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Why do parents blog? How do bloggers feel about brands? What should PR agencies know about blog outreach? Find out in the 2012 Parent Blogger Benchmark Study from Tots100, the largest study ever conducted of UK Mum and Dad bloggers. For more information find us at

Transcript of Tots100 2012 Parent Blogger Benchmark Study

  • 1. UK Parent BloggerBenchmark Survey 2012

2. An Influential Community21% of UK women read parenting blogsweekly 50% of bloggers have made a purchasebecause of a blog recommendationTots100 bloggers have a weeklyaudience of 500,000 readers4,000+ active UK parent blogs 3. Who are Parent Bloggers?97% of parent blogsare written by women90% are married75% have 1 or 2 children57% aged 30-40 4. The Digital Parent98% of Mum bloggers use Twitter and Facebook 90% use a smartphone34% also own an iPad 89% go online daily 5. More Than Just a MumVirtually all parent blogs cover topicsother than parenting, including: Travel/Days Out (57%) Cookery/Food (51%) Shopping (47%) TV/books (41%) Crafts (41%) 6. Why do parents blog?82% of Mum bloggers started blogging asa creative outlet 72% say they blog to capture family memories 7. Blogging is Oh-So Social50% of Mum bloggers have met other local bloggers 45% have attended a PR or brand event30% have attended a blogconference or workshop 8. Blogging for Fun75% of Mum bloggers say blogging makes them happier50% say blogging offersvital emotional support30% say blogging makes them better informed 9. Savvy Shoppers93% of Mum bloggers research online beforemaking important purchases50% have made apurchase based on ablog recommendation 10. PR Friendly82% of bloggers welcome contact from brands and PRs 75% received free products in 2012 11. PR Friendly Bloggers are interested in: Reviews (92%) Events (77%) Paid Posts (69%) Less than half are interested in press releases and product info 12. Changing LandscapeThe number of blogsaccepting paid linksfell from 49% in 2011to 20% in 2012 75% of blogs have made no changes to their site in light of EU Cookie Regulations 13. Thorny Issues90% of Mum bloggers thinkdisclosure is important A third have been asked by a brand NOT to disclose a payment 14. The PR ConundrumMany brands are targeting the same smallnumber of bloggers. 50% of blogs receive one or fewer PR pitches per week 7% of blogs receive more than 25 per week 15. What we DoTots100 is a network of 4,000+ active UK parent blogsWe work with brands to devise and deliver blogger outreach that gets parents talking Tots100Ads is a new ad networkfor UK parent blogs, from Tots100 16. @tots100