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1. Transform Indian Health Care through Agile Scrum - By Krishnamurty VG Pammi CSP, CSM, PMI-ACP, PMP, ITIL, MCTS 2. Family doctor in ancient India was treated equivalent to God Service to mankind .. True Examples 3. Family doctor in ancient India was treated equivalent to God Service to mankind was service to God.True Examples 4. 4 5. Indian Health Care Sector- Current State of Affairs5 6. 6 7. 7 8. 8 9. Patients' Challenges Doctors try their best to convert short term treatments into Long Term treatment scenarios Doctors do not disclose the disease details in their exact form and shape Doctors are not approachable Doctors do not provide sufficient time to counsel patients High Cost Factor Sometimes Hospitals create scenarios to charge more 9 10. Patients' Challenges continued For the patients with insurance coverage, hospitals try to squeeze entire insured high slab rate amount for the prescribed disease that patient is covered with Doctors prescribe wide list of medicines. They are ignorant of the side-affects Paying money does not guarantee good healthcare. The private healthcare system largely treats patients as revenue generators, without rationality or medical logic 10 11. Doctors Challenges Patient does not trust Doctor prescription and does not show up on the prescribed follow up dates Pharma companies are giving foreign tours and junkets to doctors. It happens under the pretext of medical study. Unfortunately, some doctors eagerly wait for the pharma company invitation for foreign tours Corporate hospitals only want doctors who can help them earn more money Frequent irrational procedures and surgeries, the distorting influence of corporate and multi-speciality hospitals on ethics of the medical profession, and the growing grip of pharmaceutical companies on private medical practice. 11 12. Doctors Challenges Continued Lack of adequate regulations on Fee and quality of medical service in private sector Wealthy patients are admitted directly into intensive care and several thousand rupees are pocketed by the doctors Corruption, kickbacks and the nexus between Hospitals and pharmaceutical firms High work load avoid doctors to counsel patients to the best of their ability Half Knowledge Patients - With advent of Internet, patients browse the internet and comes to doctors to test their skill and ability Complete lack of regulation of the private medical sector Usage of unsafe injections and medicines 12 13. Indian Health Care Sector- Current State of Affairs Voices of Conscience from the Medical Profession: Revealing testimonies by rational doctors about the reality of private medical practice in India Published by SATHI (Support for Advocacy and Training to Health Initiatives). The sensitive Trust Layer between Doctor and Patient communities has been consistently tested in the past 15 years on the negative side. 13 14. 14 15. Root Causes For This Disconnect The distorting influence of corporate and multi-specialty hospitals on ethics of the medical profession The growing grip of pharmaceutical companies on private medical practice Governments Successive health policies and resource allocation exercise has allowed degeneration of public health infrastructure and actively encouraging private sector Frequent irrational procedures and unnecessary surgeries More focus is given on Following the set plan over responding to change More focus is given on Fixed and non-cooperative attitude over Flexible, accommodating and stakeholder collaboration More Focus is given to compliance with documentary admitting procedures over talking to patients and counselling them Success is measured on motivated Documented facts over healthy patient 15 16. 16 Communication 17. 17 18. Restore the Trust For God Sake!.... 18 19. Proposed model hospital Trust Re-invented a non profit Hospital where care, counselling and value are our motto. Service Mindset Management Rational and Ethical doctor community Care Value Counseling Government Policies Regulated pharmaceutical Companies Distorting influence of corporate and multi-specialty hospitals Growing grip of pharmaceutical companies Monitory Aspects 19 20. Hospital Trust Re-invented Addresses Cost Factor through Money Pooled up from Volunteers /Charitable volunteers/sources Fee charges as per regulatory norms Transparency on the balance sheet every quarter. Pass on the profit gained (after keeping minimum reserve for future sustenance) to the patients through decreasing fee rates for major diseases Fall back support from government in-case of no/less reserve funds 21. Hospital Trust Re-invented 5 Scrum teams Development Team - Each team consists of 6 Doctors. Scrum Master - Hospital Customer Service Contact Area Product Owner Senior Doctor who can mentor / help prioritize Chief Product Owner Resolve dependencies among Area Product Owners. 21 22. Scrum Artefacts Patient Backlog Release Backlog Sprint Backlog 22 23. Nurture Trust and Accountability through23 24. Scaling 24 25. Scrum Implementation Key Insights Value Driven Planning using techniques Value Stream Mapping Patient Value Prioritization Inspect & Adapt after every iteration Information Radiators Patient Recovery Burn Down Value Points / Patient Satisfaction Index Delivered 25 26. Proposed Benefits A thrust for Indias much needed national movement begins for building more number of rational and ethical doctors for better health care Restore the trust, communication between Doctor and Patient Community Monitory factor removed from Patient and Doctor communities Influence of corporate and multi-specialty hospitals nullified Influence of Pharmaceutical companies nullified India starts experiencing the art of pure health care 26 27. Thank You Krishnamurty VG Pammi Facebook: Krishnamurty Pammi Linked In: Krishnamurty Pammi Twitter: @krishnamtypammi +91 9848456687 27