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The weather in Vietnam is very special. In the North, there are four seasons. They are: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. In the spring its very warm and drizzly . At that time, plants grow very quickly. In the summer, the weather becomes hot and wet. Its showery. In the autumn, the weather becomes cooler. The leaves turn yellow and therere sudden and short showers in the seventh lunar month. The winter is the coldest season in the year and the weather is very arid. Unlike the North , in the South, therere only two seasons. Theyre the rains and the dry season. The rains lasts from April to November when There are many tropical fruits and the showers are heavily but so quickly. The stream becomes a raging torrent. On the contrary, the dry season starts in December and ends in March, its not rainy but hot and dry, so drought always come. A year has 4 seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Maybe, winter is a special season with me. It would bring me sad mood or happy mood. There are sad mood when I was alone or happy mood when I sat aside fire with friend. Warm feeling were radiated fire and friendship when we sat to joke. Atmosphere in winter has been tranquillity, not noisy in order to ponder upon past, present and consider plan future.Winter often become days of last year to days new year. At this time, I have been to sum up what I acquire achievement in year and what we need to strive next year ? We also see the snow drop down. That is excited feeling. Like another person, I have some memories about winter season. That was a snow - man. It was built by friends and me. It was a good opportunity for me to familiarize with them. They were new friends when my family had just gone there.We took 2 days to accomplish snow - man that helped us to adhere futher friendship. Up to now, friendship between us still remain and develop.Weather will be changes my feeling. I dont know what kind of the weather I like best because each season has it own enjoyable. Spring, the flower open, the bird sing, the weather is cool, I feeling happy. Summer, it is very hot and muggy, I easy angry, I like go to the beach swimming and flying a kite. Autumn, the leaves change their colour and fall down in the ground, the weather is warm, I like climb to the top of the mountain enjoy a view. Winter, I afraid of the frozen to the morrow of winter, but I like the feeling when I cuddle up under a blanket and talk with my husband. It is a wonderful feeling.

I live at the South of Viet Nam, there are two season rainy and sunny at here so the feeling of Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter for me just be a imagine. However I like rainy and sunny too, but I like rainy than sunny. My childhood connect witha succession of days running under the rain and paddling in shallow water catch fish. When I learnt high school, the rainy season came, my cuffs of Ao Dai often stuck full mud, I have to tuck up them to my knee and use a rubber band fix them. At that time, look me very funny. When I became adult although sometime rainy make me dissatisfied, because when it was rain the road flooded, I were late for work but I like listen the rain voice. This voice made me remember my childhood memories. The life has many colour, the weather is one of this colour. Although rainy or sunny, each season has it own special. They give me different feeling, different activity and different memory. Travelling It's a happy season, we got traditional holiday in April and got the labor's holiday in May. So office worker's mind are a little unfocused. Many ladies around me are now taking about their travelling plans these days. We finally can got some time for ourselvse and get a longer rest. What ever the place you would be travel to, there would be people crowd everywhere, so someone wanna thought about travelling in their own cars, bring a GPS with them and enought money to fit the road. That's should cost you a lot more considering the oil fee, the road pass fee, the parking fee, but you will have more freedom and free time, you can lilsten to music in your own cars. You can be with your family, even your dog, be more comfortable in your own cars. If you don't want to be too tired, you'd better find another one that can also drive, then you two could take rest one by one, let the driving process be more safe and quick. Traveling is about being in different places, escape from the familiar surroundings, and seeing thing you haven't seen, if you are with your loved ones, and with good mood, you could enjoy the time wherever you traveled to. Shopping

