Transformation Ritual 2 - SPIRITUAL .Transformation Ritual 2: SACRED RITUAL for Personal &...

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Transcript of Transformation Ritual 2 - SPIRITUAL .Transformation Ritual 2: SACRED RITUAL for Personal &...

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    Transformation Ritual 2:



    Personal & Planetary Transformation



    According to Elizabeth Clare Prophet, understanding of the wisdoms and exercising the mantras

    of the Dhyani Buddhas is a most important lesson on our path to victory. In fact, it could be the

    difference between attaining our ascension or not. The mantras of the Dhyani Buddhas are

    crucial for the protection and transformation of ourselves and our planet, especially from the

    misuses of the secret rays, as in the misapplication of nuclear energy and genetic engineering.

    As a solution to this problem she explains that giving calls to the Dhyani Buddhas will intensify

    the light in us, strengthen our being, our chakras, the very atomic structure of our four lower

    bodiesprotecting us from the last plagues, illness, cancers, mind controlin fact all misuses

    of Gods sacred energy of the five secret rays. For maximum effectiveness we should make

    these calls from the authority and level of our Buddhahood and we should not be disillusioned

    that attaining our Buddhahood is many embodiments in the distant future. This is a fallacy that

    religious dogma has sown between the folds of our consciousness and can be dissolved by the

    Dhyani Buddhas in the twinkling of an eye by calling forth the diamond-shining vajra, the

    Mighty Thunderbolt that consumes all that is less than perfection. The mantras to the Dhyani

    Buddhas bring out our inner Bodhi nature. By calling to these Celestial Buddhas we can protect

    not only ourselves but also transform our entire planet as well.

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    Leader: Let us start with our opening invocation, together:

    O Eternal Light of Alpha and Omega, in Thy Name, we invoke the presence of the great lineage of Buddhas and Christed Ones! Descend beloved Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days, Gautama Buddha, Lord Maitreya, Jesus Christ, Padma Sambhava, Lanello, Guru Ma,

    Vajrasattva and the Five Dhyani Buddhasbeloved Vairochana, Akshobhya, Ratnasambhava, Amitabha and Amoghasiddhi.

    Holy Ones, sanctify our humble offering of prayers and service to release sentient beings everywhere from unliberated existence, pain, and suffering. Bathe us and our planet in your purifying

    firetransforming the five deadly poisons into the supreme compassion of the enlightened Mind.

    Resplendent Buddhas of Gods Sacred Wisdoms, bless and empower us with the all-pervading light of the Sun whose radiance will dispel the obscuring clouds of ignorance, revealing the wisdom and clarity of our own individual awakened nature. Raise our consciousness to glimpse thy great cosmic perspective that we may contain the All-

    being of Godand transform selfhood into Godhood. Grant your blessings, we beseech you, that we may be free from the wheel of rebirth and attain liberation in this life.



    Let us tone together to raise our own frequency, as well as our group consciousness by unifying our voices with the Dhyani Buddhas through the chanting of their seed syllables.

    OM HUM... TRAM... HRIH..... AH .... (5x)



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    Let us now petition the Wisdoms of the Five Dhyani Buddhas, beginning with Beloved Akshobhya, the Blue Buddha of the Eastern Paradise, the Etheric Realm:


    O Akshobhya, thou the Imperturbable One

    Fill my being with your Mirrorlike Wisdom that reveals the true nature of all things calmly, objectively, uncritically and without bias. Saturate me with the dazzling, sapphire, blue perfection of your electronic presence that I may mirror the perfection of my I AM Presence.

    I surrender completely my mortal identity, all sense of mortality and death

    that binds me to the ultimate illusionbeing separate from God. Transform

    the poison of hate and angertoward myself, others or Almighty Godinto clear mirror-like wisdom.

    Great Celestial Buddha, anoint me with your vajra, the diamond thunderbolt that embodies the immovable, immutable, indivisible, and indestructible

    state of enlightenmentthat which cannot be disturbed by anythingas I desire to become a clear reflector of my I AM Presence, Brahman within me.

    Leader: Let us now petition Beloved Ratnasambhava, the Yellow Buddha of the Southern Paradise,

    the Mental Realm:


    O Ratnasambhava, thou the Jewel-born One

    Fill my being with your Wisdom of Equality and the inner knowing that all life comes from the same source, raining down

    the same loving-kindness and compassion equally for all. Let me see the universe through your eyes as one great dance of vibrancy and joy. Saturate me with your scintillating, brilliant yellow flame to become a

    reflecting chalice for the Higher Mental Bodymy Holy Christ Self.

