TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Platform - 7 Tips and Tricks

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Transcript of TradeGecko B2B eCommerce Platform - 7 Tips and Tricks

  • Our first thought was - we should help our customers capitalize on this trend. Like, totally.

    We launched our brand new B2B eCommerce platform a couple of months ago. Youre probably already using it. Yay! Good on you! If you arent yet, its simple really - when you add on our B2B eCommerce platform to your existing TradeGecko setup, you instantly get your very own wholesale eCommerce store.


    You can invite your wholesale customers, retailers and stockists,

    to visit your B2B eCommerce store and place bulk orders. Their experience will be just like online shopping - think Shopify for wholesale and install our B2B eCommerce platform, if you havent already.

    Weve put together 7 cheeky tips and tricks for you to make the most out of your private B2B eCommerce store. Tailor your store to the needs of each buyer, promote your products, set up automated processes and have full control over who can view your store. Apply one of these every day this week, and watch your online wholesale store shine:

    Wholesale is a way of scaling your business. A recent study by Oracle shows that wholesalers make 50% more revenue compared to retailers!

    7 Tips and Tricks to make your B2B eCommerce Store shine

  • Customizing pricing for your customers is a common practice in the wholesale world. To set a custom price list that only a specific customer can see, first go to the Relationship Section. Select the Company that you want to assign the custom price list to.

    1. Customize Price Lists

    Customize price lists for each customer

    Customize discounts for each customer

    Sell products that are out-of-stock with flexible order status

    Encourage customers to buy specific products with

    promotional messages on your store

    Customize tax types for each business customer

    Provide controlled access to your B2B eCommerce store

    Send order confirmation emails to your customers

  • Wholesale is all about building relationships. We understand that sometimes you need to give some to get some. This is where discounts come into play. You can set a different discount for each of your business customers if you need to.

    To do this first go to the Relationships section of the app and select the

    2. Customize Discounts

    Click on the Edit button at the top right hand corner of the page. Scroll down and you will see a field labelled Default Price List.

    Here you can select the Price List that you want to assign to this business customer. Click on save and you have a customized price list. Each customer will now only see the pricing you want them to see on your B2B eCommerce Store!

  • company that you would like to offer the discount to.

    Click on Edit once again and scroll down to your default settings. You will see a field named Default Discount.

    You can now set up the Discount percentage for that particular business

  • Your B2B eCommerce store has taken off, the orders are rolling in. Its possible that there will be days when you cant fulfill the orders straight away when youre out of stock. But dont let this stop your customers from ordering more.

    You can choose to commit or not commit the stock for orders that come in through your B2B eCommerce store. This is useful if you dont want your store to show that products are out of stock. Simply set your channel setting so that orders come in as draft and do not commit your stock.

    To do this, go to the B2B section of your app and click on the Settings tab.

    3. Flexible Order Statuses

    customer. Click on save and rest easy - your customer will now be able to see his orders with the relevant discount applied!

  • Scroll down to the check box marked Show Out of Stock.

    Check the box if you want your store to show products in your store even if they are out of stock. Dont let the popularity of your hot products die down, keep selling them!

    Just like you do on your eCommerce store, you can now promote your new products or offers on your B2B eCommerce store too. If you have new products that you wish to highlight to your customer or if you have limited edition items the promotional status function will come in handy.

    The promotional status is displayed at the top of your store and you can change it via the Setting page of the B2B section on your app.

    Go to the settings page of your B2B section.

    4. Promotional messages on your store

  • The beauty of eCommerce is you sell to people anywhere and everywhere on the globe. This can now happen for your wholesale business too!

    But you need to be set up right to take orders from different countries.

    Depending on the type of product you are selling, different taxes may apply to buyers from different countries. A prime example of this is for buyers of

    5. Setting Up Taxes

    You can add the promotional message into the field here and click on save.

    When you log into your store you will be able to see it being displayed. Imagine that - you now have the power to excite your wholesale customers with your promos too!

  • Alcohol, where each country has different duties. You can can assign a specific tax type for each customer via the Relationships section of the App.

    Go to the Relationships section and select the Business Customer you need to add the tax type to.

    Click on the Edit button at the top right hand corner of the page.

    Scroll down to Default Settings and click on the dropdown box for Default Tax Types.

  • Select the tax type you want to apply to orders from this customer and click on Save.

    This will now be the tax applied to this customer.

    In the words of L.Frank Baum, Everything has to come to an end, sometime, even business relationships.

    If that happens, you can revoke access from each contact for your B2B eCommerce Store. This is useful if the contact is no longer a wholesale customer of yours.

    In your Relationships Section, select the company that this contactbelongs to.

    6. Revoke Access

  • Select the contact from whom you wish to revoke access. The following popup will appear.

  • You know that feeling you get when youre online shopping and you get an email that confirms your order? Joy. Now you can provide that joy to your wholesale customers too.

    You can set up emails so that each time your customer places an order they will receive an email as confirmation of their order.

    To set up this function, go to the Settings page your B2B section.

    7. Order confirmation emails

    On the bottom left hand corner you will see a button to Remove Access. Click on the button and the customer will no longer have access to your eCommerce Store. :(

  • Check the box to Send Order Confirmation Email. Your customer will now receive a confirmation email upon ordering!

    Were excited to see you apply these tips to your B2B eCommerce store! Feel free to tell us which ones worked exceptionally well for you.

    Congratulations - youve now made wholesale shopping incredibly fun for your customers :)

    We hope these tips will help you!

    Learn more about ourB2B eCommerce Platform here: