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Windows Phone has only fraction of choices as compared to apps available for iPhone or Android, but numbers are improving fast. Check out Top 10 Windows Phone Apps.

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  • 1. 1Top 10 Windows Phone Apps That Rocked in Year 2011 TechAhead 2012

2. Top 10 Windows Phone AppsWindows Phone 7 Metro is a great enhancement over its predecessor,Windows Mobile. Its latest update, Windows Phone 7.5 known as Mango,offers lots of new features increasing app functionality. With around 40,000 appsin Microsoft Marketplace, the apps available for Windows Phone has onlyfraction of choices as compared to apps available for iPhone or Android, butnumbers are improving fast. The best apps are the ones that do what you want,look cool and make things easier. We take a look at 10 such Windows PhoneApps that rocked in year 2011.Check our list of Top 10 Windows Phone Apps for year 2011, in no particularorder. TechAhead 2012 3. 1. FeedWormFeedWorm is a simple, no-frills Windows Phoneapplication that synchronizes with a Google Readeraccount and makes it easy to read RSS feeds onyour phone! FeedWorm is both efficient and easy touse it keeps things quick to make the most of yourtime and your phone.Feedworm (Free) TechAhead 2012 4. 2. EvernoteEvernote is a suite of software and services designedfor note taking and archiving. It was already availableand famous on iPhone and Android. The Mango-powered Evernote for Windows Phone lets you pintemplate tiles to the home screen (so you can create anew note with a single screen tap) and sync data in thebackground. Its easily one of the best Mangoproductivity apps for folks looking to get things done.Evernote (Free) TechAhead 2012 5. 3. Spo7fySpotify is already very famous for its music streamingservice. It was already available for iPhone andAndroid. Unlike the Apple and Android editions,however, the Windows iteration has some exclusiveadditions. Not least the option to pin playlists to yourWindows kits home screen so theyre only just a singlescreen press away. And you can check your friendsSpotify profiles tooSpotify (Free Trial) TechAhead 2012 6. 4. TangoTango allows you to make free phone calls and freevideo calls over 3G, 4G, and Wi-Fi. Make calls to anyother person who has Tango installed on theirsmartphone, tablet or PC. Start a Tango call with justvoice, and easily move into a video call when you havesomething to share. With a great-looking UI, its a greatoption for Windows Phone ownersTango (Free) TechAhead 2012 7. 5. bubblegumA fun photo sharing app, bubblegum lets you addfilters, share on Twitter, Facebook and Foursquareand follow your friends. Its free and runs on allWindows Phones.bubblegum (Free) TechAhead 2012 8. 6. Assassins Creed Altairs Chronicles HDA side scroller instead of the console version firstperson shooter, this Assassins Creed prequelgives you a choice of six different weapons. Thecut scenes are great and the controls are asimulated Xbox controller. It costs $4.99 and willrun on Windows Phone 7 or 7.5.Assassins Creed Altars ChroniclesHD ($4.99) TechAhead 2012 9. 7.Pocket Recorder Sound + Recording HubPocket Recorder Sound + Recording Hub transformsyour Windows Phone 7 device into a full-fledged soundrecording and editing tool. It is designed to allow you toquickly record, process, and sync items in an easy touse manner. With the release of Windows Phone 7.5mango they have added extensive integration ofrecordings into overall phone experience. You can nowcreate ringtones from recordings, pin them as tiles tostart menu, treat recordings like tasks (complete withalarms), and many more features.Pocket Recorder (Free) TechAhead 2012 10. 8. MixtapesPowered by 8tracks, Mixtapes offers free access tomillions of songs in thousands of playlists, or tomixes made by music lovers all over the world. Theapp lets you listen to what real people are listeningto, and is great for both themed listening sessionsand music discovery.Mixtapes (Free) TechAhead 2012 11. 9. FlickrThe best way to share your life in photos now onyour Windows Phone. Take beautiful photos with ourin-app camera and instantly uploaded them to Flickr.Keep up with your family and friends through recentactivity on Flickr and comment or favorite the imagesthey share with you.Whats most useful in the Mango update of the officialFlickr app is being able to pin live tiles for your photo-stream and for updates from friends who havent linkedtheir Flickr account to Windows Messenger.Flickr (Free) TechAhead 2012 12. 10. WP7applistLast but not the least is an App that helps you to getother Windows phone apps. This app lets you trackchanges like new releases, app updates, price drops,apps gone FREE. It also provides rankings for everyapp available in the Marketplace (USA,UK, IT) forWindows Phone 7. Search the Marketplace, discovernew apps and download them right away.WP7applist (Free) TechAhead 2012 13. Thank youReach Us: TechAhead 2012