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Tlingit. Pronounced: “ T lin-git ,” “ Klin-git ” or “ Klin -kit”. Heather Pitcher and Carolyn Murray. History. History. Originated about 800 years ago in the Pacific Northwest First contact with Europeans was in 1741 Maintained their independence and control of trade routes for years - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TlingitPronounced: Tlin-git, Klin-git or Klin-kitHeather Pitcher and Carolyn MurrayHistory

Originated about 800 years ago in the Pacific NorthwestFirst contact with Europeans was in 1741Maintained their independence and control of trade routes for yearsMany died from small pox and other diseases brought by European explores

HistoryGeographyOccupy the Pacific Northwest (Southeast Alaska)CoastlineMountainous MainlandGlacial in the northAbundant resourcesOccupy British Columbia

3languageToday, the majority of Tlingit people speak EnglishSome Tlingit people, though, speak Native Tlingit LanguageMore common among eldersTone languageHas 32 consonants and 8 vowelsHas 24 sounds not found in English


gundas'ajeTraditions and CultureMen hunt and fishWomen gather and tend to the children Wear basketry hats to display family connectionsStorytelling and legends are an important part of their cultureSongs are very important and are used for many occasionsPotlatches are a very important traditionShow respect, display wealth, or pay debt at a giant feast

ClothingTraditionally, wore loincloths and cedar bark skirtsToday, dress like contemporary AmericansHowever, still wear clothing or jewelry that displays clan or family emblem

RELIGIONBelieved in creator called Kah-shu-goon-yah who created all living thingsBelieved Raven organized the worldBelieved spirits inhabited people, animals, and thingsMust respect everything Believed a mortal and immortal spirit inhabited each TlingitBelieved spirit doctors could cure and protect people

ARTBest example of the Tlingit peoples workmanship is their carvingMost often carved from woodUse different degrees of realism to portray creaturesCeremonial art was very importantMasks and rattles

FoodLived off of the seaMen fished and hunted deer, goats, and birdsWomen gathered shellfish, seaweed, roots, and berries

HabitatCoastal tribeLived in the Pacific northwestCold, rainy climateFamous TlingitCharlie Jones: Arrested in 1922 for voting. Native Americans were not automatically considered citizens at that time. Jones was acquitted and Native Americans were given the right to vote.William Paul (Shkundee): Tlingit attorney who represented Jones.

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