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Start planning your vacation to Europe and get the best flight and hotel deals at Where are the top european holiday destinations? Images from Europe, France & Languedoc from Heidi & Matt (CC BY 2.0) Tulips from Amsterdam... from scotted400 (CC BY 2.0) Amsterdam Bike from frogthroat (CC BY 2.0) Amsterdam Royal Palace from tanya hyde (CC BY 2.0) Reguliersdwarsstraat from David Feltkamp (CC BY 2.0) Brunelleschi's dome from kyz (CC BY 2.0) Ponte Vecchio, Florence, Italy from blmiers2 (CC BY 2.0) Pizza from yashima (CC BY 2.0) L'Hemisferic con el Reina Sofia from Lurubi (CC BY 2.0) tapas from Joe Snack (CC BY 2.0) spring in paris from FFgoatee (CC BY 2.0) Montparnasse from Gueоrgui (CC BY 2.0) Francis au Catacombs de Paris from Robert Scales (CC BY 2.0) Vatican from Lisa Cancade (CC BY 2.0) Shopping in Rome from Djumbo (CC BY 2.0) Carnevale di Venezia from Davide78 (CC BY 2.0) Doges Palace from ChrisHaysPhotography (CC BY 2.0) A True vacation spirit from Kenzoka (CC BY 2.0)

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Top European Holiday Destinations