Transforming Lebanon into a Digital

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Transforming Lebanon into a Digital Nation Dr Ali Atie | OGERO NNCC Director May 4, 2017| Beirut
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Transcript of Transforming Lebanon into a Digital

  • Transforming Lebanon into a Digital NationDr Ali Atie | OGERO NNCC Director

    May 4, 2017| Beirut

  • Digital TransformationDefinition, Rules, Threat and Opportunities

  • Digital Transformation

    Digital Transformation is not a digital infrastructure evolution; it is a digital thinking evolution

    • It is commonly defined as “the profound and accelerating transformation of business activities, processes, competencies and models to fully leverage the changes and opportunities of digital technologies and their impact across society in a strategic and prioritized way, with present and future shifts in mind.”

    It’s all about the Customer

    • It is also fundamentally dependent on the digital network• No Network => No Digital Transformation• No Digital Transformation => No Business Transformation

  • Digital Transformation

    Rules before digital transformation

    • Bookstores sold books and magazines • Taxi fleets moved people• Hotels booked reservations• Music companies sold records, cassettes, and CDs• Telephone companies sold telephone calls

    Rules are radically different after digital transformation

    • Amazon has taken over the book market, not to mention the global supply chain• Uber has disrupted the taxi market with clean cars and lower prices• Airbnb books people into non-hotels• Apple has reinvented the music industry• Netflix have changed the way video is consumed

  • Digital Transformation

    Telecom companies face increasingly tough times as digitization reshapes the industry landscape

    • Telecom companies continue to invest billions to keep up with the exploding demand for data services on their networks

    • Core voice and messaging businesses continue to shrink• But instead of sitting at the heart of the transformation, they’ve remained largely on the

    outside looking in, as other industries reap the benefits

    But digitization is not just a threat

    • It also offers telecom companies an opportunity to rebuild their market positions, reimagine their business systems, and create innovative offerings for customers

  • Digital TransformationOGERO Role

  • Digital Transformation

    OGERO is rethinking its role in the new age of digitization, and is resetting the strategies needed to capitalize on this opportunity

    • We consider digitization to be one of our top priorities• We aim to capture its full potential• We identified ways to come out on top of the digital revolution

  • Digital Transformation

    OGERO will focus on building and evolving the network infrastructure, and continue to devise ways to enable government institutions and companies in other industries to pursue their own digitization efforts

    OGERO will shape its own digital transformation strategy to address the pain points of Lebanese society and their needs using the power of digital

  • Transforming Network InfrastructureData, Internet and Multimedia Services

  • Transforming Network Infrastructure

    OGERO is currently upgrading its network infrastructure to keep up with the exploding demand for Internet and data services

    • Optical fiber-based national superhighways will enable the power of businesses and government at unimaginably fast data rates

    • Submarine superhighways connect Lebanon to regional and international Internet hubs at terabit speed

  • Transforming Network Infrastructure

    New data services for businesses will be provided at competitive prices compared to regional/international market

    • MPLS Layer 3 VPN services• Ethernet VPN services• Ethernet Line services

    Ultra high-speed Internet services will be provided at competitive prices compared to regional market

    • Businesses: 1000Mbps+ • Households: 50Mbps+

  • Transforming Network Infrastructure

    A wide range of services will be provided through the IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) to every household and enterprise in Lebanon

    • Voice services• Multimedia services• Collaboration services

  • Transforming Network InfrastructureOptical Fiber-based Superhighways

  • Transforming Network Infrastructure

    Universities& Research



    OGEROMetro Ethernet



    Internet tier1/tier2


    Lebanon InternetGateways (IGW)

    IP/MPLS + OpticalNetwork

    OGEROMetro Ethernet




    Metro EthernetNetworks



    OGERO IMS& ActiveCabinets



  • Transforming Network Infrastructure

  • Enabling the Digital Revolution in LebanonInternet of Things and National Cloud

  • Enabling The Digital Revolution in Lebanon

    OGERO will go beyond connectivity services to enable the wider Internet of Things (IoT) value chain

