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  • 2015 IBM Corporation

    IBM Cognos Open Mic

    TM1 Monitoring Tools

    13th April, 2016

  • 2015 IBM Corporation2

    IBM Cognos Open Mic Team

    Gracy Mendonca IBM Cognos Support Engineer


    Shashwat Dhyani IBM Cognos Support Engineer

    Technical Panel Member

  • 2015 IBM Corporation3


    TM1 Server Monitoring using a JMeter Visualizer

    TM1 Application Server Monitoring using TM1 Operations Console

    Watchdog in TM1 Operations Console

    How to monitor user activity on the TM1 server

    WER (Windows Error Reporting)

  • 2015 IBM Corporation4

    Monitoring a TM1 Server with JMeter

    JMeter is an open source Apache Java application designed to load test functional

    behavior and measure performance. (Not specific to TM1)

    However IBM provides a TM1 plugin that runs on JMeter and thats how you can monitor

    the TM1 server

    This TM1 plugin for JMeter can be downloaded from developerworks:

    JMeter can be used in 2 modes:

    Dynamic Similar to Operations Console

    Helps Monitor a live running TM1 server

    Static Reading a Operations Console log files

    Helps Analyze data from an existing log file

  • 2015 IBM Corporation5


    Just a simple download of JMeter and unzip of the files to the required location is all you need as

    part of installation


    Compatible version of JRE. If installed on the TM1 server it can make use of the JRE that IBM

    provides for TM1. No need for an additional JRE

    Launch JMeter by running the jmeter.bat

    Eg. C:\apache-jmeter-2.13\bin\jmeter.bat

    However since JRE is installed in one directory and JMeter in another, you need to run the .bat

    file using the following method:


    If you get the error below inspite of having a jre installed, it means the Jre is not recognized or the

    version of Java is incompatible

    Not able to find Java executable or version. Please check your Java installation errorlevel=2

    Press any key to continue . .

    Install and Configure JMeter with the TM1 plugin

  • 2015 IBM Corporation6

    Install and Configure JMeter with the TM1 plugin

    Copy the JAR file into the /lib/ext

    directory. This will install the core components for the plug-in, including the Classic viewer.

    Copy the JAR file into the /lib directory. This will

    allow the plug-in to monitor server activity in real-time, and is required to run.

    Copy the TM1JavaApi JAR file from the TM1 installation into the /lib directory.

    This file is typically found under the /bin/classes directory.

    Add the Applix certificate to the Java keystore, by following the instructions found in the IBM

    Technote at

    This is necessary for real-time monitoring.

    Additional viewers can also be installed by copying their respective JAR files into the

    /lib/ext directory. (More Details in the developer work article)

    Analysis Viewer, Graph Viewer, Summary Viewer, Timeline Viewer

  • 2015 IBM Corporation7

    Launch Apache JMeter

    From the tree, locate the node to which the listener is to be added.

    Right-click on the node and from the context menu, select Add > Listener > IBM Cognos

    TM1 Server Monitor Plug-in for Apache JMeter.

    In the Settings tab, set the appropriate adminhost, servername, and refresh values as

    you would when launching the TM1Top utility, where adminhost is the name or IP address

    of the machine on which the TM1 server is running

    servername is the name of the TM1 server to be monitored

    refresh is the interval, in seconds, at which the polling is to take place

    Install and Configure JMeter with the TM1 plugin

  • 2015 IBM Corporation8

    Install and Configure JMeter with the TM1 plugin

  • 2015 IBM Corporation9

    Install and Configure JMeter with the TM1 plugin

    Dynamic Mode

  • 2015 IBM Corporation10

    Install and Configure JMeter with the TM1 plugin

    For load testing of TM1 Contributor or TM1 web, you would need to write/generate test scripts

    The web has demos/videos that demonstrate how the load test scripts can be generated for

    Cognos TM1 testing

    Note: IBM does not provide any such scripts

  • 2015 IBM Corporation11

    Static Mode

    JMeter can be used to analyse a saved Log file. (.csv or .log format )

    Click on the Cognos TM1 Server Monitor Plug-in and then click on browse to the log file

    from the disk location

    Install and Configure JMeter with the TM1 plugin

  • 2015 IBM Corporation12

    TM1 Operations Console

    TM1 Operations Console replaced TM1Top in 10.2

    For TM1 version 10.2.0 through 10.2.2 Fix Pack 3 (, functionality that was previously

    available through TM1 Top is available only through the TM1 Operations Console interface.

