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    P.O. Box 760 Slaughter, LA 70777 Tele: 225-654-3900 Fax: 225-654-3966 email:






    SSI_Louisiana /ScreeningSystemsInternational /screening-systems-international-inc screening systems international, inc

    P.O. Box 760Slaughter, LA 70777Tele: 225-654-3900Fax: 225-654-3966


















  • T R A S H R A K E S

    TRASH RAKESTrash Rakes are heavy duty raking devices used to remove extremely heavy debris and are usually found upstream of the pump station or Traveling Water Screen. Trash Rakes are typically supplied as a stationary unit or as a traversing unit that serves more than one bay. Typically Trash Rakes are the first line of defense in an intake structure. They are also known as Bar Screens. These rakes are suitable for dealing with large amounts of debris, such as trash, limbs, logs and weeds.

    Trash Rakes have a high throughput; they are very reliable and require very little maintenance. This rugged design has proven to handle thick debris that can clog or block other water intake equipment.

    Materials of Construction: Carbon Steel, Hot Dipped Galvanized, Stainless Steel, some components can be non-metallic composites.

    Toll Free: 877-654-3900

  • T R A S H R A K E S

    Trash Rakes main function is to prevent large pieces of debris from reaching the intake, which reduces the chances of damage and downtime for other equipment.

    For more information on how a Trash Rake could help your intake system, please call us at (225) 654-3900 or visit our website

  • SSI operates out of a state-of-the-art production

    facility. At the heart of our plant is a massive 700 by 60

    building where we build and repair water intake equipment

    in an assembly line fashion. Beginning at one end, all parts

    are blasted in our steel shot booth then moved down the

    line to the next station. At the far end, our paint booth puts

    the finishing touches on all parts and assembled traveling

    water screens before final shipment. We also have our own

    fiberglass fabrication shop where all fiberglass housings

    and non-metallic baskets are made.

    Our highly skilled staff is on call twenty-four hours a day

    seven days a week, to provide the most comprehensive

    service in the raw water intake system industry. For more

    information please call: 1-877-654-3900.

    S S I F A C I L I T Y

    www.screeningsystems.comToll Free: 877-654-3900

  • Our facility

    and staff are


    to customer


    A t S S I w e h a v e o n e c o m m o n t h o u g h t , s e r v e

    o u r c u s t o m e r s .

    F I S H H A N D L I N G T R A V E L I N G W A T E R S C R E E N S

  • R E B U I L D I N G S C R E E N S

    Rebuilding an existing Traveling Water Screen is the cost-

    effective alternative to a totally new, exact replacement screen.

    Rebuilding also allows you to plan and schedule maintenance

    rather than continually making costly repairs at the

    worst possible times.

    Our wear point rebuild program focuses on the replacement

    parts and areas that normally wear on traveling water screens

    and comes with the same 18-month warranty as our new


    SSIs commitment to quality, service and satisfaction has made

    us the largest rebuilder of traveling water screens in North

    America; in fact, SSI rebuilds more traveling water screens

    than all of our competitors combined.

    SSI rebuilds all designs, makes and models of traveling water


    Once your traveling water screen is at our facility, it is

    completely disassembled and sandblasted to bare metal. The

    screen is then inspected by our technical design team and

    a detailed inspection report is prepared outlining its exact

    condition and what repairs are necessary.

    During the rebuild process each traveling water screen

    received new replacement parts or repairs to existing parts and

    frame assemblies.

    Once disassembled, all parts are sandblasted down to bare metal.

    The complete traveling water screen is inspected by our design team and a detailed report is prepared outlining its exact condition.

    Each traveling water screen receives new replacement parts or repair to existing parts and frame assemblies.

    Once extracted, the traveling water screen is shipped to our manufacturing facility.

    Toll Free: 877-654-3900

  • The rebuild process begins by

    completely disassembling all

    traveling water screens.

    Upgrades are made to ensure the rebuilt traveling water screen will provide years of dependable service.

    During the rebuilding process we can offer upgrades for

    the traveling water screen to ensure the rebuilt screen

    will remain dependable for years to come.

    Once the main frame and sub assemblies have been

    rebuilt, the entire traveling water screen and all of its

    parts are coated with an immersion-service-rated epoxy

    paint. The traveling water screen is then reassembled

    and test run before being returned.

