Toms River High School East Class of Toms River High School East Class of 2019 Have a plan in life

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Transcript of Toms River High School East Class of Toms River High School East Class of 2019 Have a plan in life

  • Toms River High School East Class of 2019

    Have a plan in life. Set high expectations for yourself and commit to

    the steps it takes to reach your goal. Don’t fear failure — all failure is simp-

    ly a process to success. As you move forward, appreciate the importance of

    doing your best and do it with integrity. You will be surprised how far you

    will go by simply being kind to others. I expect the best from you all. Make

    our East community proud!

  • -Raider Administration-

    Principal: Mr. Thomas

    Assistant Principal: Mr. Rutter & Mr. Regan

    Assistant Principal: Mr. McCann

    Assistant Principal: Mrs. Anders

    -Student Body Executive Board


    President: Vincent Rotondo

    Vice President Liaison: Mark Murtha

    Vice President of Attendance: Angelo


    Recording Secretary: Alexia Evgeniou

    Corresponding Secretary: Hadley Jen-


    Treasurer: Patr ick K eogh

    -Junior Prom 2018

    Date: May 19, 2018

    Theme: “A Captain’s Ball”

    King and Queen: Michaela Cicenia &

    Nikolas Ballaccomo

    The Raider Readout Page 2

    Homecoming Court: (from left to right) Nick Bushell, Miranda Gudzak, Jake Ryan, Alexis Schroepfer, Hadley Jensen, Ryan McIntire, Angela Rizzo, and Vin- cent Rotondo.

    “There is so much I can say to you all,

    but we know I’m a crier and refuse to

    leave you all on a sad note... So I’ll

    leave you with my signature quote:

    ‘Goodnight, be safe, and make good de-

    cisions.’ I love you all!”

    Mrs. Cosentino Senior Class Advisor

    Homecoming King and Queen 2019:

    Hadley Jensen and Vincent Rotondo

  • Class Couple: Nick Dyer & Kacey Lom bard Class Best Friends (Boy Girl): Logan Som m erer & Julionna Law rence Class Best Friends (Boys) : Aidan Cosentino & Dam on Clayton Class Best Friends (Girls) : Alexia Evgeniou & Hadley Jensen Class Cutie: Tyler Glabicki & Maddy Garcia Class Thespian: Ben Petruk & Julia Slevin Class Artist: Oakley Mastej & Danielle Bragen Class Individualist: Jam es Kaari & Mia Pereira Motor mouth: Ryan Gatanis & Madison Malgieri Most Spirited: Mark Murtha & Michaela Cicenia Most Athletic: Liam Meakem & Kamryn Lister Most Absent Minded: Andrew Zitt & Alexa Passam onti Most Sarcastic: Nick Lodato & Nicki Gural Most Likely to Be Late to Graduation: Joe Gonnello & Alexis Tym inski Best Shoulder to Cry On: Aidan Cosentino & Kelsey Dim esa Best Dressed: Greg Morris & Melanie Burdge Best All Around: Logan Som m erer & Caitlin Russell Most Accident Prone: Frank Tortoriello & Billy Macnab & Am ber Ketcham Most Likely to Bring Home to Mom And Dad: Daniel Schieder & Nadia Kow alski Most Likely to Succeed: Vincent Rotondo & Em m a Pullen Class Clown: Dam on Clayton & Carly Cataldo Teacher’s Pet: Nick Bushell & Morgan Gillick Class Musician: Joey Sacew icz & Em m a Gibson Nicest Hair: Nick Dyer & Lauren Rum bolo Nicest Eyes: Brandon Coyle & Daniella Dow d Nicest Smile: Mohamad Ahmed & Julionna Law rence Total Turn Around: Angelo Scala & Am ber Gant

    Class of 2019 Edition Page 3

    Editors-in-Chief: K im Lam parello & Mallory Tonra Layout Editor: K evin Shaffery Sports Editor: Elena Barroqueiro News Editor: Julia Zulin & Isabella Ghanbary Features Editor: Cole Som m eling Contributing Photographer: Mrs. Steinhart Chief Photographer: Aisling Jones-Wollerton

    Staff Reporters: Carly Cataldo, Thomas Doneman, Bel-

    la Ende, Michael Gray, Aidan Inteso, Kenzie Jones, Evan Mills, Nicolle Ramirez, Shannon Rios,

