Tour guiding 2

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Transcript of Tour guiding 2


  • Lead-inLook at the following pictures, guess which countries do they sympolize for.Pre-teaching

  • The first place

  • Congratulations!Japan

  • The second place

  • Congratulations!India

  • The third place

  • Las vegas

  • Congratulations!United States

  • The fourth place

  • Congratulations! Vietnam

  • Do you want to be a tour guide in the future? Why/ Why not?

  • While-teaching

  • 1. Some criteria of a good tour guide

    have good knowledge have interesting and enthusiastic commentary have sense of humour be friendly, helpful, approachable be clever and flexible take on a number of roles: teacher, entertainer, ambassador, nurse, and the boss like people

  • 2. Pair workStudent A: You are a volunteer worker in Tam Ky city. You have two days off work. You want to go to somewhere relaxing this weekend. Go to a tourist information office to ask for some information for your trip.

    Student B: You work at a tourist office. A foreign customer comes and asks you some information for his/ her trip. Give him/ her some suggestions about where to go and what to do.

  • 3. Group work: Tour guiding Make up groups of six Take turn to choose the company for presentation Discuss with group members Choose a representative to be the assistant and make a presentation in front of the class

  • Tam ky city

  • Phu Ninh lake

  • Chien Dan temples

  • Tam Thanh beach

  • Tam Thanh beach

  • Rang Beach

  • Rang beach

  • Giang Thom Pit

  • Hoi an ancient town

  • Japanese Bridge

  • Phuoc Kien pagoda

  • Tan Ky house

  • Phung Hung old house

  • Cua Dai beach

  • Tra Que vegetable Village


  • Fried mussels

  • Corn sweet

  • Danang city

  • Cham museum

  • Marble Mountains

  • Linh Ung pagoda

  • Rang beach

  • Rang beach

  • My Khe beach

  • Danang beach

  • Ba Na Hill

  • Han River Bridge

  • Han River Bridge

  • Thuan Phuoc bridge

  • Thuan Phuoc bridge

  • Post-teaching

    Writing Write a letter to your friend, tell him/ her about one of the beautiful places in your hometown.