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Did you know the World Cup is the 3rd largest sporting event on the planet? Did you also know that a wealth of technology is being used in the 2014 Brazil Cup? In this month's edition of the Top 10s, we look at 10 technologies being used during this year's games.

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  • 1.World Cup Innovations June, 2014 10 things you need to know about

2. The Social Impact Department at the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ictQATAR) established Rassed, a program that aims to study the effects of the Internet and Information Communication Technologies (ICT) on society; and the potential of emerging digital technologies. We produce quarterly Digital Digest of recent market developments and a monthly Top 10 on a particular theme. This month, in time for the World Cup, we look at 10 technology innovations from the 2014 tournament. About Rassed 3. About the World Cup Source: 3rd largest sporting event on the planet. According to GlobalWebIndex 68% of the worlds online population will watch it. 4. Goal-line technology used for first time ever A complex system can identify weather a ball has crossed the goal line or not and automatically send an alert to the referees watch in less than 1 second. Source: 5. Tweet your team to victory Twitter is allowing people to vote for their favorite team through tweets, and is aggregating the results in a virtual fan-off. Source: 6. Paralyzed man makes the opening ball kick at the World Cup Source: Using a mind controlled robot suite, a paralyzed young man is able to make the first kick in the World Cup. 7. Pre-cooling vest prepares players for the heat Source: These vests, worn by Spanish, German and Argentinian players prior to the game, are designed to bring down body temperatures and reduce body-heating fatigue. 8. Smartball helps you practice for the game Source: With a censor inside the ball, connected to your smartphone, you get data about your performance such as speed, spin and strength of a kick. 9. Google Street View takes you inside World Cup Stadiums Wish you can look inside one of the stadiums? A World Cup special Google Street view shows you all the stadiums from the inside. Source: 10. Can you name those World Cup countries from space? NASA published pictures taken from outer space of all the countries participating in the World Cup, and asks people if they can tell which country is in the picture. Take the Quiz: 11. Apps to follow scores, games and events Apps like the official FIFA World Cup app and Onefootball aim to provide all the information needed to be up to speed during the tournament. Source and more apps: 12. Special security robots to ensure a safe World Cup The robots have the ability to identify and safely remove any suspicious material, detect chemicals and bombs. Source: 13. Disclaimer: All content in these slides is in the public domain and referenced so that you can read the original sources. Thanks for reading Visit our SlideShare channel for previous issues and our monthly Tech Top 10: Contact Us: Twitter: @ictqatar