Tous Les Jours Employee Handbook (Updated)

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Transcript of Tous Les Jours Employee Handbook (Updated)

  • Employee HandbookTous Les Jours Carrollton, TX

    Last Updated February 2013

  • Welcome LetterWelcome to Tous Les Jours!

    We recognize that the staff of Tous Les Jours (TLJ) is our most valuable resource. It is having capable individuals like yourself and your fellow employees that makes our success possible in providing the highest quality of food, beverages and service to our customers.

    We are committed to helping you succeed in your new job while hoping you enjoy your time here. This handbook was prepared to answer some of the questions you may have concerning TLJ and its policies. Please read thoroughly, and if you have questions or need something clarified, feel free to contact management.

    We hope you find your time with us to be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.


    S.K., Owner


  • Table of Contents

    About This Handbook 4

    Introduction: Orientation Period 5

    Introduction: Our Vision & Business Philosophy 6

    Chapter 1: Relationships 8

    Chapter 2: Code of Conduct 10

    Chapter 3: Logging Hours, Payroll Procedure 12

    Chapter 4: Schedule Requests, Absences, Tardiness 13

    Chapter 5: Safety & Sanitation 15

    Chapter 6: Disciplinary Action 18

    Proprietary & Confidentiality Agreement 19


  • About This HandbookThis handbook is designed to help you get familiarized with Tous Les Jours (TLJ). We want you to understand how we do business and how important you and every employee is in helping us take care of our guests and making this a rewarding place to work.

    The policies stated in this handbook may change from time to time. Weve done our best to include as much information as possible in an easy-to-understand manner.

    This handbook is not a contract, which guarantees your employment for any specific time. Either you or TLJ may terminate your employment at any time, for any reason, with or without cause or notice. Understand that no supervisor, manager, or representative of TLJ other than the owner has the authority to enter into any agreement with you for employment for any specified period or to makeany such promises or commitments.

    We wish you the best of luck in your position and hope that your employment with TLJ will be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.


  • Introduction: Orientation PeriodOur Orientation Period spans three weeks, during which you will begin your training and be observed by management. If you feel you do not understand what is expected of you or if you need additional training, we encourage you to ask questions and seek help from management.

    The Orientation Period serves as an opportunity to get to know you, see how you fit in with your co-workers and environment, and determine if you are willing and able to carry out the responsibilities for which you were hired. Simultaneously, it is important for you to familiarize with how we operate to determine if this job is suitable for you.

    If by the end of the Orientation Period either party determines this relationship to be ill fitted, we will part company as friends.

    Tous Les Jours Company History

    Tous Les Jours (TLJ) is a Korean-French bakery and is part of CJ Bakery, a chain started by CJ Group (Seoul, South Korea) in 1996. By 2003, the company sought overseas expansion and established their CJ America headquarters in southern California by 2003. Further expansion into the US has grown to 15 operations in Texas, Georgia, Massachusetts and New Jersey (as of Feb. 2013).

    Our Carrollton location officially began operations on February 16, 2008 and was franchised in November 2009. The bakery is now under its second franchisee and is family-operated (as of Feb. 2013).

    Serving Quality Products

    TLJ products range from personal-sized pastries, pan breads, and special occasion cakes. Our on-site kitchen unit allows us to serve quality fresh products everyday, ensuring a marketable advantage over our competitors.

    Our Operations

    The store operates as two departments front of the house (FOH) and back of house (BOH). FOH consists of the franchisee, management, and part-time employees whom are cross-trained to cashier, sanitize, and consult about cake orders; among other tasks. BOH consists of the BOH manager/head baker, bread manager, and kitchen helpers.


  • Introduction: Our Vision & Business Philosophy

    Our Vision

    To enrich the lives of our guests, employees, and owners. We accomplish this through quality customer service, efficiency, cost controls, sales growth, and most importantly, treating our employees like family. Through a shared commitment to excellence, we are dedicated to the uncompromising quality of our food, service, and people. We will continuously strive to surpass our own accomplishments and be recognized as a center for excellence in our customer service industry.

    Business Philosophy

    Owners and Management, Leadership

    We will strive to have dynamic energy and the ability to energize others. We must be open to new ideas from anywhere, have the self-confidence to involve everyone and be able to acknowledge our own shortcomings. We must foster mutual trust and a sense of enabling others. As leaders we are committed to the success of others. We establish clear expectations, give honest feedback and set goals for individuals that tie into the vision as a whole. As leaders, we embrace our responsibilities and lead by example. We find the balance between head and heart as well as people and profit. Dynamic leadership transforms Our Vision into reality.

    A Passion for Excellence

    Passion fuels our commitment to the endless quest for excellence. This passion must permeate throughout this business. We must think creatively, embrace change and continuously improve upon past accomplishments. We must grow our knowledge, learn from our mistakes and aggressively pursue new ideas and innovations. Though we may be better today than we were yesterday, we are not as good as we must become. Our passion drives us to persevere and meet all challenges with enthusiasm. We will succeed as a result of our passion for excellence.


    Outstanding people make it all happen. They will lead us towards the future. Each individuals efforts and skills are necessary to the success of this business. Everyones contribution is valuable. We will treat others as we would like to be treated. We are committed to creating an energized, rewarding, safe and healthy work environment where each of us has the opportunity to offer new ideas in an unrestricted manner. Effectiveness increases when we encourage the opinions of others and share responsibilities as a team. We recognize individual accomplishments and provide opportunity for growth as a reward for outstanding performance and development. We hope to instill pride, commitment, and a sense of ownership and make our organization the best it can be.


  • Service-Mindedness

    We are dedicated to unparalleled service to our guests. The reason we exist as a company is to provide absolute guest satisfaction. We recognize that we are all linked together in the service process; that each of us plays a distinct and vital role in delivering exceptional service. The entire staff must actively participate and constantly seek service opportunities. A mindset of being "of service" must flow throughout this organization. We have a responsibility to support and serve one another, because ultimately we are all serving our guests. A unique and genuine personal care and attention that customers will remember is what we strive for.

    High Performance

    We are dedicated to maximum levels of performance and productivity in all areas of our business. To drive the success of a customer service oriented industry, we must set aggressive goals, focus on results and hold ourselves accountable. We will approach our work with a sense of urgency and dissatisfaction with the status quo. We have an obligation to earn a profit in order to remain in business and grow but it must be "Quality Profit." We must never jeopardize our future for short-term gain. We will balance our need for current earnings with our desire for consistent long-term profitability. We all will be challenged to achieve these goals.


  • Chapter 1: RelationshipsManagement / Employee

    Our managers are committed to provide you with the tools and positive working environment you need to accomplish your job to the best of your ability. You will be treated with respect and dignity by all of our management personnel and we will try our best to recognize and reward your hard work and accomplishments.

    If problems or misunderstandings arise, please feel free to relay the matter to our management staff. We will try to understand and resolve the issue in a fair and equitable manner; if we fail to do so, you are welcome to contact the owner.

    Staff Meetings

    Emails will be sent out in lieu of staff meetings, which may include new offerings, upcoming promotions and events, training, policies, etc. It is managements responsibility to keep employees informed of ongoing changes and news affecting the restaurant, and you are expected to check your email regularly to receive these updates.

    Meetings offer employees the opportunity to provide valuable input for feedback and provide suggestions to enhance our working environment and the operation of the business.


    All employees receive written and verbal performance evaluations twice a year, in March and September. The evaluation process is an opportunity to identify your accomplishments and strengths as well as openly discuss areas and goals for any improvements. Depending on your position and performance, you may be eligible for a