Today's Main Street, Shoestring Tips For Qual Researchers In Advertising

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Transcript of Today's Main Street, Shoestring Tips For Qual Researchers In Advertising

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By Michael Miller, Content Consultant

Todays Main Street, Shoestring Tips By Qual Researchers in Advertising Michael Miller, Content Consultant1Quantitative as surface researchThe objective reality, favored by quantitative researchers, is abandoned to the assumption that people construct their own personalized worlds. John W. Creswell, author and researcher

Its now hip to share our personalized world.


Personalize and share

DifferentiatorsExperiment with quantitativeNumbersClosed-ended questions seeking informationDeductiveObjectiveExplore with qualitativeWordsOpen-ended questions seeking descriptionsInductiveSubjective

Explore for what exactly?

Explore for the phenomenological Phenomenological?Phenomenology philosophically approaches studying our experiences as they are subjective and determined by the context in which we live.

Its a big differentiator between applied quantitative and qualitative research.

Explore for what exactly?

Strategic InquiryStrategic inquiry techniquesResearcher and author John W. Creswell recommends 5: Narrative Phenomenology Ethnography Case study Ground theory

Top contenders for qualitative research in ad development stages:Concept testingReal usageFocus groupsProjective techniquesField work

Strategic Inquiry

Inquiry As Instrument Qualitative researchers Are the instrument relying on their skills to receive information in natural contexts Uncover meaning by descriptive, exploratory, or explanatory procedures. Qualitative researchers agree Numbers impress, but unfortunately, also conceal far more than they reveal. With Daviss (2007) observation that good qualitative research has equaled, if not exceeded, quantitative research in status, relevance, and methodological rigor (p. 574).Strategic InquiryUncovers Bias A few years following P.R. nightmares, Toyota and British Petroleum Examples of a Quant viewpoint:Toyota ranks 3rd in market share among auto manufacturersBP ranks 35th out of 96 in market capitalizationForbes ranks BP sixth in the world among global oil companies

Toyota and BP

Bias uncovered:If a crisis management pollster monitoring public perceptions were to ask me HOW LIKELY I was to buy a Toyota and fill it up with petro at a nearby British Petroleum station, my answer would still be

NOT LIKELY.Bias Confirmed: Inductive reasoning can theorize that I dont trust how these companies handle crises in the public domain.

What do other people think?

Pollster furthers explores whether I am bothered about Verizon turning over cell phone numbers to the government? I respond that I am more comfortable giving my business to transparent companies.Strategic InquiryStrategic InquiryGauging the court of public opinionToyota ranks 29th on Fortunes list of Most Admired Companies top-50 list.B.P. doesnt rank on the list.Consider the corporate climateTop Trends from the Global CSR RepTrak 100: Only 6 percent of respondents perceive the top 100 companies as good corporate citizens Only 17 percent of respondents definitely trust what companies promise in their advertising and marketing Only 19 percent of respondents trust what companies say in official reportsDoes this leadership perception look familiar?A Gallup poll says only 15 percent of Americans approve of Congresss job performance.

Why the enormous trust gap between corporations, organizations, or entities as a whole, and crowds?Neuro InquiryNueromarketing is based on the idea that focus groups are not reliable. People sometimes dont know what they like.

-Sally Satel, M.D. and author of Brainwashed: The Seductive Appeal of Mindless Neuroscience. Neuro InquiryNeuromarketing Scientists found buying centers in the brain.Coined by Ale Smidts, a professor at Erasmus University in Rotterdam, Holland, in 2002.Research was first developed in the 1990s. One recent discovery in neuromarketing is that Apple products triggered insula levels, or the pleasure zones, in the brain.Costs $1,000 per hour to brain scan with fMRI, according to Forbes.

Neuro Inquiry vs. Strategic InquiryIs what consumers say more valuable than what theyre subconsciously thinking?

Reputation is emerging as the Number One driver of value. - Kasper Ulf Nielsen, Executive Partner, Reputation Institute

Social Media Analytics Major companies like Gatorade are monitoring social media 24/7Monitor for polarity: target strong negative or positive sentimentsSocial Media culture more about sharing experiences, opinions and expertise than selling Remember that A,I,O is constantly evolving

Strategic SamplingQualitative research has inherently strong, developmental qualities as primary research

Crowdsourcing is an example of how the Internet has revolutionized developmental research

Latest crowdsourcing evolutions include Marketing Research Online Communities and Online Qual ToolsStrategic SamplingSample selection principlesPurposefully select participants or sites and go for (online) immersionGoal is to best understand the problem and the research question. Not about random sampling or selection of a large number of particpants and sites, as typically found in quantitative research. Do not pursue emperical verification

Main Street research: American Consumer Opinion Online Panel Consumer Expenditure Survey Google Consumer Survey Nielsen Retail Index

Triangulation of rich social media content with primary and secondary data sources can distill a sample to enhance its accuracy. Recommendations Recommended Reading: Using Qualitative Research In Advertising: Strategies, Techniques, and Applications. 2nd ed. (Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications, 2012)Recommended Searching:MROCs (Marketing Research Online Communities), Online Qual ToolsRecommended Joining (LinkedIn ):Online Qualitative Research: The Next EvolutionRecommended Linking (LinkedIn)