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description to avoid the top twenty spam words. Heed this advice, and your emails will avoid the spam filter.Check out for all your email marketing needs.

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  • 1. This is Andy from Benchmark Email, and today we haveHow To Avoid The Top Twenty Spam Words , from the Benchmark Email Blog.

2. Some spam words are obvious. Others are not. This is a list of the top 20 spam words to avoid. Some you may have never realized would get caught up in a spam filter. 3. An obvious call to action, but one that will almost certainly trigger a spam filter. Respond, Answer or Return are better options. 4. You could be talking about the number of people on Earth or stars in the galaxy. Be sure to use the full number, instead of the word. 5. Even telling your customers than can pay with Credit Card or your companys own Credit Card can land you in the spam folder. Instead, use Card, CC or Payment Method. 6. Who doesnt want a extra income? Emails trying to avoid spam filters, thats who.Substitute Additional, followed by Earnings, Profit and Revenue. 7. In the realm of spam words, this one is king. It often limits legitimate companies that do offer free services. Work in Complimentary or Gratis instead. 8. This word will ticket your email for the spam folder, but Warranty will not. Other options are Guaranty and Surety. 9. Your spam filter thinks everyone should work from an office, so rephrase it as Your Residence, At Your Abode or even In Your Living Room. 10. We busted out the thesaurus for this one: Astonishing, Stupendous, Wondrous, Extraordinary, Sensational, Outstanding, Remarkable, Exciting, Alluring, Spectacular. You get the picture. 11. Its easy to accidentally slip this one in. You cant even refer to Tree Leaves. Since its both a noun and a verb, we suggest you bust out the thesaurus for this one. 12. Like food from the grocery store, its best to list the expiration date. You can also say you have x days left until... 13. Both terms are worth avoiding. Go with Home Loan Cost or Residential Financing Percentage. 14. Commitment and Responsibility are probably the best replacements, but Pledge, Covenant and Coercion are other options. 15. Another one thats easy to slip in unintentionally. Instead, go with Chance, Occasion or Opening. 16. Another call to action that wont make it through the spam filter. Better choices include Ask For, Request or Solicit. 17. This word will trigger every single spam filter booby trap set to keep you from deliverability gold. Opt for Value, Cost, Fee, Charge or Outlay as replacements. 18. A commonly used term, that should be substituted for Discontinue, Eliminate or Suspend. 19. Like Billion, youre better of going with the numerical form or saying Grand. Depending on your target audience, and how down you are, you may try Large, G-bird, Thundo or Geezil. 20. Almost everyone uses this term in their email. Its considered a best practice to have prevalent unsubscribe links. Instead, ask if your reader wishes to Cease or Stop Receiving Our Messages. 21. Up there with the usual spam villain suspects of Viagra and Cialis. Use Discard or Drop Pounds. 22. Avoid these spam words, and your email will avoid landing in the spam folder. For visual learners:How To Avoid The Top Twenty Spam Words Stayed informed by following Benchmark Email on Twitter@BenchmarkEmail .