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VOCAB NOTEPage 280 1. to abate = v. to lessen; to subside. (reda) e.g. : John pulled over (menyeberang) to the side of the road to wait until the storm abated. to abet = v. to help; to aid. (bersekongkol dengan) e.g. : It is unlawful to aid and abet a criminal. to abhor = v. to hate; to detest. (membenci) e.g. : She abhorred all forms of discrimination on the basis of (atas dasar) race or sex. abject = adj. miserable; wretched. (menyedihkan) e.g. : The were living in such abject poverty that they could not even afford the bare necessities. (kebutuhan pokok) abruptly = adv. suddenly; unexpectedly. e.g. : The driver stopped the cab (taxi) so abruptly that he was hit by the car behind him. absorbed = adj. interested; engrossed. (asyik) e.g. : Bill did not hear the telephone because he was completely absorbed in his reading.






Page 281 7. abundant = adj. plentiful. (berlimpah) e.g. : The crop was so abundant that the farmers had to store (menyimpan) half of it. accessory = n. something added. e.g. : Navy blue shoes (sepatu warna biru laut) and gloves would be perfect accessories for this white suit. accommodations = n. a room and meals. e.g. : The new tourist hotel will have accommodations for more than one thousand people. accomplice = n. one who aids and abets a criminal. (kaki tangan) e.g. : The police are still looking for the thiefs accomplice. to accost = v. to meet someone and to speak first. (menyapa) e.g. : The stranger accosted her as she was unlocking (membuka) her door. to accumulate = v. to pile up; to collect. (menumpuk, bertumpuk) e.g. : While the Lawrence family was on vacation, their mail accumulated in the box. accurate = adj. correct. (tepat, akurat) e.g. : Her report is accurate and well written. acrid = adj. sharp; bitter. (tajam (rasa)) e.g. : This cigarette has an acrid taste; I guess I have been smoking too much today.









VOCAB NOTE15. adjacent = adj. next to; adjoining. (berdekatan) e.g. : There is a parking lot (tempat parkir) adjacent to the auditorium. to admonish = v. to warn about; to advise against doing something. (memperingatkan) e.g. : Her boss admonished her not to be late for work again. to adore = v. to love greatly. (mencintai, memuja) e.g. : Mr. Moore is quite a family man; he adores his wife and children. adroit = adj. clever; skillful. (trampil) e.g. : Under the adroit direction of coach (pelatih) Lewis, the team finished the season with twelve wins and no losses. affluent = adj. rich. (kaya) e.g. : Mr. Wilson must be very wealthy (kaya) because his address is in the most affluent neighborhood in the city. to aggravate = v. to make worse. (memperburuk) e.g. : Smoking aggravates a cold. agile = adv. lively. (lincah) e.g. : Dancers must do strenuous exercises (latihan-latihan yang berat) in order to execute (melaksanakan) the agile movements of their art. to agitate = v. to disturb. (menganggu) e.g. : Rumors of a strike (pemogokan) agitated the workers. aglow = adj. shining brightly. (bersinar dengan terang) e.g. : There was only one candle aglow on the babys first birthday cake. ailment = n. a mild illness. (penyakit ringan) e.g. : Mrs. Thompson is a hypochondriac. (orang yg selalu khawatir dgn kesehatannya) She has a new ailment every week. ajar = adj. slightly open.(sedikit terbuka) e.g. : She left the door ajar so that she could hear the conversation in the other room. akin = adj. similar; related. (berhubungan) e.g. : Jealousy is often akin to love. albino = n. a person of animal without normal pigmentation, characterized by pale skin, hair, and eyes. e.g. : The white rat with pink eyes is an albino. alert = adj. perceptive; quick. (lekas tanggap, waspada) e.g. : Although he was almost ninety years old, he was still active and alert. to alleviate = v. to lessen; to relieve. (mengurangi) e.g. : The nurse will give you something to alleviate the pain. alluring = adj. tempting; enticing. (memikat) e.g. : She looked very alluring in her black evening dress.

















