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Have you ever wondered what message does your gift convey? What are the feelings of the person behind the gift? Read through this presentation to know what each gift means. :-)

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  • Top 10 gifts and their hidden message
  • Have you ever wondered what message does your gift convey?
  • There is a story behind each gift. Know what the real feelings are. Read through for more details. Please note that the meanings have been derived after research. It might be different for different people!
  • Top 10 gifts
  • 1 Flowers
  • Flowers Flowers are the most common, safest and beautiful gift for anyone for any occasion. From the type of flower to the color of the flower, each has a different connotation. Be it friendship or love or appreciation, flowers indicate affection. So next time you get flowers just try to guess the purpose of gifting! It will be fun!
  • 2 Chocolates
  • Chocolates Chocolates are for sweet beginnings. Chocolates is more about saying "I know youI know your tasteI know what you likemeaning I'm getting closer to youor I'm close to youor I know you better than othersor I just want to make you smile It's also a feel good giftjust to bring a smile on someones face!
  • 3 Greeting card
  • Greeting card For those who are not good at expressing their feelings, greeting cards come to their rescue! Very expressive and conveys what words (spoken) cannot convey. The feelings are genuine and straight from the heart. We can say that these relationships are deep and meaningful.
  • 4 Clothes
  • Clothes You gift clothes to someone who you are closed toit is kind of personal. You buy clothes for someone you really like and know very well. This is about saying, "I love u" subtly. This can also be gifted at times to impress someone special
  • 5 Perfume
  • Perfume Well, this is one of the most confusing gifts where the gifting emotion is not very evident. However, the true feeling is very warm and intimate. When you gift someone a perfume, you want to associate that person with a particular fragrancesuggesting intimacy.
  • 6 Jewelry
  • Jewelry You gift jewelry to special people who are very close to your heart and means the world to you! The relationship is precious and hence connotes bonding a sign of inseparable love. It also serves well for impressing that special someone after a fightlike a make-up gift!
  • 7 Food (cooking)
  • Food (cooking) Cooking a meal for someone is the sweetest gift! You cook for very close people either your family or your friends on special occasions or just to simply impress that special someone! The thought is loud and clearI LOVE YOU!
  • 8 Stuffed toys
  • Stuffed toys Well, the relationship here is tender and very warm. Stuffed toys are given to say hey, I am there to take care of youI know the little baby in you who needs to be taken care of. It's a lot about cuteness in the relationship.
  • 9 Electronic gadgets
  • Electronic gadgets Again, the reasons are many for gifting electronic gadgets. From mobile phone to camera to laptop, these are gifted to dear ones. It subtly saysI know what you like or I know you need a new one So if you get this gift from someone, realize that you are special!
  • 10 Kiss
  • Kiss Well what can I say about this gift! It surpasses all the above mentioned gifts. Feel lucky and loved if you get this. You dont need anything else in this world.
  • In the end, remember
  • more than the gift, its the thought that goes into it which is more important, than the money spent on it.
  • Spread the joy. Happy gifting!
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