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  • 1. Top 5 Retirement Destinations

2. If youre looking for a place to head off to and retire then youll need to have this scaled down from opinions of many to a simple top-five list. 3. This is one of the nicer decisions to make in life and now you have the time to make a choice and find a place where you can enjoy your retirement with Assisted Living Facilities. 4. Florida Florida tops many lists of destinations to retire to and of course the attraction is the warm climate; its not nick-named the Sunshine State for nothing and Florida is the hot favourite for Americans when it comes to retiring. 5. Augusta Georgia Augusta has a quiet pace of life and is not too expensive for seniors with reasonable rental costs and house purchases. It is very popular with seniors and of course its the home of the world famous Masters Golf Championships and golf is a favourite in the senior age-range. 6. College Towns of Mississippi College towns such as Springfield and New Orleans are great places to retire if youre looking to do some adult education and these are great places to meet people, helpful if youre alone. 7. Columbia South Carolina South Carolina has a large population of retired people and Columbia is one of the more popular towns. House prices are not too high and rentals are reasonable for seniors. Public transport is cheap and regular and seniors can qualify for free university places over the age of sixty. 8. Europe Branching out to Europe, Spain has a high percentage of people in the 50+ age-range. Favorites for retirees can be found along the French Riviera and places such as Monaco and Nice, which have gorgeous weather all year round. These are hot-spots for retired people and particularly for those who like to sail. 9. Brought to you by Imperial Club Retirement Community Callusat(305)935-1801 Log on to