Top 10 Turn-Offs for Recent Grads

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Check out these top 10 turn-offs that recent grads experience as they navigate the hiring process out of college.

Transcript of Top 10 Turn-Offs for Recent Grads

  • One-Sided Conversations Make sure conversations with college grads are a two-way street, so they are continually challenged. Turn-Offs for Recent Grads TOP 10 Navigate the road map Unrealistic Requirements 1 5 Lengthy Hiring Process A lengthy hiring process signals inefciency in the organization. When an offer is made, pay fairly. Low pay suggests the company may not value its employees. College grads are transitioning from school life and exible schedules. Be sure to highlight any benets that show your company is a great place to work for a new grad. RUN AWAY! 7 10 3 During initial phone screenings, recruiters who seem distant or disconnected from the rest of the organization leave poor rst impressions! Out-of-Touch Recruiters College grads like things done quickly! College grads like a work hard, play hard environment! 6 When candidates nally reach the nal round, setting poor expectations of the job can set future employees up for failure. Honesty demonstrates the integrity of the ofce! Setting Poor Expectations BE HONEST! 8 College grads want encouragement for personal and professional growth 9 At the beginning of a new job, its easy for college grads to feel isolated and neglected. Find ways to help them acclimate quicker to your organization through onboarding programs, such as mentorships. Being Put on the Back Burner ! ISOLATION AHEAD college grads travel through as they enter the workforce. Take a peek into the top ten turn-offs recent grads experience. ACCESS DENIED Hire based on potential! Avoid restrictive job criteria that scares away top talent.2 The Black Hole Choosing to respond to all candidates, including recent grads, ensures positive sentiment about your organization. WARNING! No connection, no chance! ! Ofce Disorganization 4 At the onsite interview, if the environment is chaotic or the interviewer isnt prepared, applicants experience anxiety. MORE ANXIETY! Low Compensation Packages Lack of Company Benets