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2. Submitted ByShazia O1 batch 3. Places chosen for visit United States of America Canada 4. United States of AmericaFlag of USACoat Of Arms 5. United States of America Capital - Washington DC Largest city New York City Motto In God we trust. Anthem the star spangled banner National language English Currency US dollar 6. USA The country is situated mostly in central North America,where its forty-eight contiguous states and Washington,D.C., the capital district. The United States is one of the worlds most ethnicallydiverse and multicultural nations, the product of large-scale immigration from many countries. The U.S. economy is the largest national economy in theworld, with an estimated 2008 gross domestic product(GDP) of US $14.3 trillion. 7. History In 1492, Genoese explorer ChristopherColumbus, under contract to the Spanish crown,reached several Caribbean islands, making firstcontact with the indigenous people. In 1674, the Dutch ceded their American territoryto England; the province of New Netherland wasrenamed New York. The United States and Soviet Union jockeyed forpower after World War II during the Cold War,dominating the military affairs of Europe throughNATO and the Warsaw Pact 8. Destinations in USANew York city 1. Niagara Falls 2. Empire State Building 3. Ground Zero 4. Statue of Liberty 5. Madam Tussauds Wax Museum 6. Brooklyn BridgeFlorida1. Miami Beach2. Hollywood3. Fort Lauderdale4. Florida bay5. Orlando6. St.Petersburg 9. New York City New York is a huge city with several districtarticles containing sightseeing, restaurant,nightlife and accommodation. New York (also referred to as "New York City", "NYC", or just "the City"), the biggest city in the United States, lies at the mouth of the Hudson River. It has one of the largest and most famous skylines on earth, dominated by the iconic Empire State Building. 10. Niagara Falls Niagara Falls is in the NiagaraFrontier region of New York state. The Niagara Falls consist of threesections. The large Canadian falls with their distinctive curvedshape are also known as theHorseshoe Falls. They are separated by Goat Islandfrom the American Falls, which areseparated by a small island at theirsouth end, from the narrow BridalVeil falls. 11. Empire State Building Tallest building in New York, since the destruction of theWorld Trade Center Twin Towers on 11 September2001. Strongly consider going to the Empire State at night. 12. Ground Zero The term was used todescribe the site of theWorld Trade Center inNew York City, which wasdestroyed in theSeptember 11, 2001attacks. The term is often re-usedfor disasters that have ageographic or conceptualepicenter. 13. Statue of Liberty The Statue of Liberty waspresented to the UnitedStates by "the people ofFrance" in 1886. Worldwide, the Statue ofLiberty is one of the mostrecognizable icons of theUnited States and was,from 1886 until the jetage, often one of the firstglimpses of the UnitedStates for millions ofimmigrants after oceanvoyages from Europe.Statue is 151ft tall 14. Madam Tussauds Wax Museum New York Citys branch of the famous London wax museum. Features detailed life-like wax models of celebrities and other famous public Entrance of museum at NYC figures. A new branch is now opening at Washington DC.Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan withhis wax statue at Madam Tussauds 15. Brooklyn Bridge The Brooklyn Bridge, one ofthe oldest suspensionbridges in the United States,stretches 5,989 feet (1825 m)over the East River. Upon completion, it was thelongest suspension bridgein the world, the first steel-wire suspension bridge, andthe first bridge to connect toLong Island. 16. FloridaFlorida is a state located in the southeastern region of the United States. Much of the land mass of the state is a large peninsula with the Gulf of Mexico.Florida is the fourth most populous state in the U.S. 17. Miami Beach It is a coastal city in southeastern Florida, in theUnited States. Miami Beach has been one of Americas pre-eminent beach resorts for almost a century. The city was incorporated on 26 March 1915. 18. Hollywood Hollywood is a district in LosAngeles, California, UnitedStates. Due to its fame and culturalidentity as the historical centerof movie studios and moviestars, the word "Hollywood" isoften used as a metonym ofcinema of the United States. It is a popular destination fornightlife and tourism and hometo the Hollywood Walk ofFame.Nightlife in Hollywood 19. Fort Lauderdale Nick named as Venice ofAmerica because of itsexpansive and intricate canalsystem. The city is a major yachtingcenter, with 42,000 residentyachts and 100 marinas andboatyards. Three forts named "FortLauderdale" were constructedwhich are named after MajorWilliam Lauderdale, who wasthe commander of thedetachment of soldiers whobuilt the first fort 20. Orlando The city is well known for the manytourist attractions in the area, inparticular the nearby Walt DisneyWorld Resort, which is locatedin Lake Buena Vista. Other notable area attractionsinclude SeaWorld and UniversalOrlando Resort. The Walt Disney World resort isthe areas largest attraction with itsmany facets such as the MagicKingdom, Epcot, DisneysHollywood Studios, DisneysAnimal Kingdom, Typhoon Lagoon,Blizzard Beach, and DowntownDisney. 