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Florid State University Student Government Association's publication about the student government

Transcript of TORCH 2011

  • Dear Seminoles,

    As you look to explore Florida State and all it has to offer, we hope that this publication will give you a better understanding of your Student Government and link you to the many opportunities and resources we have available for you. The proud history of Student Government dates back to the 1950s. Since then, we have made great strides in the ways services are provided to students. Florida State University offers students a variety of opportunities and initiatives to become involved in ways that will help them find their place in society. The Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches all work to serve the FSU student body. Through this publication and other avenues, we aim to improve our communication to you, the students.

    On behalf of the Student Government Association, we would like to extend a warm welcome to all new and returning students of The Florida State University. It is with great pride that we present to you our annual publication, The Torch. Through this book we hope to connect with you in some way and inspire you on your path to leaving a legacy here at Florida State.

    In Seminole Pride and Spirit,

    Aviram Avi Assidon Caroline ChanceStudent Body President 63rd Student Senate President2011 2012 2010 - 2011


    Page 2 Letter from the Student Body President and the Student Body Vice President

    Page 3 The Executive Cabinet

    Page 4 The Executive Cabinet

    Page 5 The Office of Governmental Affairs & The Agencies

    Page 6 Bureaus & Affiliated Projects

    Page 7 Letter from the Student Senate President and the Pro Tempore

    Page 8 Letter from the Student Senate President and the Pro Tempore

    Page 9/10 The Aims of the Assidon/Hutchinson Administration

    Page 11 Fund Distribution Committees, Senate Committees, FSU Divisions, and Legislative Branch

    Page 12 Congress of Graduate Students and Judicial Branch

    Page 13 Senior Class Council & College Leadership Councils

    Page 14 Nole Cab

    Page 15 Safety Information Services

    Page 16 Night Nole

    Page 17 TRUE Seminole

    Page 18 SGA Administrations

    Page 19 The History of SGA

    SUPERVISING EDITOR Aviram Avi Assidon

    EDITOR Gerardo J. Cruz

    DESIGNER Ben Young



  • The Executive Branch features a variety of offices designed to enhance our ability to serve students. We invite you to look over the descriptions provided below and decide which interests you. If you would be interested in working with one of these areas to improve student life please contact us at 850-644-0078 and we will put you in contact with the appropriate Executive Branch Representative.

    The Student Body Chief of Staff, appointed by the Student Body President, is responsible for the effective operation of the Executive Office of the President (EOP), and executing discretionary programs and/or projects for the executive branch. Other duties include interviewing applicants for positions within agencies, bureaus, and the Student Government Association. Deputy Chief of Staff: Samantha Harper [email protected] Deputy Chief of Staff will support the Chief of Staff and oversee all Deputy Secretaries and shall report to his/her office. It shall also be the job of the Deputy Chief of Staff to work with the Offices of the Executive Branch to ensure the success of novel programming ideas.

    Academic Affairs: Jason Fixelle [email protected] Office of Academic Affairs will be in charge of creating and maintaining all projects and initiatives that concern partnerships with colleges and academic departments, research opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students and all areas of academic life. The office will be at the forefront of all academically driven goals of the administration.

    Athletics and Recreation: Madison Grant [email protected] Office of Athletics and Recreation will be responsible for engaging students in Intramural Sports, act as a liaison between Student Government and the appropriate departments and find ways to improve student services provided by these departments. The Office will build strong relationships with Campus Recreation, the Leach Center and the FSU Athletics Department.

    Community Affairs: Keturah Brown [email protected] Office of Community Affairs will be in charge of reaching out and developing relationships with community, state and national organizations, public officials, and other educational institutions. The office will be responsible for connecting SGA to programs that create a productive professional relationship between other government entities around Tallahassee.

    Campus Development: Jillian Tapper [email protected] Office of Campus Development will be charged with the task of improving existing student services and developing new initiatives for Student Government to play a role in. With this aim, the Secretary and Deputy Secretary must be familiar with the policies and stances of the Assisdon/Hutchinson Administration and work to support them.

    Campus Involvement: Kathryn Porwoll [email protected] The Office of Campus Involvement will be in charge of connecting students to different programs and leadership opportunities that promote multicultural experiences, personal and professional development, and a productive college experience both on campus and beyond. The office will work closely with areas of campus including the International Center, the Center for Leadership and Civic Education, The Office of Multicultural Affairs, The Student Activities Center, etc. to help students to stay informed about involvement prospects, while working to constructively expand student participation.




    Campus Security: Michael Brady [email protected] Office of Campus Security will be in charge of maintaining contact with all FSU security entities, such as the FSU Police Department and develop new programs and strategies to improve campus safety and awareness. The office will be in charge of such issues as the improvement of the FSU Alert System and expanding the services provided by the SAFE Connection.

    Internal Affairs: Chelsea Tombley [email protected] Office of Internal Affairs will be responsible for keeping consistent communication between all entities of the Student Government Association, including the Executive Branch, Legislative Branch, Judicial Branch, Student Activities (SOAR Board), Union Board, and Campus Recreation (Campus Recreation Board). The office will also work to create new structures and initiatives to help SGA support the efforts of different campus and academic departments.

    Press Secretary: Gerardo Cruz [email protected] The Press Secretary will be the voice of the Executive Branch. They will be responsible for keeping strong and consistent relations with various media outlets, which would be done through weekly press releases and occasional press conferences. The Press Secretary must be familiar with the policies and stances of the Assisdon/Hutchinson Administration and communicate those effectively. The Office of the Press Secretary will oversee all public relations and social media efforts of the Administration.

    The Office of Health will be responsible for promoting a healthy and active lifestyle for all Florida State University students. The office will build strong relations with Thagard Health Center and Seminole Dining. The Assidon/Hutchinson Administration will collaborate with these units to bring more programming and health awareness to the student body.



    The mission of the Student Government Associations Office of Governmental Affairs is to provide Florida State University students with representation and advocacy within the university community and at all levels of government. Special emphasis is placed on monitoring the Florida governmental process from which the University receives a majority of its funding. In addition the Office of Governmental Affairs Board of Directors is committed to informing the student body of key Governmental issues of interest

    and impact.

    The Student Government Associations Office of Governmental Affairs Board of Directors envisions a society in which generations

    of representative leaders understand their power and engage in diverse communities to create s