To Tweet or Not To Tweet? That is the Question for the Web Techie

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Forget about Facebook and all the changes they just rolled out. What are you doing with Twitter? Just because most of us know the backend of web technologies doesn't make us experts in leveraging social media, especially Twitter, to have the impact we want. If you run a small business or are a one-man show, don't waste your time researching and reading up on all the social media tools to figure out what you need to market your brand online. We've made it easy for you with this meetup. From Klout to Listorious to to, get up to speed on the current tools to automate your work, measure effectiveness of your social media activities, and leverage what you know to promote your business. (Presentation to members of the Seattle Web Technology Meetup at the Microsoft Store in Bellevue, WA on October 24, 2012.)

Transcript of To Tweet or Not To Tweet? That is the Question for the Web Techie

  • 1.Seattle Web Technology Biweekly Meetup presentsTo Tweet or Not To Tweet?That is the question for the Web Techie Keith Keller Twitter for Business Specialist Jennifer Reed Author, Office 365 for Dummies

2. About the Presenters Keith Keller Twitter for Business Specialist Over 30,000 followers Top 1% of Twitter users in the worldJennifer Reed Author, Office 365 for Dummies Author, Microsoft Project Server Professional President and Founder, Cloud611 3. Topics Twitter: What Its Not, What It Is Tweetegies (Twitter Strategies)1. Build Followers/Network2. Work Smarter, Not Harder3. Measure and Track Success Success Stories Preview of Keith Kellers Crack The Code Q&A 4. What it isIt is the information network. 5. Facts and Figures 230 million tweets per day! Over 100 million active profiles; expected toincrease by 26 million by end of year 40% of active Twitter users choose not to Tweet atall (are you one of them?)Lady Gaga has the most followersof anyone on Twitterat over 14 million monsters 6. Tweetegy 1: Build followers/network Make your profile interesting 1 Follow 50 people a day Tweet 5x a day Ask for retweets (Please RT orPlease retweet) Public message influential peoplewith @twitterhandle The 80/20 rule: Its not aboutyou! 7. Make your profile interesting 1vs.Who would you follow? 8. Follow 50 people a dayUsing the glorious list of lists 1 9. Tweet 5x a day Follow the 80/20 rule 1 Its not all about you! Guarantee at least 1 tweet a day with a digital newspaper from Get mentioned in other peoples digital newspaper Use hashtags (#); its the secret ingredient 10. Digital Newspaper with 1 11. Get listed in other peoples newspaper! 1 12. Using Hashtags (#) 1 13. Tweetegy 2: Work smarter, not harder Tweet once a day 2(unscheduled, ad hoc) Schedule four (4) tweets aday (remember am 1pm 4pm 8pm Use automation tools 14. Use automation tools 2 and more!!! 15. Tweetegy 3: Measure and Track Success Know your Tweet 3Reach Leverage your Klout (improve your amp) Easy analytics with 16. Know your Tweet Reach3 17. Leverage your Klout 3 Network InfluenceHow many of yourfollowers are influential?AmplificationHow often are yourtweets retweeted? True Reach How many of yourfollowers are listening? 18. Easy analytics with 3 19. Success Stories Queensland Floods (Aus $12,000 in 90 minutes) Drummond Golf (Australian golf company) Li Jings Story (Voted #1 in US; #2 in the world for a TV competition) 20. Ready? Set GO!!! 21. Preview of Keith Kellers Crack The Code Sharing is better than chocolate The 80/20 Rule: Its not all about you Social media is for meeting people you dont know yet Be authentic & find your niche Automation tools to save you 22. Questions? 23. Contact Information Jennifer Reed Keith Keller MediaStrategist