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Apps and cloud services that are creating new business opportunities?

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Top 10 low cost apps which dramatically improve communication & productivity for businesses more dependent on cloud technology & mobile.

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Apps and cloud services that are creating new business opportunities?

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The buzz of the app world, Evernote allows you to bring together all your notes, links, images, clippings, files and reminders. Store them, organise and collaborate directly from the cloud meaning you can access them from anywhere on any device.

iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows

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Access your files, pictures, applications, games or anything else on your Mac or Windows computer or laptop quickly and securely from your mobile device. Think of it like a remote control for your computer.

iPhone, iPad and Android

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Google Drive

Google have long been setting the standards in cloud services and Google Drive (originally Google Docs) has been the favourite amongst businesses and personal users alike for some time. Drive allows you to save, view, download, share and collaborate on all of your documents online. Your files are saved on the Google servers so you can access from any portal.

iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

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This is designed specifically to provide concise and visual information on your Google analytics. Stay up to date with your traffic and customise the display, helpful if you check certain data more often. There is even a built in function to visualise your data in handy graphs.

iPhone, iPad and Android

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Long-term favourite platform for anyone who manages multiple social media accounts. If you’re looking to co-manage and schedule your social network accounts from one place while customising your feeds and performing real-time searches, Tweetdeck does it all.

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There may be newer and trendier apps for communicating via the internet but none that are as established, widely used or professionally viewed as Skype. Not only can you make internet video calls, voice calls and conference calls but the instant messenger and ‘drag and drop’ file sharing functions make it useful even if you are in the same room as the recipient!

iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry and Windows

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Still using the tasking function on Outlook? Well try this dedicated app that features custom prioritising and grouping by projects or due dates, multitasking, calendars and alerting, attachments to tasks, sharing and many more. Fully customisable, robust and visually, very pleasing.

iPhone, iPad and Android

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This app will create and send custom invoices, receipts and statements. You can also create estimates and quotes, track your payments and customers and extract reports on your activities. If you’re out quoting and invoicing in the field this is a no-brainer. Whilst there are many apps for this service MobileBiz is one of the few that comes complete as a one off payment rather than via a monthly subscription.

iPhone, iPad and Android

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Meetup has been adopted as a way of dragging us all from our computers for some good old fashioned face-to-face networking. Whatever your industry you are bound to find loads of great opportunities to socialise with likeminded people. If not then you can just as easily start your own group.

iPhone, iPad and Android

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Concur is an all in one business expenses management app. You can book your trains, hotels and even flights, manage your car mileage claims, create and submit expense claims and photograph and attach your receipts. You can also plan your travel itinerary all from the same interface.

iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry

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