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  • September 2, 2016

    You are here : You are here : Adventure NestAdventure Nest // Adventure ToursAdventure Tours // Adventure in BangaloreAdventure in Bangalore //Best adventure sports of all time in some of the wonderful destinations near BangaloreBest adventure sports of all time in some of the wonderful destinations near Bangalore

    Best adventure sports of all time in some of the wonderfuldestinations near Bangalore

    1. Trekking and rock climbing in RamnagarRamnagar is one of the renowned destination for trekking near Bangalore. It is located just 50 kms away from Bangalore. It has a rugged terrainwhich makes it an ideal destination for trekking and rock climbing. Its scenic beauty has attracted many adventure junkies from all over theworld and is filled with nature enthusiasts throughout the year. It is some of the oldest deposits of granite outcrops. Ramnagar is one of the bestdestination for corporate team outing and is a perfect stress buster for corporates who want to take a quick off from their busy schedule.Speaking of the best trekking places near Bangalore it is not possible to exclude Ramnagar has some of the challenging trekking routes ofmoderate difficulty level which would require good rock climbing and trekking skills to succeed.

    Ramdevara betta and Revannasiddeshwara betta has a breathtaking view from the hill top. Apart from trekking, Ramnagar serves as awonderful destination for other adventure activities like Rock climbing, chimney climbing and rappelling. Rock climbing puts your stamina to test.There are two types of rock climbing called pitching and bouldering which you can take up depending on your activity level. Chimney climbing isa thrilling activity where you have to squeeze through small areas to reach the top of the hill. Rappelling is another challenging activity whereyou have to climb down the hill with the aid of a single rope.

    Best selling tours of Ramnagar:

    Night trek in Ramnagar

    Adventure day outing in Ramnagar


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  • 2. Fishing and camping at BheemeshwariMeandering through the large woody landscape amidst the forests is the river Cauvery which is one of the sacred river in south India.Bheemeshwari is nestled alongside this beautiful river and is just 100 kilometers from Bangalore which offers an opportunity to both adventureand nature lovers. It is one of the most pleasant places to visit and is perfect for a weekend getaway. Bheemeshwari is renowned destination forfishing and nature camp. It is a home for over 200 different species of birds. Bheemeshwari is surrounded by lush greenery and hills tops thathas stunning views.

    The splendid beauty make it ideal for camping alongside river Cauvery. This place is a paradise for various adventure activities like Zip line,Trekking, Rappelling, Kayaking, Burma loops, coracle ride, river rafting, nature walks, fishing, birds watching, star gazing & other team buildingactivities.

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  • 3. White water rafting, trekking, natural Jacuzzi and more at Dandeli :Dandeli is a magnificent destination located on the banks of river Kali amidst the Western Ghats in Uttar Karnataka district which 481 kms fromBangalore. It is known for its lush green valleys and is the home for an exceptional wildlife. It is a popular weekend holiday destination inKarnataka and is ideal for 2 days outing and attracts tourists and nature enthusiasts. If you are fond of adventures then Dandeli is the rightplace for you.

    For white water rafting you have a choice between 9kms run and a shorter run which gives a chance for both seasoned rafters and as well asamateurs. While at places the water is calm, at other places it is everything but calm and you are sent plunging down the river which makesyour rafting an adrenaline pumping experience.

    The sanctuary in dandeli is really varied and unique which make it a perfect place for trekking. You will get a chance to spot a few MalabarGiant Squirrels, Bisons, Tigers, Panthers and several other wild animals while trekking. Rappelling is equally exciting as you get a chance toclimb down some of the steepest cliffs with the help of a single rope. Another amazing thing you get to experience in Dandeli is the naturalJacuzzi which is rejuvenating massage from the rapids of river Kali. The random gushing stream suddenly seems to know how to custom createa unique massage session for you.

    This is not it! There is a chance for many other adventure activities like birds watching, jungle safari in open jeep, kayaking, overnight camping,canoeing, moonlight boat ride, river side fishing, croc trek, nature walks, outdoor camping, river island visit and explore excursion destinationsof synthetic rocks, visit to calva caves, tribal village and many more.

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  • 4. Dubare Elephant camping, river rafting, microlight flying at CoorgCoorg is a fascinating destination which is paradise of varied topography, coffee plantations, thick forests and rivers which is located at adistance of 250 kms from Bangalore. It is a beautiful place to escape the sultry heat and the humidity of the South, Coorg is a destination thatserves the purpose of delivering complete rejuvenation to body, mind and soul. Coorg, being one of the most stunning hill stations In India is atreat for all the adventure junkies and nature lovers. Coorg will surely give you a memorable experience to take back home. Dubare elephantcamping is a unique wildlife experience one can have. The elephant camp here offers a chance for the visitors a hands-on experience with thegiants of the jungle! You can observe and even participate in caring for and feeding the elephants, give them a bath, take rides on them, andobserve how these wonderful creatures interact with each other and with their human handlers.

    In a beautiful destination like Coorg, camping seems to be an ideal activity to take up. What better way to spend a vacation than to pitch tent ata picturesque place like Coorg! If you are someone who enjoys the ever changing beauty of nature than these campsites in Coorg are the rightfit for your choice. To get the adrenaline rushing, river rafting is one of the best adventure activities one can sign in Coorg.

    The river is said to have some attractive stretches up to 2.5 kms to raft through. You can make your fantasy of flying turn into reality. You cantake part in Microlight flying which is a conventional toe seater aircraft which takes you to an altitude of 3500 feet. When you are up in the air,you can enjoy the beautiful aerial views of Coorgs mist clad landscapes, mountain peaks and forests. Coorg adventure is never completewithout trekking. It has some of the most beautiful trekking trails.

    The major trails are Thadiandmol Trekking, Iruppu Falls Trekking, Galibeedu to Subramania & Shanivarshante to Subramania. You canexperience the essence of the widely spread fresh coffee farms and also come across many water streams which sooths your eyes and rarespecies of insects and birds while trekking which will leave you mesmerized.

    Quad biking is another exciting activity where you will get a chance to ride a 250cc quad bike through the slushy traks and forests of coorg.Valnoor fishing camp is considered to be one of the best fishing destinations in Karnataka. These camps possess an abundance of freshwaterspecies like Mahseer, Eels, and Catfi which makes it an ideals camp for fishing. This makes Coorg an ideal destination to spend your weekendamidst the beauty of Mother Nature!

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  • 5. Nagarhole wild life safariNagarhole is named after the winding river called the cobra river. It is situated in the two districts of Mysore and Kodagu in the state ofKarnataka. Nagarhole or the Rajiv Gandhi National Park is one of the best-managed national parks In India which is surrounded by shallowvalleys and g