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  • Automotive the way we see it Cars Online 08/09 10th Annual Global Automotive Study: Tracking Consumer Buying Behavior in Both Mature and Emerging Markets
  • Contents Introduction 3 Executive Summary 4 10-Year Review: What a Difference a Decade Makes 6 Emerging Markets: The Key to Future Growth 8 Brazil: Vehicle Buyers Know Green 8 Russia: Western Purchase Patterns Emerge 9 India: Tech-Savvy Consumers Turn to Online Tools 10 China: High-Growth Market, Demanding Consumers 11 Vehicle Research: Market Maturity Impacts Behavior Patterns 12 Going Green: Emerging Markets Focus on Fuel Efficiency 14 Web Usage: Interest in Online Vehicle Buying Jumps 17 Customer Interaction: A Holistic Approach to Building Loyalty 22 Customer Satisfaction: What Needs to Change? 25 The Next 10 Years: Conclusion and Recommendations 27 2008 Capgemini. No part of this document may be modified, deleted or expanded by any process or means without prior written permission from Capgemini.
  • Automotive the way we see it Introduction Welcome to the 10th annual The research for this years study Capgemini global automotive study involved more than 3,100 consumers Cars Online 08/09. in the United Sates, Western Europe (especially Germany, France and the This years study expands our coverage UK), Brazil, Russia, India and China. of consumer buying behavior beyond The executive summary provides an traditional mature markets such as the overview of key findings from the United States and Western Europe to research, and the sections that follow include several emerging markets: offer more in-depth data and analysis Brazil, Russia and India, in addition to on each of the emerging markets as China, which we have covered since well as key topics such as vehicle 2004. As these developing markets research, lead management and become increasingly vital for the customer loyalty. We also look at the automotive industry, companies must changes consumers expect to see in understand how consumer purchase the way they buy a vehicle in the patterns in these countries differ from coming 10 years. The whole vehicle or mirror the behavior of car buyers in buying process will be done with a established markets. click of the mouse, said a consumer from India, reflecting a sentiment This year we also take a deeper look expressed by the majority of at top-of-mind issues like fuel respondents in our study. efficiency and alternative-fuel vehicles, the use of new online tools such as We hope the findings of Cars Online blogs and discussion forums, and 08/09 will provide automotive customer satisfaction with the vehicle manufacturers and dealers with buying process, including consumer insights into changing consumer suggestions on what would improve dynamics in both mature and the buying experience. As this is the developing markets, and will help the 10th annual issue of Cars Online, we industry gain a better understanding have also reviewed results from the of how to successfully anticipate past decade to see just how much has evolving consumer needs and changed and what clues that can demands. provide about the decade ahead. During the past 10 years, Capgemini has surveyed almost 42,000 consumers across 15 countries, as well as 300 automotive Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and 2,500 dealers, which adds up to significant insight into vehicle buying behavior. Some of the consumer knowledge gained over the course of this research has been highlighted in fact boxes. Look for them throughout the report. Cars Online 08/09 3
  • Executive Summary It will be as easy to buy a vehicle online consistently rated among the most as it is to buy a book or bottle of perfume important decision criteria, there are over the Internet. significant differences beyond these common factors. In particular, Combustion engines will be just for consumers in emerging markets put classic cars. greater emphasis on more short-term factors such as 0% financing, cash- I hope we will be able to buy direct from back incentives and additional the manufacturer at the cost the dealer warranty coverage. pays so as to be able to get a better model for a fair price. All emerging automotive markets are not alike. Understanding both the Buying a car will be like putting together similarities and differences among the a Lego kit. You will choose standardized four developing markets studied is components from different manufacturers essential to succeeding in these high- that will be assembled into your car. growth regions. Brazilian consumers, for example, are far more likely than As these quotes from our Cars Online those in China, India or Russia to own 08/09 research make clear, consumers or have interest in fuel-efficient and have some very definitive ideas about alternative-fuel vehicles. Russian the way they expect to buy cars in the consumers demonstrate buying future. These qualitative comments, behavior that is closer to that of About the Study together with the extensive respondents in western markets. For quantitative data from the study, point instance, 21% of Russian respondents to the importance of understanding said they were likely to buy a used Capgemini worked with SmartRevenue, a Ridgefield, Connecticut-based consumer needs and behavior vehicle, the highest of the emerging research firm, to conduct the survey for patterns, particularly as automotive markets. Cars Online 08/09. All analysis and companies turn to new growth interpretation of the data has been markets to offset static sales in At the same time, the research made by Capgemini in collaboration traditional western markets. uncovered some consistent trends with the Car Internet Research Program among the emerging markets. (CIRP) of the University of Ottawa, Key Findings Respondents in all four developing Canada. In total more than 3,100 The research uncovered a number of