    Alexander Xenakis, & Zack Yunckes

    Alexis Fernicola Elizabeth Keogh

    Jacqueline Keogh Amber Ketcham Nadia Kowalski

    Rachel Placa Kelly Roma

  • The Raider Readout Page 2 The Raider Readout Page 4

    10. Alexis Schroepfer 9. Emma Pullen 8. Angela Rizzo

    7. Natalya Milian 6. Miranda Hanson

    5. Brielle Mowad 4. Mia Pereira 3. James Kaari

    2. Morgan Gillick 1. Oakley Mastej

    Mohammad Ahmed, Jean Albornoz, Nikolas Ballaccomo, Steven Carr, Damon Clayton, Aidan Cosentino, Jeffrey Croteau, Nicholas Dyer, Richard Graff, James Kaari, Robert Kelly, Patrick Keogh, Nicholas Lodato, Gregory Morris, Mark Murtha, Tyler Paar, Andrew Parayno, Benjamin Petruk, Thomas Ryan, Angelo Scala, Daniel Schieder, and Logan Sommerer all participated in the 2019 Mr. TRE event. Hosts for the night were Vincent Ro- tondo Alexia Evgeniou — Mallory Tonra choreographed the dance. Mr. Conge- niality was won by Patrick Keogh and Mr. TRE was award- ed to Angelo Scala!

    Senior Prom 2019

    Senior Prom 2019 was a success! Congratulations to Alexia Evgeniou and Gregory Morris for being

    crowned 2019 Senior Prom King and Queen. Congratulations to the following for being nominated for

    Prom Court: (Girls) Melanie Burdge, Julionna Lawrence, Michelle Meyers, Jillian Starace, (Boys) Tyler

    Glabicki, Mark Murtha, Angelo Scala, and Daniel Schieder.

    Students danced the night away at the South Gate Manor while a live performance was done by our

    very own Mr. Konopka in the Ned Ryerson Band. A photo booth, dessert and milkshake bar, and amazing

    decorations made this prom truly a night to remember. Thank you to the amazing chaperones, Student

    Council, MP Pics, and especially Senior Class Advisors, Mrs. Cosentino and Mr. Ebert, for making Senior

    Prom 2019 so special!

    President: Daniel Schieder Vice President: Mark Murtha Secretary: Vincent Rotondo

    Treasurer: Patr ick K eogh Representatives: Melanie Burdge, Nick Bushell, Carly Cataldo, Alexia Evgeniou,

    Hadley Jensen, Michelle Meyers, Rachel Placa, and Angelo Scala

  • Class of 2019 Senior Edition Page 5

    Congratulations to all 2018-2019 Seniors of the Month!

    “Oh, High School East, our hearts and hands are with you.

    Throughout the years, we will be true to you.

    Your hallowed halls ring out to us the memories

    Of high school days and dreams forevermore.

    Toms River East, we shout your name in glory;

    Toms River East, your fame is in our hearts.

    Here now we stand and listen to your promise:

    ‘Good life to you, and may your dreams come true.’”

    -Raider Alma Mater

    September: Alexis

    Schroepfer & Jake Ryan

    October: Aim ee Skw eres &

    Vincent Rotondo

    November: Mia Pereira

    & James Kaari

    December: Natalya Milian &

    Edward Richards January: Brielle Mow ad &

    Ryan McIntire

    February: Jacqueline K eogh &

    Angelo Scala

    March: Mikayla Youngman &

    Angelo Campanelli April: Miranda Hanson &

    Daniel Schieder

    May: Michele Meyers &

    Richard Graff

  • The Raider Readout Page 6

    Teacher of the Year: Mrs. Rodriguez

    Powder Puff 2017 Wednesday, November 15, 2017 The juniors lost 37-0 in a hard- fought game. The half-time show was won by the juniors with their hilarious and entertaining rou- tines.

    Powder Puff 2018 Wednesday, November 14, 2018 The seniors took the crown with a

    score of 40-8 in a runaway victo- ry. Both sides performed an ex- cellent half-time show, with well- orchestrated dance routines and chants.

    Service Professional of the Year: Mrs. Harz

    Saturday, February 16,


    “A Night in New York”

    Winter Formal Prince

    and Princess: Dylan

    Eskow and Amber


    “I was really happy, and it’s really nice to have confirmation for all that I’ve done. It’s a great feeling having colleagues and students recognize what you’ve accomplished,” Mrs. Rodriguez said.

  • Class of 2019 Edition Page 7

    Raider Retirees 2019: Mr. Spice,

    Mrs. Orbin, & Mr. Patelunas


    Kamryn Lister scores 1,000


  • 2018-2019 Year in Review  Avengers Endgame became the highest grossing movie domestically after its re-

    lease in late April 2019.  Song of the Year- “Shallow” by Lady Gaga & Bradley Cooper.  Game of Thrones concluded it's eight year run in May 2019.  New England Patriots defeated the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.  Superman and Batman celebrated their 80th Anniversary and Mickey Mouse turned

    90 years old.  Green Book won the Academy Award for Best Picture  The highest selling video game was Red Dead Redemption — selling 17 million units

    in eight days of its release.