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Tools for Monitoring & Evaluation. Gender Audit. What is gender audit?. Traditional use of audit relates to accounting: Analysis of gender budget Gender audit still evolving… -now used interchangeably with evaluation. Social Audit. Framework and a process of performance accounting - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Tools for Monitoring & Evaluation

  • Gender Audit

  • Traditional use of audit relates to accounting: Analysis of gender budgetGender audit still evolving -now used interchangeably with evaluation

  • Framework and a process of performance accounting Build on existing documentation and using empirical data account for its social performance report on that performanceDraw up an action plan to improve on that performanceUnderstand its impact on the community and be accountable to its key stakeholders

  • Identifies importance of examining systems, processes within institutions and NOT just accounts Working on gender issues obliges organizations to set their own houses in order, and changes aspects of the organizational culture which discriminate against women staff and women beneficiaries.

  • Used to determine if gender mainstreaming actions and plans have in fact been implemented

  • Identifying criteria for assessment to measure achievement of goals1) evaluate extent of implementation monitor and evaluate the implementation of gender issues into proceduresEx. Integration of gender into programme or project cycle2) impact evaluation measure impact of interventions on impacts and outcomes i.e. gender equality and womens empowerment

  • Identification of uniform or standard criteria

    Measuring impacts on power and status long-term, costly to undertake

  • Expansion in peoples ability to make strategic life choices in a context where this ability was previously denied to them (Naila Kabeer) Six dimensions of empowermentEconomicSocio-culturalFamilial, interpersonalLegalPolitical Psychological

  • 2) Participation in decision making3) SIDA impact assessment Practical gender needs and strategic gender changes womens empowermentMen, male roles and masculinities

  • NGOs use the Sarah Longwe Empowerment Framework

    Composite indicatorsMDGsGender-related Development Index

  • Example 1: Inter Action (NGO)Example 2:DFID Malawi Gender Audit (Donor Agency)Example 3:Cambodian Case (GO Ministry of Education/UNICEF) Example 4: Fiji Ministry of Agriculture/ Health (GO)

  • InterAction and SNV international NGOs instrumental in pioneering a methodology for measuring internal institutional progresGender audit: an assessment tool and process for organizations to use in identifying how gender issues are addressed in their programming portfolio and internal organizational processes

    HOW: Participatory gender audits: self-assessment, allow participants full participation and self-reflection

  • Stage 1: Gender audit questionnaireHelp org to assess range of understanding, attitudes, perceptions on the status of gender equality in their orgs programs and processesFocus on 5 programming areas and 6 areas of organizational processes

  • Stage 2: Discussion, analysis and planning phase. Review result of questionnaire thru FGDs and planning sessionsOutput: Detailed action plan that builds on organizational strength and outlines initiatives, strategies, processes and guidelines to integrate gender into weaker areasDesired Outcome: Shared ownership and action to move toward a gender-friendly environment

  • Consistent and demonstrated political will from senior managers in the orgHeavy on internal processesUses self-assessment questionnaires and lengthy focus group-based planning processQuantitative information comes from analysis of questionnaireComprehensive, lengthy, costly

  • External operational assessment of DFIDMs development objectives in relation to GM in its policies, programmes and projects emphasis on quantifying the costs of persisting inequality Internal organizational assessment of management objectives of GM