    Rain or shine, SSI handles all transporting and hauling services to ensure the timely arrival of the finished traveling water screen.

    Reassembled traveling water screens are carefully checked and test run before being returned for reinstallation.

    R E B U I L D I N G S C R E E N S

  • B A S K E T T Y P E S

    Single Bolt

    Flat MeshStandard

    Short Rail

    Rear Discharge

    Incline Mesh

    Short Rail

    Short End Plate

    Heavy Duty

    Single Bolt Attachment Two Bolt Attachment

    Two Bolt

    SSI can react to your

    emergency parts. No

    matter what the make

    or manufacture of your

    traveling water screen,

    we stock the largest

    inventory of upgrade and

    exact replacement parts

    anywhere. All replacement

    and upgrade parts are

    guaranteed to fit exactly

    as the originally supplied


    6 1/4"

    5 1/2"

    4 1/2"

    Rear Discharge

    5 3/16"

    5 3/16"

    3 3/4"

    5 3/16"

    P A R T S Toll Free: 877-654-3900

  • Flat Mesh

    Style A

    Style B

    Incline Mesh

    Heavy Duty


    Style A - Non-Metallic Attachment

    Four Bolt

    Four Bolt Attachment

    Single Bolt

    Two Bolt

    Four Bolt


    11 1/2

    Style B - Non-Metallic Attachment

    C A R R I E R C H A I N

    P A R T S

  • H E A d S P R o C K E T S S P R o C K E T T o o T H I N S E R T S

    T A K E - u P B E A R I N g S m o T o R / R E d u C E R A S S E m B l Y

    S u S P E N S I o N S Y S T E m S S P R A Y w A S H S Y S T E m S

    S P R A Y N o z z l E S

    Heavy-duty cast bronze spray nozzles

    allow extra wear under abrasive conditions.

    Standard Head Sprocket

    Torque Tube Head Sprocket

    Anti-Friction Roller Bearings

    Cast Bronze Style Spray Nozzle

    Cast 17-4 SS Spray Nozzle

    Cast Fan Style Spray Nozzle

    Non-Metallic Style Spray Nozzle Vee-Jet Style Spray Nozzle

    Bronze-Bushed Bearings

    Variable Speeds Available

    Sizes available to fit all sizes and models of travel-

    ing water screens.

    SSI stocks all types of take-up bearings including Anti-Friction Roller Bearings, Bronze Bushings,

    and Non-Metallic Bushings.

    SSI stocks all types of head sprocket, regardless of the make or model of your screen.

    Large selection of

    motors, speeds, hp.

    Tooth Inserts

    are available to

    fit all styles of

    head sprockets.

    P A R T S

  • B o o T C A S T I N gF o o T S P R o C K E T S

    F o o T S H A F T A T T A C H m E N T S

    C A S T E x T E N S I o N S H o E

    Positive Tracking Foot Sprocket

    Cast Dished Foot Sprocket

    U-Bolt Style Bronze Bearing

    Bear Claw Style Foot Shaft Bracket

    Cast Traction Wheel Foot Sprocket

    Cast Wear Rim Foot Sprocket

    SSI stocks boot

    castings as well as Track

    and Filler Bars, depending on the

    make and model of your screen.

    Extension shoes are

    available in carbon steel

    and stainless steel.

    Block Style Foot Shaft Bracket

    4 Bolt Style Foot Shaft Bracket

    P A R T S

  • i n t a k e s y s t e M s

    SSI has maintained solid expertise in designing complete raw water intake systems or traveling water screens that are built to perform under every conceivable condition. Our team of technical designers assure a product of custom design, maximum durability, and quality craftsmanship delivered within your budget.

    THRU-FLOW WATER SCREEN SSI can design and manufacture thru-flow or dual flow traveling water screens to meet the specific demands of your intake.

    TRAVERSING TRASH RAKE These heavy duty rakes are responsible for mechanically cleaning the debris that accumulates on all of the trash racks along the intake system.

    STOP LOGS AND SLUICE GATES Designed to prevent water from entering the intake channel to allow for maintenance to the traveling water screens and other equipment further alo