VOCAB NOTE31. aloof = adj. reserved; indifferent. (pendiam, acuh tak acuh) e.g. : Our neighbors are so aloof and unfriendly that they never speak to anyone. amateur = adj. not professional; untrained. (amatir) e.g. : In the past, only amateur athletes were eligible (memenuhi syarat) to participate in the Olympic Games. ambiguous = adj. doubtful; uncertain. (ragu-ragu) e.g. : The directions were so ambiguous that it was impossible to complete the assignment. amicable = adj. friendly. (damai) e.g. : After months of negotiations, they arrived at an amicable settlement. (penyelesaian) amnesia = n. a lapse of memory. (kehilangan ingatan) e.g. : He suffered from (menderita) temporary amnesia as the result of a head injury. ample = adj. more than adequate; enough. (lebih dari cukup, cukup) e.g. : Richards scholarship includes a very ample living allowance. (tunjangan hidup) to amplify = v. to make larger; more powerful. (memperbesar) e.g. : He will need a microphone to amplify his voice because the room is much too large for us to hear him without one. anguish = n. great sorrow; pain. (kesakitan) e.g. : The injured soldier moaned (merintih) in anguish until the doctor arrived. ankle = n. the joint between the foot and the leg. (pergelangan kaki) e.g. : He sprained his ankle in a skiing accident. (pergelangan kakinya keseleo) annual = adj. yearly. (tahunan) e.g. : The annual rainfall (curah hujan) is about twenty-five inches. anomalous = adj. unusual (aneh, ganjil) e.g.: It is an anomalous situation; he is the director of the personnel office, but he does not have the authority (wewenang) to (mempekerjakan) and dismiss (memecat) staff. antique = n. a very old and valuable object (antik) e.g.: These lamps, made in England during the fourteenth century, are valuable antiques. to applaud = v. to clap (bertepuk tangan) e.g.: The audience applauded at the end of the concert.













Page 282 44. appraisal = n. an estimate of the value (penaksiran) e.g.: One hundred thousand dollars would be a fair appraisal of their new house. appropriate = adj. suitable (cocok, tepat) e.g.: An arrangement of flowers is always an appropriate gift for someone is the hospital.



VOCAB NOTE46. arduous = adj. demanding great effort ; strenuous (berat) e.g.: Shoveling (menyekop) deep snow is far too arduous a task for a man of his age to arouse = v. to spur = to incite.(membangkitkan, menimbulkan) e.g.: His refusal to walk through the metal detector before boarding the plane aroused the guards suspicion (kecurigaan) to arraign = v. to charge = to accuse (mendakwa) e.g.: The suspects (para tersangka) will be arraigned by the district court. arrogance = n. haughtiness = rudeness (kesombongan) e.g.: The union officials resented (marah) the arrogance with which the company president dismissed their demands. (menolak permintaan mereka) to aspire = v. to strive toward = to seed eagerly (bercita-cita) e.g.: Three candidates aspired to win the election. to assert = v. to affirm an opinion (menegaskan) e.g.: The witness (saksi) asserted that the salesman was dishonest. asset = n. a useful or valuable quality = financial resources (asset, kekayaan) e.g.: His insurance company estimates his assets at over three million dollars. to assuage = v. to ease = to lessen (meredakan) e.g.: Nothing could assuage his anger. to astound = v. to surprise greatly = to astonish (mengejutkan) e.g.: The results of his test astounded him; he had not expected to pass, and he received one of the highest possible scores. astray = adj. away from the correct path or direction (kesasar) e.g.: Their neighbor asked them to keep their dog tied so that it would not go astray. audacious = adj. bold = daring (berani) e.g.: The people who are chosen to become astronauts must be perfectly healthy, highly skilled in engineering, and audacious by nature. (sifatnya) audible = adj. able to be heard (dapat terdengar) e.g.: She speaks so softly that her voice is not audible in the back of the room. to augment = v. to increase (menambah) e.g.: Miss White augments her income by typing theses and dissertations. autonomous = adj. free = independent (merdeka0 e.g.: Just before the outbreak of the Civil War (pecahnya perang saudara), the south declared (menyatakan) itself to be an autonomous nation. avarice = n. greed (kerakusan, ketamakan) e.g.: She agreed to marry the aging millionaire (jutawan tua) more because of avarice that because of love. aversion = n. intense dislike (keengganan) e.g.: He must have an aversion to work because he is always out of a job. to baffle = v. to confuse (bingung) e.g.: Linda was baffled by the confusing road signs; she did not know whether to turn left or go straight.


















VOCAB NOTE63. bald : adj. without hair (botak) e.g.: The bald eagle is so named for the white feathers on the top of its head which give it the appearance of being without hair. to ban : v. to declare that something must not be done; to prohibit (melarang) e.g.: The law bans selling certain drugs without a prescription.(resep dokter) bar : n. a court of law; the legal profession. (pengadilan, pengacara) e.g.: After passing his exam, he will be admitted (diterima) to the bar. barricade : n. a barrier; an obstruction (penghalang) e.g.: The high-way patrol (patroli jalan raya) put up (memasan