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Tourist destinations in Lagos, Nigeria

Lagos - the largest city and sea gates of Nigeria . Located on the shores of the Gulf of Benin and Lagos lagoon, the city occupies almost the entire territory of the state of the same name. Administratively it consists of a large number of areas which are scattered over large distances from each other, are connected motorways. It is the largest industrial and commercial center of West Africa.Prior to the arrival of Europeans, the territory inhabited by tribes of Yoruba, and the place was known as Eko, meaning "camp" or "farm". In 1472 the Portuguese arrived here and In the years 1704 -1851 Lagos was a major center of the slave trade. Only in 1851 with the support of the British and Lagos abolished the slave trade. However, after 10 years, Lagos has been the capital of the British colony. In 1960, the city became the capital of independent Nigeria, and remained in that status until the end of 1991, when the political center of the country moved to Abuja.Modern Lagos - this is the most important transport hub. The international airport of the city - including the largest and most modernized in Africa, the port city occupies an important place in the region. Lagos holds about half of the industrial capacities of Nigeria at the same time, the environmental situation is worrying Lagos. Huge blocks did not have the infrastructure, people live in slums, the biggest problem is the garbage. The central areas of Lagos, where the business and administrative center of the city, well-groomed and hit big. There are a lot of skyscrapers, but also preserved buildings of the colonial era.

The most popular tourist sites are considered to be the National Museum of Lagos in Nigeria and the Oba Palace. Exciting event will be a visit to the hot crowded markets of the former capital of Nigeria. Lagos is focused on spa vacation: Coast decorate beaches, parks, hotel com

Important destinations in Lagos State

Freedom Park

The new Freedom Park is located on the site of the colonial prison where prominent Nigerians had their jail terms during the colonial era. The park, which is now a peaceful place for individual and collective contemplation and interaction is open to public daily.Located in Lagos Island, Lagos

National Museum of Nigeria, Lagos.

The National Museum is the country's premier museum, comprising a permanent exhibition of national relics and treasures, as well as other temporary shows. One of the most interesting exhibits is the bullet-ridden black Mercedes in which former head of state General Muritala Mohammed was assassinated in 1976.

DIDI Museum of Art