Tourism Nanaimo Mid-Year Tourism Report (2015)

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Transcript of Tourism Nanaimo Mid-Year Tourism Report (2015)

  • Mid-Year Tourism Report

    Aug. 10, 2015

    djsmithTypewritten TextSpecial Open Council Meeting2015-AUG-10Supplemental Item

  • Board

    Tourism Leadership Committee Sasha Angus


    Lesley Anderson

    E.D. Destination Management

    Kara Walsh

    Destination Development Officer

    Chelsea Barr

    Destination Marketing Officer

    Megan Beauregard

    Stakeholder & Communications Specialist

    Amanda Daly Visitor Services


    Helga Lange

    VIC & Clerk

    Part-time staff & volunteers

    Visitor Counsellors

    Amrit Manhas

    Economic Development Officer

    Peter McGee

    Economic Development Coordinator

    Robynn Baijus (temp)

    Operations Coordinator

    NEDC Organizational Chart Updated Aug 2015

  • CHAIR: Sandra Petryk Nanaimo Airport

    VICE-CHAIR: Margot Holmes Vancouver Island Symphony

    PREVIOUS CHAIR: Dan Brady Howard Johnson / NHA

    David Mailloux Nanaimo Port Authority

    Leif Bogwald Owner, Vancouver Island Expeditions

    Leo Boon Independent Contractor

    Jonelle Knowles Vancouver Island University

    David Twynam Vancouver Island University

    Douglass Legg Douglass Legg & Associates

    Denise Tacon Vancouver Island Conference Centre

    Diana Johnstone

    Geoff Wallace Best Western Northgate (NHA appointee)

    James Young Long Lake Inn (NHA appointee)

    Odai Sirri Grand Hotel & Waterfront Suites (NHA appointee)

    Tourism Leadership Committee

  • Then vs Now

    $924,110 2009 total approx. value of City spending on tourism (in 2014 dollars) to support Destination & Tourism Nanaimo

    $734, 139 2014 value of NEDC spending on tourism activities Includes $125,000 earmarked for product development through the TDF

    Tourism Nanaimo undertakes more activities at lower budget. Additional activities since 2012:

    Cruise, product and travel trade development

    Meetings & conventions support

    Grants program administration

    Sport marketing

    2nd visitor centre & roving visitor servicing

    Stakeholder programs NBT, CYPT

    Social media, content development and website management

    Formal governance activities

  • Source: Destination NEXT, sample size 367 DMOs worldwide

  • DMO Roles Worldwide

  • Tourism Strategic Plan Goals

    #1: Product Development

    #2: Industry Partnerships

    #3: Marketing & Public Relations

    #4: Community Pride

    #5: Accountability

  • TLC Direction for 2015

    Market what we have more effectively

    Maximize the value of local community

    Capitalize on existing visitors & local markets

    Develop meetings, events & festivals

    Lean on DMO partners to reach beyond local



  • #ExploreNanaimo Campaign

    Local market pride of place

    campaign running May



    1) Entice locals & visiting

    friends/relatives to

    experience things to do

    in Nanaimo & Region

    2) Grow our social media


    3) Grow use of the

    #ExploreNanaimo tag

  • Mid-campaign results

    800 tourism passport downloads

    1000+ passports distributed at VICs

    6,000 website visits

    Significant growth in social audience:

    Facebook up 9.2% (to 6066)

    Instagram up 34.9% (to 1861)

    Twitter up 5% (to 8384)

    360% growth in #ExploreNanaimo use

    Delivering qualified traffic to 2.5x more

    pageviews & 3x longer stay on site

  • Share Vancouver Island Campaign

    The 3rd year of our award-

    winning campaign (formerly

    You Wont Be Sorry)

    Market: Pacific Northwest

    Timing: June - Aug

    Objective: Grow awareness &

    visitation to VI beyond Victoria

    Leveraged: 3:1 ($55,000

    campaign for $13,500 from

    Tourism Nanaimo)