If you love shopping, you can love it even more by saving money in the process. Learning how to live within a budget is one of the best skills you can develop. There are a number of ways you can save money when you shop. The tips in this section can help you stretch your dollar further. You'll find tips that can help you save money when clothes shopping, how to use coupons, and how to shop with a limited budget. There is also some great information about buying vs. leasing cars and the benefits of renting or buying a house. There're four kinds of weather in VietNam, including spring, summer, autumn and winter. It's true that many people love staying in the cold weather. However, i love the hot weather because of two reasons. Firstly, only in the hot weather i can experience my favourite activity: swimming. In the summer, i and some my close friends often come to the swimming pool which's quite near my house. After returning home frome the swimming pool, i feel more comfortable and relaxing. The second reason is that my health is better in the hot climate. In the cold weather, i usually stay at home without doing excercise. On the other hand, i always join in many outside activities in the summer such as playing football, swimming and so on. Because of this, i can improve my health significantly in the hot climate.

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Ok.. Here it is.. Everything you wanted to know about the weather in Vietnam. I usually start my writings from South to north, so let me be a rebel and start in the north. SAPA The climate of Sapa is highly seasonal, with a subtropical climate in the summer and a temperate climate during the winter. Average temperature for Sapa town is 15.4C, with a maximum of 29.4C and a minimum of 1C. Sapa also experiences a marked wet season from May to September, with the heaviest rainfall occurring in July and

August. The weather is also notorious for changing frequently and quickly. It is said that only in Sapa, one can experience many different seasons within only one day. February- Very cold in early days, cloudy, foggy. Getting warmer & better towards later days. March- Much nicer and warmer than Feb, more sunshine April- Summer start, dry, clear, warm enough May- Starting rainy season with quick shower occasionally, clear sky with more sunshine but little bit warm in the open at noon. June- Warm but not as hot like other region. Clear sky, much sunshine but summer shower get more but not too wet July- Among the 2 worst months of the year caused by summer shower Augus-t The peak month of typhoon and rain Septembe-r Autumn starts, getting drier and normally very nice towards the end of the month. October- Cool, dry, sunshine almost everyday, clear sky November- Cooler, dry. May be misty and foggy towards the end but nice. December-Wet winter starts and gets worse in the later days of the month. It can get qite chilly. Halong Bay Halongs climate is humid and tropical. With a hot, humid summer and dry, cold winter; Halongs temperature varies from 15C to 25C.Annual rainfall is between 2000mm and 2200mm. Ha Long bay has typical diurnal tide system (tide amplitude ranges from 3.5-4m). The salinity is from 31 to 34.5MT in dry season and lower in rainy season. It is possible to visit Ha Long Bay year-round, with the best time to visit from October through April, although during the winter months of December, January and February, the weather can be cool and overcast with low visibility. During the summer months from May to September, temperatures rise and storms are more likely during the rainy season.

Hanoi, Hanoi has typical North Vietnam climate, with a cold and dry winter (when temperatures can drop to as low as 6C 7C) and a hot and extremely humid summer (temperatures can climb up to a maximum of 35C). Spring is characterized with light drizzles while the summers bring heavy rain. The best time to visit Hanoi is around September to November or from March to April for their milder temperatures and pleasant weather. Average Rainfall millimeters

Average Temperature

Hue/ Danang The coast and delta area of Hue has tropical climate and is divided into two distinguished seasons. The dry season (from March to August) has a maximum temperature of 400 C and the colder, rainy season (August to January) has temperatures that can go down to 19,70 C. In higher areas (on mountains, highlands) the temperature is generally cooler. From March to August will be the best time to visit Hue, especially between March and April when the temperature is more pleasant, though rainfalls are still likely. Hue sees fog and rain quite frequently, even when the weather across the Hai Van Pass in nearby Danang is sunny. During the rainy season, between September and January, rain is more frequent and can be heavy.

Weather chart for Hue/Danang/Hoi An area Average Rainfall centimeters.

Average Temperature

Hoi An Somewhere between tropical and climate. The temperature is warm throughout the year (average 29C), yet hotter around months June and July and cooler around December. Hoi An is affected by monsoon winds. The city will be constantly raining from September till January, and dry for the rest of the year. Overall, the best time to visit Hoi An is between May and June. February and April are among the best t