Treasure hunt - How to protect your digital assets

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Treasure hunt - How to protect your digital assets

Transcript of Treasure hunt - How to protect your digital assets

  • 1. TREASURE HUNT how to protect your digital assets by Tommaso Grotto #mahmoney Florence, October 14, 2014
  • 2. PREMISES Im not a lawyer Do not expect a boring legal presentation Software engineers are smart Google is our friend (except for privacy) Presentation is available for download on SlideShare (URL at the end) #mahmoney
  • 3. TOMMASO GROTTO 25 years old entrepreneur CEO at Kopjra Srl Fintech writer @tommasogrotto #mahmoney
  • 4. #mahmoney
  • 5. PROLOGUE This story tells the adventure of Kopjra, a legal tech startup focused on copyright monitoring and enforcement that has recently protected its own software. #mahmoney
  • 6. TREASURE MAP Trademark protection Copyright protection Patent protection Anti-piracy Anti-defamation Peer-to-peer marketing #mahmoney
  • 8. TRADEMARK DEFINITION A name, symbol, or other depiction identifying a product, registered and legally restricted to the use of the owner. #mahmoney
  • 9. REGULATIONS D. Lgs. 10 febbraio 2005, n. 30 (Codice della Propriet Industriale) #mahmoney
  • 10. TYPES Word trademark Figurative trademark National trademark: ~1k CTM (Community Trademark): ~1-5k International trademark: ~10+k #mahmoney
  • 11. CLEARANCE SEARCH Trademark clearance search ensures that the selected names and symbols are available for use and eligible for trademark registration. #mahmoney
  • 12. ANTI-CYBERSQUATTING ACPA (Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act) protects domain names of people and companies that have registered a related trademark. #mahmoney
  • 13. COPYRIGHT PROTECTION #mahmoney
  • 14. COPYRIGHT DEFINITION The exclusive right to publish, distribute, sell, license, and otherwise exploit an artistic or digital work, granted by law for a determined number of years (in Italy, 70 years from the death of the author). The author can transfer the copyright to another person or company. #mahmoney
  • 15. REGULATIONS L. 22 aprile 1941, n. 633 #mahmoney
  • 16. SOFTWARE PROTECTION D. Lgs. 29 dicembre 1992, n. 518 (Registro Pubblico per il Software) Software protection at SIAE: ~0.25k #mahmoney
  • 17. ALTERNATIVES TO SIAE? Alternatives like Patamu are using timestamps provided by trusted third parties called TSA (Time Stamping Authority) to demonstrate the date of creation of a digital work. #mahmoney
  • 18. COPYLEFT The right to freely use, modify, and share artistic and digital works on the condition that these rights are granted to all subsequent users. #mahmoney
  • 19. PATENT PROTECTION #mahmoney
  • 20. PATENT DEFINITION A grant made by a government that confers upon the creator of an innovative invention the sole right to make, use, and sell that invention for a set period of time. #mahmoney
  • 21. REGULATIONS D. Lgs. 10 febbraio 2005, n. 30 (Codice della Propriet Industriale) #mahmoney
  • 22. TYPES Utility patent Design patent National patent: ~5-10k Unitary patent: ~10-25k International patent: ~25+k #mahmoney
  • 23. CLEARANCE SEARCH Patent clearance search seeks to determine whether the proposed product infringes any in-force patent claims. #mahmoney
  • 24. #mahmoney
  • 25. GAME OVER Unfortunately in Italy theres not a law that regulates the patenting of software. The only software protection is the registration at SIAE, as previously described. #mahmoney
  • 26. ANTI-PIRACY #mahmoney
  • 27. #mahmoney
  • 28. DETECTION Crawling ACR (Automatic Content Recognition) #mahmoney
  • 29. TAKEDOWN AGCOM takedown notices (NEW) C&D (Cease & Desist) takedown notices DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) takedown notices #mahmoney
  • 30. PLAYERS INVOLVED ISP (Internet Service Provider) Hosting provider Domain owner Advertiser Payment gateway Search engines #mahmoney
  • 31. DAMAGE How to quantify the damage caused by not-authorized diffusion? The minimum damage is the income from advertising. #mahmoney
  • 32. ANTI-DEFAMATION #mahmoney
  • 33. REPUTATION MONITORING Monitoring of online reputation (both personal and corporate) is an important activity. #mahmoney
  • 34. RIGHT TO BE FORGOTTEN The European Union Court of Justice has forced Google and other search engines to implement a right to be forgotten policy (NEW). #mahmoney
  • 35. PEER-TO-PEER MARKETING #mahmoney
  • 36. #mahmoney