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Traditional food of Prešov region. Barbora Bučková Stanislava Cimermanová 2.A. Before we start. Nana´s kitchen. filter. pan. mortar. pot. cooker. Mama´s kitchen. fridge. dishwsher. oven. cooker. freezer. Christmas. „ Mačanka “. You will need : water from sauerkraut , salt - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Traditional food of Preov region

Traditional food of Preov regionBarbora BukovStanislava Cimermanov2.AEvery country, every region, even every family has his typical traditional food. We want to show you the best of Preov region kitchen. Why? There are a lot of interesting monuments, mountains and those things. But what keeps you alvie? Food! And if it is absolutely perfect, its not only your stomach what is satisfied.1

Before we start

Before we start, its important to say, that every region has his own dialect. Its hard to remember all of the names and words. Some of them have 5 different names, but they mean the same thing or, in our case food. We will try to explain you what does it mean and we hope you will understand.In the past, Slovakia wasnt very rich country. People worked on their farms and ate just the things, that they produced. In general it were potatos, cabbage, carrot, poppy seed... If they had cows, goats or sheeps - milk and butter, and if thay had chickens they also had an eggs.So our traditional food in in general composed by this ingrediences.2

Nanas kitchencookerfilterpotpanmortarOur nanas didnt have electronic things like TV, washing machine, mobile phones... And the same in the kitchen. They had to used just their hands, knife and things like this. Do you recognize? The pans without teflon, the mortars instead of mixers... Nowadays normal cook have to know just how to put the ingrediences into the cooker. Or not?


Mamas kitchenfridgefreezercookerovendishwsher

It isnt as simple as it looks. Just think about it. They have to know where is... Fridge, freezer, oven, cooker, dishwasher and how to use... Mixers, microwave, toaster, pop-up toaster, waffle iron... We musnt be angry if our mothers are sometimes a little bit unpleasant in the kitchen.4Christmas

CHRISTMASOne of our favourite holiday isnt it? Slovakia is really small country, but every region eats somtehing else on Christmas dinner. We chose some of them. In picture.......


You will need: waterfromsauerkraut,saltblackpepper,garlic,redpepper,oil,onions,Dried mushrooms,flour,sausage,bacon,roastedmeatMaanka or kye if you want to translate this name to english, you could say soak soup. Its a soup composed by potatos and cabbage. This meal is named by the way of eat. Its a sauce, where are the pieces of bread soak. Somewhere people eat it also with the potatos cooked in their skin or meat. Its the typical soup of Rusyns christmas dinner.


You will need: 500g of semi-coarseflour,1egg,2tablespoons ofsugar,pinch of salt,20 gyeast,3 - 4dl of freshmilk80 gfat

Bobaky, bobly, opekance or pupky, are our traditional delicacy. They are prepared of chooped sponge which is baked. A few minutes before serving, they are float with hot milk with poppy seed.There is also a saying: if you take the first bobaka peace out of oven and go out with it, your future husband will look like the first man you will see.7Our table on Easter monday

In this picture you could see our traditional eastern food. In the picture in left is beetroot, horseradish, ram, ham, 8Syrek

You will need: 10-12 eggs1 l of milka saltIt is a traditional food in eastern slovakia and important part of easter bowl. In our language, syrek means something similar than cheese. But it isnt an ordinary cheese, Its made od milk, eggs and salt. There has to be lumps and then it has to drip. Then we can get it to fridge. 9Our traditional restaurants

The restaurants where is traditional food dishing out are called sala - shed. There are a lot of this restaurants in Slovakia, but not all are good. The best ones have a live sheeps and they produce a cheese and curd of it. We have these sheds for example in Siva Brada, Spiske Podhradie or Sala u Franka in Stara ubova. 10Bon Appetit!

S:Sure, there are a lot of another great meals. But we dontt want you to be hungry, so we have to finish now.B:We hope, you enjoyed our presentation, and this is the great begining or continuation of your relationship to traditional cuisine.