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  • Medium Voltage Training CentreBuilding technical competence

    Training catalog

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  • ABB Group

    ABB, a global leader in power and automation technologies, enable sutility and industries to improve performance, while lowering their environmental impact. The ABB Group operates in around 100 countries and employs close to 150,000 people.In India, ABB offers its customers a complete range of power and automation technologies. The company has a vast installed base, extensive manufacturing facilities, and a countrywide marketing and service network.ABB serves electric, gas and water utilities, as well as industrial and commercial customers, with a wide range of products, systems and services for power generation, transmission and distribution. ABBs system solutions include Electrical Balance of Plant (EBOP) automation, controls and instrumentation, for power plants, bulk power transmission systems, turnkey substations, automation controls and instrumentation, utility automation and power distribution.

    Advantages of ABB 120 years of technology and innovation Unparalleled domain competence Global experience Complete solution capabilities Large installed base Environment-friendly technologies

    ABB Services Upgrading to new technology, extending lifespan Low investment compared to new installation Increased personal safety and reliability, with supporting lab

    certification Less downtime Less engineering and administrative coordination required. Long term availability of spares and world class service

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  • Our service portfolio

    Service is an integral and important channel to enhance the value proposition of our offerings and better cater to customer needs. It is a tool that customers can use maximize the returns from their investments in our products by deploying them to their full potential at various stages of product life cycle.

    Our competent team develops and delivers holistic solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity by utilizing ABBs advanced experience and expertise. Driven by customer needs, service teams across various product groups, functions and regions work together to offer comprehensive solutions for optimal improvements and value addition.

    ABB Full Potential Service Strategy caters to our continuously growing installed base, technologically superior products, solutions and proven engineering competencies. The objective is to take advantage of these key imperatives to maximize the return on assets and improve productivity, availability, reliability and in turn the profitability for the customers.

    Our holistic service portfolio ranges from conventional life cycle support, like spare parts, training and field services, to

    Catalog | Medium Voltage Training Centre 5

    more advanced solutions such as upgrades, evolution and retrofits, optimization. The combined benefits of a strong product portfolio and extensive application knowledge, make ABB best equipped to cater to the needs of customers.

    People development and competence build up aid to best usage of various products and smooth operations. Through its comprehensive training portfolio, ABB offers wide range of training modules for customers at various levels. The training programs are designed to suit solution and industry of deployment, to best maintain the ABB equipment at peak levels, extracting maximum value.

    State of the art training facilities,training kits, and experienced trainers,provide a unique for dedicated competence build-up of client resources, to enable improved availability and reliability of all equipment and systems.

    Generally training modules integrate classroom and hands on sessions for a thorough learning experience.

    1. Service Agreements

    ABB Service CategoriesStructured standard elements of service scope

    2. Installation &commissioning 3. Training

    4. Spares&


    7. Engineering& Consulting

    8. Extension,Upgrades& Retrofits

    9. End-of lifeServices

    10. Replacement

    On-site training



    Replacement parts

    Parts kits

    Software upgrades

    Hardware upgrades



    DecommissioningInstallation Engineering customization

    5. Maintenance

    Project management

    Preventive maintenance


    On-site condition monitoring

    Workshop repairs

    Technical support

    Inspections & diagnostics

    Remote condition monitoring

    6. Repairs

    Replacement of active products

    Programming services

    Commissioning On-site repairs

    Corrective maintenance

    Replacement of non active products

    Replacement of third party products

  • Creating value through knowledge sharing

    ABBs Medium Voltage Power Products (PPMV) training programs are designed and structured to enhance skills and develop the competence of our customers personnel across functions and levels. Training programs are structured to suit practical demands, by our team of expert trainers, based on ABBs unparalleled domain knowledge and decades of experience.

    The ABB Advantage: Customers stay ahead of the curve;advances in technology

    innovation integrated in training modules State of the art training facilities equipped with latest

    tools ensures training is intensive and reflects in tangible productivity and performance improvements

    Product life cycle optimization and extracting maximum life cycle stages; increasing return on investments

    Reduced life cycle costs Reduced downtime and minimize need of equipment repair

    ABBs training center provides the ideal infrastructure: Sophisticated learning aids such as simulations,

    productcut-outs and multimedia presentations Demo-room with operation models, well-equipped class

    rooms Outdoor switchyard with medium voltage switchgear Hands-on training

    6 Medium Voltage Training Centre | Catalog

  • The training center is designed to enhance customers technological understanding of ABBs offerings in medium voltage product range. Skill-based training helps customers to be more effective and to stay abreast of scientific advancements. Training is a key medium to engage customers, with the specific goals of improving their capability, capacity, productivity and performance.

    ClassroomThe classrooms include advanced projection systems with multiple screens, special cameras for product demonstration. Interactive tablet with stylus supports annotation to provide on-the-spot projection, and an intelligent audio/visual/lighting control system. The classrooms can accommodate up to 80 individuals at a time.

    Demo roomABB believes there is no replacement for a practical learning experience. It has thus invested in development of a 5,800 sqft demo room for medium voltage power products with over 20 medium voltage products. Of these, 10 are operational models that are connected to a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) network. A switchyard has been erected to experience outdoor products in real terms.

    Hands-on training roomA separate training room is dedicated to hands on training on circuit breakers. Providing customers with in-depth knowledge of constructional features of circuit breakers.

    Infrastructure and facility

    Catalog | Medium Voltage Training Centre 7

  • The training centre - A place to learn

    Air Insulated Switchgears

    Outdoor Apparatus

    Compact Secondary Substations

    Indoor Apparatus

    Ring Main Unit

    Relays and Networking

    IE Classes - 4-pole motors

    8 Medium Voltage Training Centre | Catalog

  • INTCN102 Introduction and operation of air insulated switchgear - UniGear ZS1/ZS2/ ZN1 Level 1

    Course goalTo familiarize oneself with Air Insulated Switchgears UniGear ZS1 or UniGear ZS2 or ZN1, including technical parameters, interlocks and operation.

    Learning objectivesUpon completion trainees will: Be conversant in fundamentals of switchgear design,

    construction and application Be conversant in technical parameters of switchgear Understand standard interlocks Understand the operation principle of the switchgear,

    circuit breaker and earthing switch

    Participant profileThe course is designed for technicians, operators and engineers (with less than 5 years experience) responsible for the maintenance, testing and consultation of industrial and utility substations.

    PrerequisitesTrainees should have basic knowledge of circuit breaker and switchgear functioning.

    Topics Features and construction of switchgear and applicable

    circuit breaker Operation of switchgear with circuit breaker Interlocks and locking facility Overview on protection, control and communication Understanding control schematics Practical exercise on sample switchgear and circuit breaker Safety: safe work procedures, and usage of personal

    protective equipment Manufacturer recommendation for maintenance Overview on PowerCare and MyRemote Care tools Case study

    Course type and methods An instructor led seminar with class room lectures, demonstrations and factory visit, this module is delivered in English.

    Course durationTwo days.

    *We also customize the modules to cater to specific customer requirements.

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