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1. In the Zone: Tim Leonard, Assistant Librarian, Lancaster University Library Tools for Collaborative Working 2. Collaboration, n United labour, co-operation; esp. in literary, artistic, or scientific work. Oxford English Dictionary, 2014, 3. Collaboration Online Two models of online collaboration: Synchronous Asynchronous In real time. eg. Instant messaging, video chat With a time delay. eg. Email, shared online documents and workspaces 4. File sharing & collaborative documents Online document sharing is commonplace nowadays Share folder and documents that sync between users Google Drive Google Drive lets multiple authors contribute to a document, presentation or spreadsheet 5. Make sure you use a platform that is right for the whole team Dont assume people know how to use a certain tool Set clear guidance as to how people should contribute Collaborative documents 6. Other collaborative tools Project management Planning visual projects Creating charts or diagrams 7. Planning There probably isnt a Holy Grail Consider using a mix of tools, as long as: they are easy to use not time consuming to learn they do what you need them to do 8. Project Management Tools can help you to: Set tasks Assign tasks to members of the team Set deadlines Chart and monitor progress Project Management 9. Free, web based platform Based on kanban, a card-based organisational method Create multiple boards for different projects Project Management Trello 10. Free, web based platform Use hashtags to sort notes Assign notes to team members using @ Easy to see notes in different views Project Management Twoodo 11. Project Management Twoodo Demo: 12. Workflowy Project Management Free (for a basic account - 500 list items a month) Very clean and simple Personal to-do list that can be shared 13. Conceptboard Visual Projects Collaborative online working area for visual projects Free for a basic account (limited space) Multiple team members can create, edit and leave feedback on visual content 14. Visual Projects Conceptboard Demo: 15. Lucidchart: Charts/Graphs/Diagrams 16. Be very clear about what you need to do and want to achieve Identify specific needs (do you need to print your work/export it) Be conscious of how much time it might take to learn to use new tools Collaborative tools 17. Be conscious of security and privacy issues Address these concerns as a team Collaborative tools 18. Make sure the team is comfortable working this way Review your progress if its not working another method might be better Learn from the process document your lessons learned Collaborative tools 19. Interesting in developing your team working skills? Search for teamwork on OneSearch: Lots of reading available (both in the Library and as eBooks) 20. Lifehacker Other good sources of info Technology (software/apps), productivity, work, life tips Mashable Technology, lots of content, use the search 21. Thanks for listening! Questions?