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TOURISM MANAGEMENTINTRODUCTIONMeaning of tourism :Tourism is a collection of activities, services and industries that delivers a travel experience, including transportation, accommodations, eating and drinking establishments, retail shops, entertainment businesses, activity facilities and other hospitality services provided for individuals or groups traveling away from home.

CONCEPTS OF TOURISM :After the 7th five year plan importance was given to tourism as a foreign exchange earner This also generated employment for the masses

WHO IS A TOURIST??A tourist is a person who travels largely for pleasure.Perhaps to see the sights,meet people,enjoy a different climate , learn about new places or enjoy new experiences.

NATURE OF TOURISMThere 4 main characteristics in tourism industry:inflexibilityperishableFixed locationLarge financial investment Tourism is highly inflexibleInflexibility can be seen when the seating capacity in a transport facility,hotel rooms is fixed and it is impossible to meet the sudden demand during seasonsAt the same time during off seasons the demand is less and capacity remains un-utilized. INFLEXIBILITYThe destinations are fixed and efforts are required to make the potential tourists to visit the location.Fixed location The service provided by the tourist industry is highly perishableFor example : an unused hotel bed or a vacant seat in an aeroplane leads to non utilisation of capacity. Perishable Large financial investmentModern tourist establishment requires large fianancial investment both to start and to maintain the services making it highly risky as the rate of return is critically important.Market SegmentationsHOLIDAY/SEASONGEOGRAPHYPSYCHOLOGYDEMOGRAPHYPURPOSEMass MarketPopular marketIndividual market

CitiesTownsRegions States

Lifestyle of touristMotiveKnowledgeAbt the placeAge GenderOccupationClassrelgionBusiness CultureConvention exhibitionSignificance and importance of TOURISM :SOCIALECONOMICALEDUCATIONALPOLITICALSEGMENTATION IS DONE SO TAT THE service provider can understand the needs and requirements of the tourist and arrangements and plans can be made accordingly 10

7 Ps of management :PricePlaceProductPromotionPeopleProcessPhysical Evidence

4Ps of MarketingProduct Design Quality Range Brand name FeaturesPrice List price Discounts Commissions Surcharges ExtrasPlace Distribution channels Methods of distribution Coverage LocationPromotion Advertising Sales promotion Salesmanship PublicityThe Marketing MixPRODUCT : Tourism products and services are designed for and continuously adapted to match changing needs, expectations and budget of the target marketPLACE :Not only the location of the tourist attraction or facility but the location of points of sale that provide customers with access to tourist productseg. I-site, accommodation, cafePRICE :Used to achieve predetermined sales volume and revenue objectivesPrice gives a product or service a perceived value in the eyes of the consumerPROMOTION :Promotional techniques aim to increase awareness and demand for productsPeople In this marketing mix the service provider and the tourist are the most important aspects of this mix.The service providers make sure all the needs and requirements of the tourist are fulfilled

Process Process is inseparable productIf any part of the process is found to be unsuitable by the consumer, it could result in a negative evaluation of the whole product.

Physical evidence Defined as the built environment owned and controlled by a tourism organisationThe tangible aspect of the tourism productMay be used to facilitate the service delivery process e.g. layout and signageCommunicates messages about quality, positioning and differentiation

Medical tourism(also calledmedical travel,health tourismor global healthcare) is a term initially coined bytravel agenciesand themass mediato describe the rapidly-growing practice of travelling across international borders to obtainhealth care.MEDICAL TOURISM