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  1. 1. Top 3 Honeymoon Destinations For Indians
  2. 2. Honeymoon is the time for newly weds to bond with each other away from the daily worries of life and know each other in new more intimate ways. At such time visiting far away beautiful destinations that allow for this seclusion and isolation can really help forge that unbreakable bond between the newly weds. So lets take a look at the worlds 3 best honeymoon destinations.
  3. 3. Malaysia April to September Places To Visit- The Kings Palace, Petronas Twin Towers, National Monument all situated at Kaula Lumpur. Putrajaya the federal capital is also a great place to visit to see the amazing architecture and gardens located here.
  4. 4. Mauritius April to September Places To Visit North Island- It has the highest number of resorts and souvenir shops and is home to the most beautiful beaches. South Island- The journey here alternates between clear view of the ocean and those of huge hills Ile Aux Cerf Island Tour- This island is owned by a 5-Star Hotel and has beautiful beaches as well as golf courses
  5. 5. Turkey April to September Places To Visit Istanbul- It is the capital city, containing the Blue Mosque, Ottoman Palaces and many beautiful Minarets. Ephesus- It is like a mini Europe in the middle of the Arab world, it has various Roman-Greek structures. Cappadocia- It is full of cliffs, valleys and houses an open air museum, worth watch for its sheer capacity to create a feeling of awe within you.
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