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1. Internet marketing plays a vital role in the success of anybusiness. In todays digital age, no business can succeedwithout effective internet marketing strategies. With asuccessful SEO campaign, you will be able to drive morecustomers to your website, increase your rankings on searchengines, and surpass your competition.Here are the top10 things you mustdo for SEO 2. Keywords are the terms internet users type into asearch engine to find the product, service, orinformation they are looking for. Your websiteskeywords should be terms that are relevant to yoursite and frequently searched. Incorporating relevantkeywords into your site pages will help your pagesrank higher on search engines for those terms. 3. Incorporating original, high quality content into you web pagesand blog can increase your rankings on search engines. Yourcontent should offer useful and interesting information to yourreaders, as well as imbed relevant keywords and link back tothe pages youd like users to visit. 4. Lead generation involves targeting consumer leads to generateinterest in your websites product or service. This is done throughboth direct and indirect tactics, such as e-mail marketing, localmarketing, article marketing, press releases, media pitches, andguest blogs. Lead generation is only effective if your businesspromptly follows up on the inquiries it receives. 5. Back end coding: Utilizing keywords in your metatags will help your site pages rank higher onsearch engines for those keywords. 6. With a strong backlink profile, your website will increase its rankings onsearch engines and generate more site traffic. Search engines givegreater authority to websites that have high quality links from highauthority domains. 7. With social media, you can connect toconsumers and increase your brand visibilityonline. Develop a strong social media presenceon sites like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, andInstagram. Frequently update your social mediachannels with quality, shareable content andvideos. 8. Establishing an online presence for specific areas cangenerate more traffic to your website with geo-basedsearches, especially if your business has a physicalstorefront. Your business should create at least 50 localprofiles, including a Google + Local Business page and Yelpprofile, as well as create webpages for each of yourindividual locations. 9. Today, the majority of consumers use their mobile devices toaccess the internet and shop online. Responsive web designallows your webpages to adjust to fit the screen of anyelectronic device, including laptops, smartphones, andtablets. It will make your site more user friendly and decreaseyour pages bounce rates. 10. Do not allow duplicate content on your different sitepages because it will hurt your site rankings. Instead,incorporate fresh, original content into all of your sitepages. 11. A XML sitemap provides search engines with all your websites URLs tohelp them better understand your website while crawling it. 12. If you need assistance incorporating these SEOtips into your website, contact our SEO expertsor visit