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  1. 1. 25 Top social CIOs How much are they really so? LinkedIn analysis IT CIO - Software - Transformational Projects Program & Project Management
  2. 2. Journey Map Purpose and background What characteristics make a good social CIO?But easily reachable?Key conclusion about CIOsCIOs social friendliness Most top social CIOs are (somehow) reachable
  3. 3. Journey Map Different aspects of CIOs' Social activity The Acid TestReferencesTwo additional pointsAbout the Author Come on guys! You can be much more social
  4. 4. Purpose and Background Having learned about the 25 Top Social CIOs I decided to find out how much by analyzing their LinkedIn profiles
  5. 5. Key conclusion about CIOs The most striking finding of our study is that only10% of the Fortune 250 CIOs are themselves social. The rest,Image courtesy of suphakit73 / FreeDigitalPhotos.netapparently, do not recognize the importance of being social, or are delegating the task to a subordinate
  6. 6. Key conclusion about CIOs Well, we know these 27 (25 + 2 special mentions) are the top ones in a world of CIOs apparently not very socialImage courtesy of Stuart Miles /
  7. 7. What characteristics make a good social CIO? 1. Reachability or how easy to connect 2. Social friendliness or profile appropriately customized to be easily found and identified3. Social activity or how much web stuff is in place 4. Other non-social points Image courtesy of Ohmega1982 /
  8. 8. Most top social CIOs are (somehow) reachable Four (15%) have the privacy feature enabled (e-mail address needs to be known to send an invite) 41% 59%15%85%Eleven (41%) have their connection info appropriately populated to directly connectSixteen (59%) have no contact info to be directly reached41% 59%
  9. 9. But easily reachable? I think a reasonable expectation for a top Social CIO would be to be easily approachable in the internet. It looks like that is just partially the caseImage courtesy of Stuart Miles /
  10. 10. CIOs social friendliness 11%Twenty-four personal picture in place (89%). Just three (11%) have no photo 89%22%78%Twenty-one professional line NONrecommended pattern (78%). Just six (22%) have it customised
  11. 11. CIOs social friendliness Twenty not customised URL (74%). Just seven (26%) changed the default26%74%4%96%Just one (4%) has something visual in place
  12. 12. CIOs social friendliness so-so I think a reasonable expectation would be some basic stuff to improve SEO and so identification easinessImage courtesy of Stuart Miles /
  13. 13. Different aspects of CIOs' Social activity 26%74%Seven (26%) have not received any recommendation and nine (33%) have not given anyRecommendations given and received average for both is four (4), so the total numbers almost match each other: 103 received versus 106 given by CIOs33%67%49% 51%
  14. 14. Different aspects of CIOs' Social activity Intersection is four CIOs (15%) that have not received or given any recommendation 41% 59%15%85%Eleven (41%) have Twitter account present in their contact info 4%Number of connections, all but one (96%) have 500+96%
  15. 15. Different aspects of CIOs' Social activity I think a reasonable expectation for the top Social CIOs would be to be plenty of activity in the internet and show it on LinkedInImage courtesy of ddpavumba /
  16. 16. Two additional points about top Social CIOs 22%78%Six (22%) have a premium account and half of those, three (11%) also joined the OpenLink networkTwelve (44%) have a new job, so the top Social CIOs look also good on promoting their professional careers11%89%44% 56%
  17. 17. The Acid Test I reached out them all (well, just the 23 reachable in LinkedIn), explained how I had learned about them, and my interest in connecting in LinkedIn if that were OK with them Image courtesy of stockimages /
  18. 18. Come on guys! You can be much more social Response? So far, just eleven(41%) accepted41% 59%So, what do you think? Do top Social CIOs meet reasonable Social expectations?Image courtesy of Stuart Miles /
  19. 19. References 25 Top Social CIOsPersonal BrandingLinkedIn@EsmeraldaDazArocaCIOsPhoto, Professional line, URL customization@MarkFidelman Harmon.ieSEO
  20. 20. About the author:Jos Jimnez Fernndez-Mazarambroz Proficient IT Executive. 25 years experience in IT, CIO, Software Development, Technology, Transformational Projects, and IT Program & Program & Project Management
  21. 21. Retales The activity of 250 Forbes CIOs was gathered and an algorithm developed by @MarkFidelman applied to produce the ranked list in a research performed in 2012 by