Top 5 gadgets of the week from 'The Gadget Flow'

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The home for gadget lovers is doing lots of subtle yet remarkable changes to make you keep going ga-ga over the gadgets like never before! ‘The Gadget Flow’ is like a break from the day to day creak and boring gadgets we use. You can have an awesome time browsing through their collection and no worrying about hanging up mid way! The UI has become more appealing than ever. Tune in for a clean, sleek and streamlined look! Average loading time has reduced to 1.6 seconds only, so now you are rid of all speed-bumps. Express your feedback about each gadget immediately after you see it- where? right there! Read More at :

Transcript of Top 5 gadgets of the week from 'The Gadget Flow'

  • Top 5 Gadgets OF THE WEEK BY Top 5 Gadgets OF THE WEEK BY 1 Star Wars R2-D2 Bottle Opener 2 Nostalgia Electrics Cotton Candy Maker 3 Mood Light Garden Deco Balls 4 iPad Mini Case By Octovo 5 Woodbuds iPhone Cases Presented by Everyone knows R2-D2 is the handiest droid in the galaxy, packed to the dome with cool gadgets and top-secret data. Transforms favorite hard candies into fluffy, melt-in-your-mouth For a low calorie treat, can be used. into the center receptacle and start spinning colorful, tasty treats. Released by : Diamond Select Designed by : Art Asylum But did you know hes also a 4Solid metal BOTTLE OPENER? COTTON CANDY. The light up sphere can be set to or transitions from color to color 7 DIFFERENT COLORS The moon light garden deco balls are stylish in their Press the button on the bottom of the Light Up Orb to activate. The many LED colors can be activated by pushing the button on the bottom of the ball. Made with Octovos custom-made Italian vegetable retanned leather, the piece will acquire a distinct and personal patina over time. Sustainable plantation hardwood Eco-friendly Super sleek protection. Lightweight construction Matt Rubber Grip Coating Tactile Magnets in the sleeve automatically wake and sleep iPad mini, while a Nubuck liner softly cleans the screen during insertion and removal. which allows for endless decor possibilities SIMPLICITY SUGAR-FREE CANDIES PLACE TWO YUMMY CANDIES [email protected]