheney

    Isuzu after spending the past three and a half years working as Sales Manager with a leading car dealer in Ferntree Gully.

    Although born and bred in Melbourne, Craig decided to go further afield some years back, spending 12 years in Cairns.Whilst there he worked as a Vehicle Sales Consultant for two years, selling a wide variety of different makes and models. He was then promoted to Sales Manager, a position he kept for ten years before returning to Melbourne.

    CLINT BREUSTAnd welcome to Clint who joins us in the role of Service Advisor at Westar Derrimut. Clint has an extensive service

    department background ranging from service technician through to Service Manager at a local car dealership based in Geelong. Out of hours Clint is involved with the local Lorne Football Club in the capacity of Vice President and is also a member of the coaching staff.

    MATHEW HOWELLAfter serving three years as a service technician at Westar Derrimut Mathew Howell has accepted the position

    of Service Advisor. Matt was a service technician for six years prior to emigrating to Australia. Matt enjoys his weekends with his wife and family and other passions such as tinkering with cars. We wish Mathew all the best in his new role.

    JASON LECKIEAnd its farewell to Jason after 11 years of employment with Westar Derrimut. Jason commenced employment back in

    2002 as an apprentice service technician progressing to the role of Service Advisor and then warranty officer for the entire truck group.

    Jason leaves us to take up a service roll with Isuzu Australia so we will still be liaising with Jason on a regular basis.

    We wish Jason all the very best in the future and thank him for his years of service with us.

    MELBOURNE ISUZU DEALERSCampbellfield (Service & Parts only)Cnr Hume Hwy & Northbourne RdDandenong200 Cheltenham RoadDerrimut1 Australis DriveT: 1800 013 200

    WESTERN STAR/MAN DEALERSCampbellfield (Service & Parts only)Cnr Hume Hwy & Northbourne RdT: 9305 3155Dandenong55 Kirkham Road WestT: 9215 2300Derrimut1 Australis DriveT: 9394 0000

    ISUZU D-MAX DEALER LOCATIONDandenong200 Cheltenham RoadT: 9215 2300


    In HouseIn House


    Conditions 3 years industry experience

    Home owner

    Clear CRAA

    Good credit history

    Maximum term 60/30%

    Patterson Cheney/Westar Truck Centres can provide you with an ultra-competitive and flexible finance package for your new truck. With over 15 banks and finance companies offering exclusive deals to Western Star and MAN customers, you can be confident that youll get a finance package thats just right for your business.


    staff NEWSOur truck customers are familiar with the Isuzu, Western Star and MAN brands. But what many people dont realise is just how many other leading automotive brands fall under the Patterson Cheney umbrella.

    In addition to the aforementioned truck brands, today you can look to Patterson Cheney for Honda, Holden, Toyota cars and recreational vehicles, Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars and Vans, Isuzu D-MAX, as well as Honda lawn, garden and power equipment products.

    And there are a couple of very good reasons why its worth talking to us if youre in the market for any of the above brands.

    Firstly, because our buying power is so big, we can pass the savings on to you as well as offering you a great range of competitive finance packages.

    Secondly, youll experience the same great service that youve come to expect from any of our other Dealerships we didnt get this big without looking after our customers, no matter if theyre buying new, used, parts, service or finance.

    All our staff have an absolute commitment to customer satisfaction they know what theyre talking about, so you can rely on their advice.

    So if youre in the market for one of the brands above, your first stop should be to talk to your existing truck sales consultant who will point you in the right direction.


    Clint Breust

    Mathew Howell

    Jason Leckie

    Craig Birmingham

    STOP PRESS!Special Edition Premium Tradepack now available.Isuzus popular Tradepack model is back again. Featuring a huge 4500 x 2122mm drop-side tray and a powerful 5.2 litre diesel engine coupled to a 6 speed AMT, its ready to get straight down to work.

    The Premium Tradepack features a silver cab, polished bullbar, tow bar, 150kg ladder racks and the new DAVE media system with satellite navigation. And best of all it can be driven on a car license.

    See your nearest Melbourne Isuzu Dealer today.