TRG Newsletter Feb09 1 - ... 2009/02/02  · launch of the Aspen Meadows registration...

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Transcript of TRG Newsletter Feb09 1 - ... 2009/02/02  · launch of the Aspen Meadows registration...

  • Market News

    Suite 265-21320 Gordon Way Richmond, British Columbia Canada V6W 1J8

    p. 604.288.9770 f. 604.288.9771

    As we venture into 2009 I’m sure everyone would agree that the second half of 2008 was a time to forget. Positive news in the business world was all but impossible to find. But despite all the grim economic news, we are fortunate to be in a part of the world that is somewhat shielded from these factors. Indeed British Columbia continues to be a hotbed for immigration: According to the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation over 50,000 people continue to migrate/immigrate to British Columbia each year and will continue to do so for the next 20 years. Over 34,000 of these 50,000 will come to the Lower Mainland of B.C. And of course, they will all need homes! With over 20% of new multi-family projects being shelved in 2009, it will put terrific pressure on the already historically low number of completed and unsold multi-unit homes in the GVRD. This combined with mortgage rates at 50 year lows bodes well for those projects moving forward.

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    Investor Newsletter Issue No.2, February 2009 – Headwaters Update

    Over the past several months the marketing initiative for the Headwaters project has been in full swing. In October, 2008 we contracted the renowned team at WOW Branding to begin the exciting process of branding and marketing the Headwaters project. One of their most exciting developments is the introduction of the new project name, “Headwaters Club,” and the new lifestyle opportunities component. This includes a redesign of the Business Amenity Center to reflect this new “Lifestyle” model – with a media room, internet café lounge, a demonstration kitchen, and o�ce space and boardrooms.

    In addition to these exciting changes, we have moved forward with the interior design component of the entire project, which includes the Presentation Center and Display Suite.

    Other marketing initiatives are also in place: An internet strategy, along with a website, is close to completion and Product Renderings, Floor Plans, Site Plan, a 3-D Model, Project Brochure along with signage are in production. Roadside marketing signs will be installed, which will direct people to the website for early bird registration, and a print and radio media campaign is planned for Spring 2009. Part of the initial phase of marketing was the production of a Headwaters Club

    Headwaters Club SURREY, B.C.

    Happy New Year!

    This is the second issue of our Treegroup Investor Newsletter, and we hope it helps answer many of the questions that we are hearing these days. In October, 2008 we updated everyone on the status of the Headwaters project and our re-focus on the marketing program and pre-sales of the project. In this issue we will provide the latest updates on Headwaters Club in South Surrey, Aspen Meadows in Windermere, and other exciting projects.

    In an effort to keep everyone up to

    date on the latest developments,

    we will be making the newsletter

    available online in the near future.

    Please take the time to look over

    our website at

    after February 14 and feel free to

    drop us a line with any questions

    or comments.

    RRSP Season is upon us! Treegroup currently has a very limited number of RRSP eligible shares available in one of our upcoming projects. Contact us for more information.

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    marketing video presentation which we have presented to lending institutions. This DVD is available through our o�ces and will be online at in February, 2009. Please contact the Treegroup o�ce to get your personal investor password to access this section of the Treegroup website. The 1st stage of the Headwaters Club website is available for viewing at

    On the sales side, we mentioned in the last newsletter that we were in the process of obtaining a retail space in the South Surrey area to be used for our sales and marketing center. In December we secured a prime retail space near Wal-Mart and Best Buy at 24th and 160th Street in South Surrey, which will be the home of our new sales and marketing center, and will house the display suite for Headwaters Club. We expect build-out of the center to be completed by May 2009. Finally, with the changes experienced in the financial markets over the past six months we felt it would be prudent to investigate phasing of the project. Late in October, 2008 we began modification of the design to incorporate 2 phases for the project. The first phase of construction would incorporate Building 1, which has 62 units along with the amenity center. The second phase of construction would include the remainder of the project’s 86 units in Building 2. These minor phasing changes will allow us to access a greater number of lending institutions for project financing and minimize the risk to our investors.

    In December 2008 we met with the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and discussed construction financing options for the project. Although they were very impressed with this innovative project, they were unable to proceed due to restrictions imposed in Ottawa. We have since met with several other more traditional institutions and are very close to securing financing for the first phase of the project.

    Construction on site has been suspended until Spring. O�site road works are all but complete, and paving, curb and gutter work will proceed once the weather improves. We hope to proceed with onsite excavation and roadworks in Early Summer 2009. In the meantime, our marketing program will move forward and the pre-sale of units will be our primary focus.

    Ponderosa Golf & Pincushion Ridge Community

    Located in beautiful Peachland,

    B.C. in the sunny Okanagan Valley,

    the Ponderosa Golf Course is soon

    to be transformed into a stunning

    400 Acre community with a Greg

    Norman designed 7,100 yard

    Championship golf course. In

    December, 2008 Treegroup

    received fourth and final reading

    from the District of Peachland for

    the Pincushion Area Sector Plan

    changes that pave the way for

    development of the 2,000+ unit

    resort. In November Greg Norman

    and his team walked the existing

    and future course layout and made

    final design changes to the planned

    Championship Course. Stay tuned

    for more exciting news.

    Greg Norman and Treegroup have come together to develop British Columbia’s most anticipated championship golf & tennis community.


    Treegroup is currently in the process

    of the planning and design of a

    unique 40 room hotel located in

    beautiful Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

    Located on the pacific coast of

    Mexico just north of Acapulco and

    adjacent to Ixtapa, Zihuatanejo is a

    quaint fishing village with authentic

    Mexican charm. The hotel, just paces

    from the gorgeous Playa La Ropa

    beach on Zihuatenejo Bay, will boast

    spacious 500 square foot rooms

    equipped with kitchenettes. Stay

    tuned for more information as it

    becomes available.

    Aspen Meadows WINDERMERE, B.C. Onsite construction of the Aspen Meadows project has progressed quickly and e�ciently to date, though with the wintery weather in the East Kootenay Region of B.C. construction operations have been suspended until Spring.

    Site servicing with the installation of storm and sanitary sewers and water mains has been completed. The road base is in place, and paving and concrete work will take place in the spring. A recreational manmade lake has been completed on site and was used as a skating rink over the past Christmas break for interested buyers. An agreement with Windermere Water and Sewer has been entered into which will make Aspen Meadows one of the rare subdivisions in Windermere serviced by a regional sewer system and not septic fields.

    In addition we have contracted the services of TerraSource Utility Corp and GeoTility Geothermal Installation Corp for supply of geothermal services for each home in the subdivision, making Aspen Meadows one of the most environmentally friendly projects in the Windermere Valley.

    A “soft launch” marketing program was introduced early in January 2009 with the launch of the Aspen Meadows registration website at Further development of the site is ongoing and with completion targeted for Spring 2009. Site marketing signs are being installed over the next few weeks in preparation for the spring influx of travelers to the area.

    RRSP Season is upon us! Treegroup currently has a very limited number of RRSP eligible shares available in one of our upcoming projects. Contact us for more information.

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