Tourism destination planning and development

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Tourism destination planning and development

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  • 1. Bang Namphueng Floating Market prepared by:Tourism planning and development students Rajamangala University Of Technology Krungthep, International college.

2. Short video of ban nam pueang floating market 3. Aim of our project In particular, the project was intended to improve ourunderstanding of how to promote tourism that provides maximum benefits to local people, at banang pueng communities, and while having minimal negative impacts upon them. 4. Bang nam pueng floating market famous for : Bang Nam Pueng is from the project of Bang Nam Pung official and the peoplethere. They have agreement that want to make the floating market is an important point of sell for local product and local food for example herbs, food, some drink, souvenir, fragrant incense, chili paste, flowers made from scale of fish etc. 5. Infrastructures Thai infrastructure over all it can be said complete Better roads electivity and water supply well organized Provide parking lot to the visitors 6. Transportation - You can take the bus number 138, 140 , 82 from Bangkok to BangnaIntersection, Sanphawut Road , Then you take the boat across Chao Pra Ya River to Bang Nam Pueng Nok or Bang Nam Pueng Nai, After that take the motorbike taxi go to floating market - You can drive the car go to Bangna Daw Kra Nong high way and turn left to Suksawat , go straight to Phrapradaeng intersection and turn left , Then turn left to Phetchhueng Road about 5 kilometer , then go to Phetchhueng 26 , Then you can stop at parking and see Bang Nam Pueng floating market. 7. superstructure Office of the local government at bang nam puangfloating market 8. Swot analysis Strength : the economic value of local product and foods the past was primarily related to the bang nam pueang community are becoming increasingly valuable as a source of revenue from tourism. 9. Weakness Insufficient of toilet Very few of rubbish bin 10. Opportunities Good to attract the niches market , among ASEANcountries 11. Threat Pollution to environment and diseases such malaria 12. Asses the economic, socio-cultural, and environmental impact from tourism tourism can create conflict and resentment related to conservation measures among local people who feel they are losing control of natural resources that are rightfully theirs to use as they please. With the above potential impacts in mind, the important question is: How are theymanifesting the environments in bang nam pueang floating market ? 13. How to solve the problem ?? Alternatively, with proper management and consultation with the localpopulation, tourism can promote local awareness and support for conservation measures because of the benefits associated with maintaining attractive and healthy natural resources. Create de- marketing such as create new policy those who throw garbage to the canal will get penalty. 14. Suggest tourism idea 1. Continue to encourage people that Sustainable tourism can only be achievedin healthy, prospering communities. 2. Continue to involve local communities in all stages of tourism planning and development Continue work with existing initiatives to improve environmental standards 5. Develop formal regulations for the visitor relating to environmental conduct. 15. Thanks for your patient