  • Go Vancouver Island Campaign

    Markets: Alberta/Seattle

    Timing: Apr June

    Objective: Continue growing

    awareness & visitation to VI

    Leverage: 25:1 ($8,900

    contribution for a $217,000


    Campaign visits up 24% over

    previous year

  • Shifting Focus From Print to Online

    2014 guide = 20% of total

    marketing budget

    2015 publications = 11% of

    marketing budget

    Increased investment in

    website and online


    All publications available


    Invested in enhanced

    visibility in TAVIs guide for

    greater presence earlier in

    travel decision cycle

  • Website

    Year-over-year (Jan 1 Aug 4)

    61% increase in visits

    55% increase in users

    54% increase in pageviews

    Averaging 14,800 visits/mo

  • Explore Nanaimo Blog

    Posting 2-3x weekly

    Delivers qualified traffic to 2x more

    pageviews and 4x longer site visit

    than average

    9552 views since Jan. 1 almost

    100% growth YOY

  • Social Media - Facebook

    6106 followers to date

    14.7% growth in followers since Jan. 1

    225% increase in average reach over

    same period 2014 (organic)

    254% increase in average likes/post

    470% increase in comments/post

    275% increase in shares/post

    4th top referring site

  • Twitter


    13.8% growth in followers since Jan. 1

  • BC Day Instameet Aug. 3

    Province-wide event in

    partnership with

    Destination BC

    19 participants

    149 uses of


    hashtag in 1 day

    475 new Instagram

    followers resulting from

    this event

  • Media Relations

    Continuing to proactively grow our presence &

    engagement with media

    Attending GoMedia & TMAC media marketplaces

    Regularly hosting writers

    Leveraging partner programs

    Proactive pitching

    Digital Asset Management & Branded Content

  • Media coverage examples

    - Air Canada En Route


    - KING 5 Evening Magazine

    from Seattle

    - TSN Live Broadcast




    - Western Living

    - Northwest Travel


    - Komo News in Seattle

    - Yahoo Travel

    - BC Magazine



  • Destination Development - Product

    Mt. Benson gondola product fam

    Deep Discovery Centre event Feb. 19

    feasibility study completion

    steering committee

    Supported Newcastle development

    Hosted product development fam trip for SFN to 2 First

    Nations cultural centres

    TDF grant to support business plan development

    Participated in consultation process

  • Destination Development - Grants

    2 TDF intakes awarding $38,000 to 9 organizations

    TDF Program Review in progress

    MRDT grants program implementation

    Implemented new sport grants program

    2 sport grant intakes awarding $17,300 to 24 sport

    organizations (3rd intake in Oct)

    Estimated economic impact of funded events in 2015

    approx. $4.5 million

  • Destination Development Sport, Travel

    Trade & Cruise


    Built new website section with targeted sport content

    Completed sport tourism plan working with sport steering committee

    Travel Trade:

    Seattle travel agent show

    TAVI travel trade showcase

    Asian receptive fam with top buyers from Chinese & Japanese tour



    Supporting 3 cruise visits with on-site visitor services

    Hosted RCL executive on site visit with NPA

    Supporting cruise product development efforts

  • Stakeholder Programs

    Nanaimo Bar Trail

    NBT 34 listings (at max. capacity)

    Cedar Yellowpoint Trail

    CYPAT 24 listings (up from 23)

    Working to develop digitally

    mapped versions of these trails

    Website listings, brochure racking,

    educational workshops, Tourism

    Matters events

  • Hotel Tax Grants Program Live at

    Ongoing application intakes with quarterly application review & evaluation

    Approx. annual grants available $450,000 45% for festivals & events (incl. sporting events)

    35% for sport tourism initiatives (incl. minor capital upgrades for sport infrastructure)

    20% for marketing associated with the events

    Newcastle Island funding pending business plan completion and MRDT agreement addendum submission to Provincial Govt



  • Visitor Centre Operations

    Northfield, Bastion (May 15 Sep 8), roving street team, events & conferences


    Silly Boat

    Marine Festival

    Blues Fest

    VIU student orientation

    Visitor Experience Survey

    Staff fam trips to train other VICs on Nanaimo

  • Visitor Centre Statistics

    2015 Q1 & Q2

    % Change YOY

    2014 Q1 & Q2

    2014 full year

    2013 full year

    # Visitors 9,2