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    INNOVATION AND VERSATILITY ON ALL FRONTSFrom specialised agriculture to greenhouses, from sowing to harvest, from road to public green area maintenance. Wherever repeated, forward and reverse actions in quick succession are needed, even on steep or sloping ground using vastly differing equipment, now there is the TRH: an Antonio Carraro revolution.

    The TRH is in fact the only reversible tractor with a hydrostatic transmission, permitting the extraordinary availability of choice between an infinite speed range, in both drive directions thanks to the electrohydraulic inverter as well as both the Automotive Eco-Power device that handles the tractors forward speed and the Speed-Fix device that allows for the setting of the ideal speed in accordance with the application and for it to be automatically maintained.

    Furthermore the TRH is fitted with ACTIO, a full chassis with oscillation that guarantees maximum stability, grip and safety on all types of ground: an exclusive Antonio Carraro technology, developed with twenty years of research and experience.

    Greater possibilities, greater productivity and less stress: The TRH is not just a new tractor but a new way of working.

  • TRH 9400

    TRH 9400 F

    The TRH was designed to meet the most diverse usage demands by taking full advantage of its absolutely special technical characteristics. Its compact dimensions and extraordinary manageability allow it to operate in any space whatsoever: even in the most difficult or confined space.

    The draft position and control lift can be replaced, on request, by an on-off or proportional joystick integrated with the hydraulic system. This lifting-hydraulic system- PTO integrated system allows for the installation of a wide range of equipment: front and rear loader, snow blade and turbine, forklift, excavator, reach mower, plough, sprayer, mulcher, mower along with other implements that when used individually or in groups can change the tractors set up without any difficulty, thanks also to a vast range of tyres available.

    Its reversibility greatly increases its versatility of use and the PTO, independent from the hydrostatic transmission, allows the engines power to be fully exploited whilst driving the tractor at an ideal constant speed without stress. The TRH represents a truly unique solution in any operative situation.

    A multipurpose tractor with unique characteristics

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    One of the TRHs main innovations is the hydrostatic variator that allows it to operate with 4 different speed ranges [4]: 2 for work (0-10 and 0-20 Km/h) and 2 for transfer (0-30 and 0-40 Km/h) without using the clutch pedal and with total smoothness. A fundamental advantage in reducing both fatigue during use and wear and tear of the mechanical parts: the TRH improves the operators quality of life and the durability of the vehicle.It is sufficient to take the foot off the accelerator for the tractor to stop automatically, without pressing the clutch pedal down: this can be used as a further safety device. But thats not all: it is sufficient to press a button to programme the forward speed with the Speed-Fix system [2]. In this way not only the driving of the tractor becomes more comfortable but productivity and accuracy are also increased, particularly during activities such as spraying, spreading fertilisers, planting and the spreading of other expensive and important materials.

    Also thanks to the hydrostatic transmission it is possible to rapidly change the drive direction with the greatest of ease by moving the direction inversion lever [1] backwards and forwards. In addition, by positioning the manual lever [3] of the accelerator in the zero position, the Automotive Eco-Power device is automatically activated and with a pedal [5] allows for the engine revolutions and the vehicles forward movement to be controlled: another Antonio Carraro patent.


    Continual speed variation = optimal forward movement of the tractor in relation to all operative needs, with less fatigue and greater drive facility. 4 Speed range selector = choice of different speed ranges Direction inverter = immediate change of drive direction even when the tractor is in motion Speed-Fix device = immediate programming of forward speed without pressing any pedals Automotive Eco-Power device = easy and perfect control over engine revolutions during forward movement

    Hydrostatic transmission: automatic advantages

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    ACTIO Full Chassis with Oscillation:Ideal set up in all situations

    The ACTIO system consists of a powerful, steel section which forms an integral part of the axle, which houses both a front and rear transmission and has an oscillating joint which allows for longitudinal oscillation of a good 15 degrees.

    Thanks to the ACTIO system, the tractor acts as a single unit, made up of two parts with the same mass and dimension which oscillate independently of each other following the contours and different gradients of the terrain, thereby maintaining constant stability and perfect grip.

    Its overhanging engine is positioned in front of the forward axle: this allows the total weight of the tractor to be redistributed - 60% of its weight on the front axle and 40% on the rear one. Ideal balance that becomes almost perfect when rear equipment is fitted: 50% on the front and 50% on the rear.

    Furthermore, the ACTIO system provides for the use of four large or equal wheel drive. In this way there is better grip and the engine is able to apply all of it power to the ground with consequent advantages in terms of productivity and safety. The wheels are available in a vast range of diameters and with different tyre profiles in order to satisfy all requirements and to create optimum configuration according to the type of ground and usage: from steep ground to grassed areas, from agriculture to road maintenance.


    Short wheel base and tight turning circle = maximum manoeuvrability on all types of terrain. Better distribution of weight = maximum grip, less wear and tear on tyres. Central, lower drive position = favours the adoption of RGS reversibility; the prolonged use of the tractor is less stressful with respect to more traditional tractors; greater protection for the operator. Transmission inside the chassis = good ground clearance, lower centre of gravity; maximum stability even with transverse speeds on steep slopes and in the case of loss of grip, sliding of the tractor avoids a roll over. Doubling of the total mass of the tractor and ample lateral oscillation = the TWO parts of the tractor counterbalance each other thereby maintaining maximum adherence of the tyres to the ground. Possibility of being fitted with 4 large equal wheels = greater traction, even more balanced weight distribution.


  • Changing the drive direction in a short time thus multiplying the operative possibilities whilst remaining perfectly ergonomic: this is another advantage of the TRH. With the RGS system it is sufficient to release a safety lock to rotate the entire drive console through 180: a single monogroup consisting of a seat with optional joystick, steering wheel, instrument and pedal unit.

    In this way the same tractor can be used in a different way, in accordance with the need of the moment. A concept that coupled to the hydrostatic transmission and the oscillating chassis mirrors the philosophy of the TRH itself: maximum multifunctionality at work with maximum simplicity and comfort for the operator.

    Steering in tight spaces with great safety

    Another characteristic of the TRH, in harmony with the Antonio Carraro philosophy is the tighter turning circle compared with traditional tractors. This allows greater manoeuvrability and operative speed, such as when moving between rowed crops or when working in difficult or confined spaces.

    The turning circle can be further reduced by using the steering brakes without any problem regarding vehicle locking due to the special geometry of the steering angle.

    It manageability, easy and light driveability are guaranteed by the hydroguide steering: sensitive and quick to respond thereby eliminating operator fatigue and increasing the vehicles active safety and guaranteeing the vehicles rapid disengagement in the event of difficult or unexpected incidents.


    Drivepositiononintegratedunit = reversal of the drive direction without disrupting any connections. Centreofrotationcoincideswiththecentreofthedriverseat = constant visibility of equipment in both drive directions. Suspended foldable pedals = no need for two sets of controls; more space available for the operator in both drive positions


    Articulatedhomokineticjoints= tight steering without wheel locking; Disengagementoffrontaxle = less space is needed for manoeuvre without damaging the ground; Steeringbrakes= the tractor can practically turn on itself. HydraulicsystemGroup1,completelyindependent = serves first of all the hydroguide system and then the control group, thereby guaranteeing that the steering is always power assisted.

    RGS, RevGuide SystemTM:Change your work perspectives

  • The TRHs ergonomics finds expression in a perfect integration of the operator with the vehicle: from every point of view. Its compact, protective, streamlined design allows