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  • 1.TO TWEET OR NOT TO TWEET Angela Brooks & Elisa Cafferata October 23, 2010 For the Nevada Womens Lobby

2. To Tweet Or Not To Tweet? 3. on Facebook? Twitter? 4. Privacy / identity theft Break / crash / virus No time! I dont care what you had for lunch! 5. Fear not! You are mostly in control On-line world = public and permanent You get to be 6. yourself 7. You cant break it 8. Identity Theft, Crash, Burn Browser: NOT IE, Firefox, Chrome, Antivirus software: Norton, McAfee, AVG Back up system: Mozypro, Carbonite, Secure websites = Look for the padlock! 9. I dont care what youre eating for lunch! 10. NO You dont have online 11. Social Media: You dont have to, but you might want to. 12. Social networking just one more tool in the toolbox Photo uploaded by Batega 13. Reasons you might want to: Learn new skill Accomplish your goals Meet new people, network Be closer to friends and family News Surveys crowd sourcing Online journal 14. Where are your family ? Friends? Work? Customers? Facebook is more like yearbook / scrapbook / reunion Twitter is more like bumper sticker 15. QUESTIONS?