    TM1 Operations Console also provides some additional functionality not available through

    TM1 Top.

    NOTE: TM1 Top is restored to IBM Cognos TM1 (10.2.2 Fix Pack 4) and later


    We would be discussing the below 2 features of Operations Console

    TM1 Application Server Monitoring


  • 2015 IBM Corporation13

    Most common things we monitor on a TM1 server are the user activity in terms of threads and

    processes running.

    However it is also possible to monitor the TM1 Application server (default runs on Tomcat)

    Reason for setting to false

    TM1 Ops Console : Application Server Monitoring

  • 2015 IBM Corporation14

    TM1 Ops Console : Application Server Monitoring

    Memory usage on the TM1 Application Server

  • 2015 IBM Corporation15

    TM1 Ops Console : Application Server Monitoring

    CPU/RAM/OS details on Application Server

  • 2015 IBM Corporation16

    TM1 Ops Console : Watchdog

    Watchdog feature is to establish a set of criteria that identifies specific states in the servers

    being monitored so that you can specify an action of "Kill" on the identified process or "log"

    the event to a trail file.

    Login to TM1 Operations Console

    Click on Watchdog tab. You can see the TM1 servers added to TM1 Operations Console

    and their Watchdog status showing if (Configuration Mode)

    The Watchdog is setup for the TM1 server

    If Setup, if the Watchdog is currently running or not

  • 2015 IBM Corporation17

    TM1 Ops Console : Watchdog

    To be able to add a watchdog rule you need to first verify your access

  • 2015 IBM Corporation18

    TM1 Ops Console : Watchdog

    Add a rule

  • 2015 IBM Corporation19

    TM1 Ops Console : Watchdog

  • 2015 IBM Corporation20

    TM1 Ops Console : Watchdog

    Run the process to be monitored and killed on execution

  • 2015 IBM Corporation21

    TM1 Ops Console : Watchdog

    When the watchdog rule criteria matched, The process will be killed by

    watchdog within frequency time set and you will see the message box

    confirming the same in Architect client who launched the process.

  • 2015 IBM Corporation22

    How to monitor user activity on the TM1 server

    If you want to see who all have logged on through the course of the day, or last few days,

    then you can enable the LOGIN Logger which will write the login and logout of all users into

    TM1Server.log file

    If you already have a file, then youd need to add this line to it.


  • 2015 IBM Corporation23

    How to monitor user activity on the TM1 server

    If you want to know the current active users logged into the TM1 server, then you can do so

    by checking the STATUS Value from the }ClientProperties cube.

    The STATUS field is not automatically updated, so you will need to enable a background

    thread to keep the STATUS field up-to-date by setting the ClientPropertiesSyncInterval

    configuration parameter in tm1s.cfg file.

  • 2015 IBM Corporation24

    How to monitor user activity on the TM1 server

    Housekeeper thread causes IX locks on }ClientProperties cube, leading to process looping.

    message in the log :

    3496 [d] DEBUG 2015-10-12 14:39:17.332 TM1.Lock.Exception Lock conflict acquiring 'IX'

    lock. Thread '3172' holds 'IX' lock. Object '}ClientProperties' , type 'Cube'. Thread 3172 is

    housekeeper thread.

    This thread wakes up periodically to keep the STATUS field of the }ClientProperties cube


    Frequent updating can cause unnecessary consumption of CPU time and may cause users

    from connecting/disconnecting until operation completes.

    Resolving the problem

    Set ClientPropertiesSyncInterval to a higher value, or even disable it during batch periods,

    when many processes are run to update data and security obje