    • A Proof of Concept IoT project is launched• We are planning a nationwide deployment of an IoT infrastructure to provide businesses with

    new opportunities for value creation and capture

    OGERO will support startup companies to develop by providing incubator services

    • Incubator services to startup companies would include office space, internet access, simulators, know-how, telecom infrastructure and labs to build and test their innovative services and applications

  • Enabling The Digital Revolution in Lebanon

    OGERO will build a national cloud and offer services to private and public sectors

    • A mini-cloud dedicated to E-Government services would be launched as soon as the CAPEX and OPEX budgets from all concerned government ministries and administrations are secured

    • OMSAR would be responsible for budget allocation, requirements specification, management and coordination with all concerned parties

    • OGERO would provide the space, build and operate the mini-cloud

    Once the mini-cloud for E-Government becomes operational, OGERO will expand it to offer cloud services to private sector as needs arise

  • Digitizing OGERO OperationsTransforming Customer Experience

  • Digitizing OGERO Operations

    So far, the role that the telecom industry has played in accelerating digital business and service models for external industries has not translated into new value for the operators themselves

    To successfully make the transformation to a fully digital way of doing business, OGERO adopted the approach to start with the customer and work back

  • Digitizing OGERO Operations

    Identified pain points of households

    • Low speed Internet service• Complex process to switch from one ISP to another• Long process to switch from one Internet package to another (e.g. limited to unlimited)• No online alerts before exceeding monthly internet volume• No online customer support• No online tracking of landline/DSL installation process• No online information about availability of landline/DSL• No remote or decentralized CPE configuration to access the Internet

    Identified pain points of businesses

    • Most of the above pain points of households apply to businesses• Complex and long process to obtain PBX and Leased Line services• No online information on data services and solutions

  • Digitizing OGERO Operations

    “It is our duty to provide a solid platform to empower

    people and enable growth” OGERO Chairman- Imad Kreidieh

    Digitize customer service journey

    • To address the low speed Internet service pain point of young consumers, OGERO Chairman launched an initiative he named “unleash the speed”

    • The goal was to deliver a superior customer experience, and identify and eliminate the biggest pain points

    • OGERO mobilized staff from technology and commercial departments to fully digitize customer service journey using social media and call center

    • This initiative proved that migrating to digital customer care can reduce call volumes to OGERO call center and significantly improve customer satisfaction

    • OGERO may launch similar digital customer care efforts as part of a broader digital sales transformation to reduce traditional customer-care costs and improve customer satisfaction

    • The results of the OGERO initiative were in line with the analysis presented by McKinsey&Company in the next slide

  • Digitizing OGERO Operations

  • Digitizing OGERO Operations



  • Digitizing OGERO Operations

    Revamp information technology

    • OGERO IT will be tightly integrated with the new technologies, like social media and big data, that are driving the shift to digital

    • The revamped IT function will have to involve itself in strategy development to prioritize digitization projects where they add most value — namely where the business interacts with customers

    Replace legacy IT systems

    • OGERO will transform as much of their customer facing technology as they can, as quickly as possible, and then turn their attention to the back end on which it runs

    • A key element of this transformation process involves completely replacing legacy IT systems with new, lighter, more agile platforms that can support simplified, fully online offers

    • In this context, a new Customer Care and Billing solution will be deployed

  • Digitizing OGERO Operations

    Redesign the operating model

    • OGERO will develop a much flatter, faster, more collaborative, and data-driven organizational model, along with a channel management approach that can resolve conflicts and redistribute resources among the various channels

    • Frontline sales and customer care staff must have the skills needed to meet the needs of digital-savvy customers

    • Similarly, data analysts will need to be able to work with the wealth of new data captured through digitization

  • Digitizing OGERO Operations

    Build talents and capabilities

    • OGERO, like other telecom operators, faces significant skill gaps today. These go beyond a mere shortage of digital skills and an ageing workforce, speaking to a more fundamental change in the way that incumbent companies address the talent question going forward – especially when viewed in comparison to digitally native businesses

    • To tackle this challenge, OGERO will focus more on agility and learning than on forecasting and planning, which become less relevant and reliable as technology-driven change continues to accelerate

    • We also need to foster a mind-set geared to learning, experimentation, and iterating with the customer. That means going to target customers at an early stage to test their appetite and price sensitivity, and then scaling up promising options fast