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    Guideline No.: FH/008 Issue Date: 26/10/2009

    Title: Workers Accommodation Guidelines Issued by: Food and Health Department

    I. Introduction

    The Food & Health Division of the Environment, Health and Safety of TRAKHEES as the competent authority and is the regulatory arm of Dubai World Business Units under the Ports, Customs and Free Zone Corporation (PCFC) for all Food & Health Establishments or Activities has developed this Worker Accommodation Guidelines for the purpose of assisting regulatory authority, protecting public health and safety and regulating the concerned industry in implementing, achieving and upholding the Dubai Municipality (DM) Local Standards as laid down by DM Clinic & Health Section and as well as the Internationally acceptable standards.

    II. Purpose and Scope

    This document has been developed as a guideline to be implemented within the industry and practice of establishing Worker Accommodation and similar facilities within the Dubai World jurisdiction. The purpose of this guideline is: 1. To be applicable in all worker accommodation situated on Dubai World

    jurisdiction and its developments in the Emirate of Dubai. 2. To be read & applied in conjunction with all current EHS Regulations &

    Standards. This includes but is not limited to the specific requirements like EHS Fire Department with regards to building materials, design and layout; among others.

    III. Definitions and Abbreviations

    The following terms used in this guideline shall be defined as follows: A. Worker Accommodation Any camp that is set up to provide accommodation

    facilities for workers

    B. The Accommodation Operator Shall refer to the company who enters into a relationship with a Dubai World business unit to set up a worker accommodation facility.

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    C. The Authority Refers to EHS- TRAKHEES of the Ports, Customs & Free Zone (PCFC) Authority

    D. NOC No Objection Certificate issued by either a Dubai World business unit or


    E. EHS COC Refers to the EHS Certificate Of Conformity procedure.

    F. Accommodation Supervisor The person responsible for the day to day running of the worker accommodation.

    IV. Applications and Approvals

    The accommodation operator must ensure that prior to the setting up of any worker accommodation the appropriate TRAKHEES approvals are in place. It is the responsibility of the accommodation operator to obtain these TRAKHEES approvals. Any worker accommodation constructed without the necessary TRAKHEES approvals will be considered illegal and will be subject to further action being taken by TRAKHEES.

    1. NOC from Dubai World Business Unit (BU) The accommodation operator must initially obtain an NOC from the Dubai World business unit owning the land where the worker accommodation is planned. The NOC issued by the Dubai World business unit must clearly identify the location and size of the plot to be used for the proposed worker accommodation.

    2. Application for Modification Permit The accommodation operator must

    apply for a TRAKHEES Modification Permit by paying the appropriate fee and making a submission to TRAKHEES Office which will include an electronic set of the following documents (as per TRAKHEES Modification Permit Application Procedures):

    Detailed project description including proposed number of residents. A copy of the Dubai World business unit NOC referred to above. Indicative layout plan of the workers accommodation Architectural drawings and finishing details of all structures Drainage layout drawings Color-coded layout of potable water services Fire detection and fire protection layout drawings and details.

    3. If needed, EHS COC The accommodation operator will ensure that the EHS

    COC procedure is followed and will make application for the appropriate COCs during the construction of the worker accommodation.

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    4. NOC from Dubai World Business Unit (BU) for EHS-TRAKHEES Another NOC from the BU must be applied by the accommodation operator as soon as the worker accommodation construction work has been completed (and is ready only for occupancy); this NOC will be issued by the BU to EHS-TRAKHEES in carrying out a building completion inspection; and will be based on the Dubai World business unit inspecting the worker accommodation facility and deeming it to meet EHS and any of their own specific requirements.

    5. TRAKHEES Modification Completion Certificate The accommodation

    operator must make application to EHS with the appropriate fee for the building completion inspection to be undertaken. As part of this submission the accommodation operator must provide a copy of the NOC from the Dubai World business unit referenced above. Following the inspection EHS & CED- TRAKHEES will issue an occupation certificate allowing the accommodation to be occupied if the facility meets all the requirements agreed at approval stage.

    6. EHS Clearance

    The occupation certificate issued by EHS will be valid for a period of 1 year from the date of issue. The accommodation operator is required to make application to EHS for an EHS Clearance Certificate and the appropriate fee must be paid. A grace period of 28 days will be given from the expiry of the previous clearance after which time the accommodation operator will be liable to daily penalties being imposed for not having a valid EHS clearance.

    V. Facility Design, Health & Sanitation

    The following provides the technical guidance as per Facility Design for this type of facility: 1. General Requirements and Conditions

    a. The boundary of any worker accommodation site must be securely fenced and the area outside the fencing must be kept free of any rubbish and waste. A set back area of 5.5 meters shall be maintained from within the periphery of the fence.

    b. At each entrance to the worker accommodation site, signage must be clearly displayed in both Arabic and English with the following information:

    1. Name of the company running the accommodation & contact

    telephone number 2. EHS occupation certificate reference number 3. Name and contact telephone number of the Accommodation

    Supervisor 4. Capacity of the accommodation and current number of

    occupants must be stated

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    c. The site of the worker accommodation facility must be graded,

    ditched and rendered free from depressions in which water may become a nuisance.

    d. Hard paved (for example concrete or similar) walkways must be provided throughout the accommodation area between all buildings and any roads provided must be a minimum of 4 meters wide. The hard paving must be maintained in good condition and repairs must be carried out where any settlement or damage occurs. Access roads within the accommodation area must be kept free from obstruction at all times

    e. Every accommodation unit must be constructed in a manner which will provide protection to its tenants from the elements of nature. Air conditioning shall be provided to all sleeping areas at all times during sleeping area occupation.

    f. The floors of each accommodation unit must be constructed of wood or concrete. All wooden floors must be of smooth and tight construction, the floors must be kept in good repair. All wooden floors must be elevated not less than 300 mm above the ground level at all points to prevent dampness and to permit free circulation of air beneath.

    g. All requirements relating to the provision of diesel generators will be detailed in the plans submitted to EHS at the approval stage of the worker accommodation facility. The accommodation operator must not make any modifications to the diesel generator setup without the prior approval of EHS. The following must be incorporated into the design and layout of the diesel generator installation:

    1. Generators must be installed on a concrete base with

    clearance of at least 1.2 meters all around the generator. 2. The diesel generator area must be secured and steps must be

    taken to prevent unauthorized access to the diesel generator area.

    3. Repairs and maintenance of the generator must be carried out by trained and competent engineers.

    4. Engineering controls such as acoustic screens must be provided to ensure noise levels are kept to a minimum at the boundary of the generator area. Accommodation units are to be kept a minimum of 50 meters from the diesel generator installation.

    5. A diesel tank of suitable capacity must be provided and set on a bonded hard standing. The bund must be capable of containing 110% of the diesel tank capacity.

    6. The bund for the diesel tank must be kept clear of debris and any water must be pumped out regularly and disposed of as contaminated waste.

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    7. Exhaust stacks for the diesel generators must be provided and of a sufficient height to ensure exhaust fumes do accumulate at ground level.

    8. Spill kits must be provided for the diesel generator area and persons must be trained to deal with any spill that could arise.

    9. The design of the diesel generator installation must allow for the accommodation facility requirements without overloading the generators.

    h. All living quarters must be provided with windows, the total of

    which must be not less than one-tenth of the floor area. At least one-half of each window must be so constructe