21. Disneyworld ,Orlando Walt Disney WorldResort is the mostvisited and largestrecreational resort in theworld. It contains four themeparks; two water parks;twenty-three themedhotels; and numerousshopping, dining,entertainment andrecreation venues. 22. SeaWorld ,Orlando SeaWorld is a chain of marine mammal parks in the UnitedStates. One of the biggest attractions is the Shark Encounter, inwhich guests are carried through a submerged acrylic tubeinto the sharks tank. After the ride, the guests arrive at a simulated base station,where they can observe polar bears, Pacific walruses, andbeluga whales. 23. St.Petersburg The city is known as avacation destination for NorthAmerican and Europeanvacationers. Fort De Soto Park is at the farsouthern tip of the city of St.Petersburg, Florida. This park,operated by Pinellas County, ismade up from five offshorekeys, or islands The St. Petersburg Pier is apopular tourist attraction. The Pier 24. CanadaFlagMap of CanadaCoat of arms of Canada 25. CanadaMotto-A Marie Usque Ad Mare (From sea to sea)Anthem- O CanadaRoyal Anthem- God save the QueenCapital OttawaLargest city- TorontoOfficial languages- English and French 26. As a prosperous nation, Canada boasts a largedomestic and foreign tourist industry. The second largest country in the world,Canadas incredible geographical variety is asignificant tourist attracter. Canadas three cities, Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal are largest major metropolitan areas, well-known for their culture and diversity. Canadian historic sites across the nation arealso important to the tourist industry. 27. History First Nation and Inuit traditions maintain that indigenouspeople have resided on their lands since the beginningof time, while archaeological studies support a humanpresence in the northern Yukon from 26,500 years ago,and in southern Ontario from 9,500 years ago. Canada automatically entered World War I in 1914 withBritains declaration of war, sending volunteers to theWestern Front, who later became part of the CanadianCorps. The Corps played a substantial role in the Battle of VimyRidge and other major battles of the war. 28. Destinations in Canada British Columbia1. Vancouver islands2. Victoria3. Rocky mountains4. Vineyards of Okanagan5. Sunshine coast6. Fraser valley.Ontario1. Toronto2. CN Towers3. HTO Park4. Yonge-Dundas square 5. High park6. Art Gallery 29. British Columbia British Columbia is Canadaswesternmost province, alongthe Pacific Ocean. The winters in the coastalareas are relatively warmcompared to the rest ofCanada. British Columbia (BC) isCanadas most mountainousprovince, boasting some ofthe most spectacular alpinescenery in the world. Grousa mountain cable car 30. Vancouver islandsVancouver island is a largeisland in British Columbia.Vancouver, the largestCanadian metropolitan areawest of Toronto, is one ofCanadas most multi-cultural cities.Being a harbor city,Vancouver enjoys beautifullandscapes of mountainsand ocean. 31. Victoria Beacon Hill Park is the centralcitys main urban green space. Itsarea of 75 hectares adjacent toVictorias southern shore includesnumerous playing fields,manicured gardens, exotic speciesof plants and animals such as wildpeacocks, a petting zoo, and viewsof the Strait of Juan de Fuca andthe Olympic mountain range. Victoria is a cruise ship port wherecruise liners stop at Ogden Pointterminal. 32. Vineyards of Okanagan The region is known for its dry, sunny climate, aridlandscapes and lakeshore communities and particularlifestyle. Agriculture has been focused primarily on fruit orchards,with a recent shift in focus to vineyards and wine. 33. Sunshine Coast While populous and frequently visited by tourists, it can be reached only by using a ferry or float/airplane; because of the steep, rugged terrain, no access roads have been built from the rest of the province. It is generally considered to encompass the coastal areas of the regional district of Sunshine Coast. 34. Fraser valley Fraser Valley is the section of the Fraser River basin insouthwestern British Columbia downstream of the FraserCanyon. It is also home to the Guru Sikh Temple, Canadasoldest Sikh temple. 35. Ontario One of Canadasmost populatedprovinces, Ontario isa prime touristdestination. Ottawa is the nationscapital and featuresParliament Hill amonga wealth of culturalactivities. 36. Toronto Toronto is the most populous city in Canada andthe provincial capital of Ontario. As Canadas economic capital, Toronto isconsidered a global city and is one of the topfinancial centres in the world. 37. CN towers On September 12, 2007, af