    I surrender completely my human creation of the carnal mind, the seat of the lower intellect and all awareness that is devoid of the Christ. I surrender its serpentine logic that spews the great lie: Ye shall not surely die our point of departure from Lord Maitreyas mystery school, the

    Garden of Eden. Transform the poison of pridewhether human,

    intellectual or spiritualwith all its egotism, arrogance, and rebellion into the wisdom of equality.

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    Great Celestial Buddha, anoint me with your three jewels, the symbol of the inexhaustible treasures of spiritual riches as I desire to contain the Diamond-shining Mind of God.

    Leader: Let us now petition Beloved Amitabha, the Red Buddha of the Western Paradise, the Astral Realm:


    O Amitabha, thou One of Infinite and Immeasurable Light and


    Fill my being with your All-discriminating Wisdom, the wisdom of clear sight that allows me to discern the desirings of God for my

    lifestream from insatiable, carnal cravings, the bottomless pit of passions that will never be satisfied by the endless exploration of the material realm. Saturate me with the pulsating, flaming, ruby perfection of your electronic presence to revive and restore the original, pristine purpose of my astral

    bodyto become a clear, still, reflecting pool for the God desire of My Mighty I AM Presence.

    I surrender completely the Karma Rupa, the seat of animal passions and all

    insatiable cravings, inordinate desires and unlawful ambitionsthe root

    cause of my sufferingthat would lead me farther and farther astray from the

    path of Christhood. Transform the poison of the passionsall lust, cravings,

    covetousness, and greedinto All-discriminating Wisdom.

    Great Celestial Buddha, anoint me with your beautiful, heavenly flower, the lotus, that confers the attributes of purity, openness, beauty, gentleness, and compassion as I desire to become a clear reflecting pool for the inner stillness and peace of the Buddha.

    Leader: Let us now petition Beloved Amoghasiddhi, the Green Buddha of the Northern Paradise, the Physical Realm:


    O Amoghasiddhi, thou Almighty Conqueror

    Fill my being with your All-Performing Wisdom of Perfected Action which confers infallible judgment, karma-free encounters and unerring action. Saturate me with the fiery, emerald green perfection

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    of your electronic presence to precipitate the physical expression of my divine identity in this bodily form.

    I surrender completely my identification withand attachment tomy physical vessel and the material objects of this world. Transform the poison

    of envy and jealousyincluding all fear, doubt, ambition and

    materialisminto the All-performing Wisdom of Perfected Action.

    Great Celestial Buddha, anoint me with your double vajra, the crossed thunderbolt, conferring the state of the fully awake mind, the highest comprehension of Truth and the ability to bring synthesis to all opposing forces as I desire to manifest the qualities of the Divine Mother in the physical realm.

    Leader: Let us now petition Beloved Vairochana, the Buddha of the White Fire Core, the Center and Capstone of Being:


    O Vairochana, thou Who Is Like the Sun, the radiating One

    Fill my being with your All-Pervading Wisdom of the Dharmakaya which reveals the sphere of the highest reality and Truth. Saturate me with your radiating, pulsating, sacred fire perfection to center my awareness in the white fire core of being,

    my true and eternal identity, that original, pristine state of the indwelling

    Buddha natureBrahman in manifestation.

    I surrender completely my point of original departure from God, my ignoring of the Law, thus displacing divine reality with compromise and impermanence. Transmit to my soul directly, completely, and

    instantaneously the Mind of Enlightened awarenessthe sublime

    experience that all life is interconnectednessdissolving forever the maya of a separate existence.

    Great Celestial Buddha anoint me with your dharmachakra, the golden, solar wheel of the teaching, to consume in me now all that is unlike God, all ignorance of the law, all delusion of Selfhood, all misunderstanding of Who I really AM. Unlock the gateways of my inner being that lead my soul to the nexus of True Being. Purify my heart! Purify my motive! Clear the channels of the Chakras! Transform the poison of ignorance obscuring the Buddhic consciousness and blinding me to Thy reality. Water the seeds of the Buddha nature that I might manifest the full outer being of Buddhahood. Transform the five deadly poisons into pure Enlightenment. Restore to my soul the