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  • Tekpartners Newsletter Fall 2016 Volume 2, Edition 3

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    Top 5 AR Apps


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    Chatbots: The Latest in Tech


    Augmented reality has become one of the hottest technological advancements of 2016. See some of the most in demand applications.

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    The future of AI is here and it makes its mark with Chatbots. So when will these bots take over the world? They’ve already started to.

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    Top 5 Augmented Reality Apps

    Augmented reality (AR) technology has become one the hottest technological innovations of 2016. With the release of products like Google Glasses, games like Pokémon GO, and many more applications, we’ve come to see this technology’s mass appeal through high purchase and download counts.

    With amalgamation of interactive graphics and real-world environments, augmented reality ap- plications are transforming the world around us. With superimposed sensory and graphics in real-time, AR technologies are becoming a regular part of our lives, presenting enterprise with opportunities to meet consumer demands by shifting focus toward artificial intelligence and augmented reality development to meet consumer demand.

    Interested in seeing these technologies first hand? We’ve put together a list of our top five aug- mented reality apps.

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    1. Pokémon GO Explore the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO, an augmented reality app that merges the real-world with your favorite Pokémon characters.

    Highlights: • Promotes physical activity by

    walking to catch Pokémon and hatch collected eggs

    • Higher level players choose teams and battle for control of Pokémon gyms

    • Encourages visits to PokéStops which are usually historical sites, monu- ments, libraries, parks, and other locations.

    Available for: Android & iOS

    2. Layar With Layar the user is able to see embedded digital content from ad sources like posters, magazines, QR codes and print materials. This allows the consumer to interact with the ads while unlocking additional information and content pertinent to the product.

    Highlights: • Users are able to discover local

    establishments and events via GPS

    • Additional content can be advertised to users

    Available for: Android & iOS

    3. Star Chart See the universe through your phone with this AR app that makes the cosmos come alive. Filled with high tech features, this app allows for a detailed look into constellations, planets, stars and much more.

    Highlights: • Easy to use with point and view

    features and powerful zoom actions

    • Voice control activated with com- mands such as “Go to Jupiter”

    • Accurate depictions of stars and constellations

    • User-friendly for people of all ages

    Available for: Android & iOS

    4. Blippar This augmented reality application allows you to interact with the world around you by merely holding up your phone and focusing in on advertisements using your phone’s camera. These actions unlock additional digital media related to the advertisement.

    Highlights: • Users can view interactive ads and

    even participate in mini-games to reveal additional content

    • Advertisers have an opportunity to create additional promos for users based on content

    Available for: Android & iOS

    5. Google Translate By now, we’ve all heard of Google Translate. What you may not know is that it’s also a great augmented reality tool. With this app, and your phone’s camera, you are able to hold up your phone and watch as it provides real-time translations of signs, words and phrases from a wide range of languages. Highlights:

    • Easy to download language packs for offline language translations

    • Visually powerful translations shown in real-time displays

    Sources: Tom’s Guide, How Stuff Works Tech

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    Chatbots: The Latest in Tech

    The future of AI has arrived and it’s in the form of Chatbots.We’ve all pictured it: a future world overrun by AI robots, as commonly seen in many popular movies, comics and shows. What we may not have imagined is that advances in AI would come in the form of enhanced communication AI known as Chatbots. These bots are designed to simplify messaging by helping companies with messenger integrations available to respond to customers 24/7.

    With companies like Facebook, 1-800 Flowers, Twitter and others who are cur- rently implementing such tech, Chatbots continue to make history with AI technol- ogy by taking interactive messaging to entirely new levels. So just how will these Chatbots affect business?

    Communication Redesigned: Chatbots are quickly becoming the next disruptive technology. With automation capabilities to answer simple questions from customers, provide pertinent infor- mation and the AI abilities that continually learn to interact intelligently and efficiently with humans, it’s easy to see why these bots are an industry hot topic.

    Humans vs. Chatbot: Chatbots are the next big form of communication and with that come job market concerns for those in office

    or administrative positions. Given the learning power of these bots, we can see why there is a natural dread for implementation of such technology. The good news is that Chatbots can’t do everything and they still need their human counterparts to monitor and help them learn. So just what does the future hold for these bots?

    Opportunities: The future is bright and the possibilities are limitless for Chatbot technology. While they won’t yet rule the world or internet, there is a lot of room for great advancements in automation and many other fields. For business, the benefits of these Chatbots are immeasurable. From enhanced and instant communication with customers to reduced costs due to automation, the sky is the limit with these bots.

    For IT professionals, Chatbot technologies present career opportunities and a way into the world of AI.

    The Future: We’ve come a long way from the days of ELIZA. And with the merger of artificial intelligence and messaging technologies, the future is a giant canvas full of possi- bilities.

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