TITANIC By Cian Timlin. Building The Titanic The Titanic was built in Belfast. They started building...

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download TITANIC By Cian Timlin. Building The Titanic The Titanic was built in Belfast. They started building the Titanic in 1908-1909. The Titanic took millions

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Transcript of TITANIC By Cian Timlin. Building The Titanic The Titanic was built in Belfast. They started building...

  • TITANICBy Cian Timlin

  • Building The TitanicThe Titanic was built in Belfast.They started building the Titanic in 1908-1909.The Titanic took millions of man hours to build.The Titanic was built alongside its sister ship, The Olympic.They decided to build the Titanic because they wanted to make a ship bigger and better then their rivals Cunard lines new ship

  • Building The Titanic Part 2Many of the workers who came out from working on the Titanic came out deaf.The Titanic was launched on 31st of May 1911 but the build wasnt finished until March 1912.

  • First ClassMost of the passengers in first class were very rich.The first class passengers had a gym.When the first class passengers were in their turkish baths they would have a member of the orcestra playing music beside them.On the Titanic the first class passengers dressed very elegantly.

  • The Titanic First classThe written plans for the grand staircase.The gym.

    First class bedroom.

  • Second Class

    The passengers in second class worked as teachers, lawyers, miners and clerks.Second class passengers had very well-appointed suites.Some second class passengers dressed in a wealthy style but others dressed normally.

  • Third Class

    Third class passengers were mostly emigrants.They were looking to start a new life in America.Third class suites may not have been as nice as first or second class but they were still as nice as second class on other ships.Third class passengers dressed normally.

  • Captain Edward SmithThis was Captain Edward Smiths last voyage.He was 62 captaining the Titanic.He was born in Staffordshire Potteries town of Hanley, now part of Stoke on Trent.

  • Setting SailThe Titanic set sail from Southhampton April 10 1912.The Titanic then sailed from Southhampton to Cherbourg in France and Queenstown (now Cobh) and then she began her proper voyage across the Atlantic to New York.

  • The Iceburg

    Four days into her journey the Titanic hit an iceburg in the North Atlantic.The Iceburg hit the side of the Titanic.The Iceburg was massive.

  • When She Started To SinkThe water started to break in and the boiler rooms were under threat.The Titanic started to send out sos.Some of the other ships would not listen because they were sick of the first classes sending out messages to their friends.

  • When She Is About To SinkAt this point many people had gotten on lifeboats .She was starting to go down quicker.Captain Smith was to go down with the ship.

  • The Titanic sinks

    At around 2:20 A.M April 15th the Titanic founders in the Atlantic.Not everyone could be saved.Another ship called the Carpathia came and rescued the surviving passengers.On 18th April the Carpathia arrives in New York with the survivers.The unsinkable ship sank.

  • Facts

    2227 passengers were on board the Titanic.Titanics yard number was 401, She was built on slipway number 3 under Arrol Gantry.The Titanic was fully framed by April 1910.Skilled ship yard workers were paid 2 a week, Unskilled 1 a week.The cost back then to build the Titanic was $7.5 million, the cost today $400 million.

  • Facts part 2Titanic was 882ft 9in in length, 92 ft in width, 175 ft in height and it weighed 46,328 tonnes.Both Carlisle and Andrews were related to the chairman, Lord Pirrie. Carlisle was his brother in law, Andrews was his nephew.Between November 1911and April 1912, 20 other boats had sunk off the shores of Newfoundland.The Carpathia came to the rescue of the Titanic passengers in lifeboats. It was too late to save those left on the ship.The Titanic lies approximately 12,460ft at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean (approximately 2.5 miles)

  • Questions

    When did the Titanic set sail from Southhampton?True or False: This was Captain Smiths last voyage?How many passengers were on board the Titanic?True or False: The motto was that men and children first on lifeboats?How long did it take for the Titanic to sink?What was the name of the ship that came to rescue the passengers on the lifeboats?

  • Questions Part 2How long did it take to build the Titanic?At what time did the Titanic sink?What kind of jobs did second class people have?What did the third class passengers want in New York?True or False the first class people were rich?