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Transcript of TORCH TAR Geotextiles - · PDF file TORCH TAR Geotextiles Description Torch Tar...

  • TORCH TAR Geotextiles


    Torch Tar has an extremely diversified range of geotextiles, made in polyester or polypropylene,mechanically needle felt ,thermo- calendered and not , non-toxic, non-subjected to decomposition nor polluting, since they do not contain resins nor solvents. Geotextile represent a valid support for buildings construction and for civil, hydraulic and environmental engineering. Geotextile mats are designed to offer long-term strength and reinforcement, and generate tensile forces to carry tensile stress through interlocking, and friction with the surrounding soil. The material's superior mechanical properties prevents extreme soil deformation. Geotextile mats are resistant to ultraviolet degradation, and to biological and chemical soil surroundings. They provide increased soil stability in civil works.


    i) Reinforcement

    ii) Stabilizing

    iii) Separating

    iv) Protecting

    v) Filtration

    vi) Ever green watering system.

    Reinforcement : In the constructions of reinforced walls , Torch tar Geotextile compensates the insufficient resistance to the ground by absorbing the traction stresses generated along the cutting surfaces and by transferring them to the stable part of the infrastructure.

    It is also used for Building reinforced grounds and for planning supporting constructions for replacing the traditional structures.

  • Stabilizing: Torch tar Geotextiles are also designed for gardening works . Torch tar Geotextile is normally used for the stabilization of grounds in the construction of car parking and for patio foundations & building pedestrian walks.

    Separating: It is used also as separating and filtering layer between the foundation and the base.By retaining the ground particles subjected to hydrodynamic forces, it allows a free water flow and it controls and optimises the loading capacity of the construction.

    Protecting: Torch Tar has a remarkable resistance to punch ,impact and abrasion. Its peculiarities are ideals for underground construction and for dumps.

    It is especially used for waterproofing construction. It is used for protecting the APP membranes from wrenches and punching.

    Filtration: It acts as a filter in coastal protection and river bank:the needle punched fibre structure guarantees a very high retention capacity.It avoids the arise of erosive phenomenon caused by water streams , by waves , or more simply , by level variations.

    Evergreen : Torch tar geotextiles works as an automatic watering system.By working as a real water tank, it gurantees to the plants of house and of the greenhouse constant and sufficient water supplying , even in case of some days of absence.


    The available area weights range from 100 grams/square meter to 600 grams/ square meter.

    Width upto 4.40 meter.

    Length upto 400 meter


    Easy to install and to cut ,it is available in customized sizes ,weights .

    As Porous and transpiring , It adapts to the natural shape of the ground.

    Application Area

    Geotextiles have a diverse range of applications such as:

     Construction of paved roads  Support for unpaved roads  Embankments on soft soils  Walls  Steep slopes  Agriculture  Drainage  River banks  Erosion Control  Hydraulics  Landfill Lining  RailRoad Application  Protection for waterproofing membranes  Protection for thermal Insulation  Pond Liner


    A Quality Product by:

    M/S Jupiter Marketing Co.